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8/11/2021 c26 Blaze1992
Wonder who they are looking for.
8/11/2021 c24 Guest
Honestly this is very dated and cringey to read about "I am very smart" and "election was rigged" Trump in this story.
8/9/2021 c26 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
8/7/2021 c26 4Major Simi
Wow nice to read from you again. Well interesting development there. Anyway keep going
8/5/2021 c26 9Robo Reader 21
Author's note made me feel old. But, yeah, the state of the world threw everyone's plan out the window.

Looks like Guiche little school club has been molded into a decent unit. Not bad. Still, having them as scouts. Front line work. I would've figured they'd be reserves. Back up unit like in the LN.

Nice to see Mathilda. As well as seeing her reaction to the Romalian Knights. Even someone like her would feel fear cause she was raised with that fact in mind. Its common sense for her. Good call in hiding and watching from afar. And she already found something suspicious she can report. What the knights AREN'T doing. We, as the readers, have a good guess on who they are looking for but they are looking at the wrong place. Of course, its not like Magic Detection spell will tell them anything beyond the person being a Markey.

I'm not surprise they didn't find any mages in the villages. Even those stripped of their titles would reside in towns and cities were they can make the most profit from their magic. I doubt any mage would swallow that big a pill to hide out in a 'dirty peasant' settlement. Barring the very rare exceptions.

One thing about Reconquista is that they aren't against Brimir. They are against the Royal family and the current church cause they believe they have failed in carrying out Brimir's will. They wouldn't go about destroying places of worship for the man so really there isn't anything to rebuild or anything.

Good call in taking Mathilda out of the mission for a while. She may claim that she has nothing left in her old home, but emotions run deep. She has too much personal history with the area and that could compromise things. So having someone else take over for a bit while she takes a break is the best course. Maybe she can try some hot cocoa back at camp.

I respect what Guiche is doing but don't be too generous to every village in need they would come across. Their stores are not bottomless. You can't be naive and believe you can help everyone you come across.

An FOB were the spirit of the Lake resides. Shouldn't the spirit be raising the water level in an attempt to get back the ring that Sheffield stole? With those vehicles and emplacements, they can literally shoot down any invasion attempts from Gallia before they even get half way across the lake. Earth's range of engagement is far greater than what the locals can imagine possible.

Wait, the Montmorency are stated to be in financial difficulties, like the Garmonts, so I don't see how they can have the one of the largest army in the kingdom.

Unsurprising that their is internal issues in Tristain. We've known about that for a while with many supporters of Reconquista and doubters of have a young girl in the throne. But now they have contact with another world were magic does not exist, ruled by 'peasants' as no one has magic to assert their right to rule, and is influencing them. In the LN there were people who oppose the Queen reforms in giving commoners like Agnes and Saito titles like it was Germania. Willing to bet this will be even bigger.

Tristain isn't free. None of the countries are 'free' in that sense outside of Germania and even that only has minor points. And there is a sense of apartheid in the system since the majority of people can't go beyond a set level of society. Its a system were the selected few are chosen over the many. The latter rarely capable to reaching their potential and even then its never a position where they can go all out.

This is part of the reason why I like the concept of Revolution fics. Especially set in Albion where such on even is best given the background of the king being rather bad at his position and Reconquista actions in the war. A hot pot for people to let out their distaste for the mages.

Henrietta is trying to better things for the common folk as shown in the LN, but how far does that extend? She can't be everywhere on the country, ensuring things go accordingly. And even the most trusted can be deceived. While indeed she is not a tyrant, well, you can say she is something much worse. A naive and slightly innocent child who is getting a big head. That's how she became in the LN, with so many accomplishments, she gets cocky and sure of herself. Putting more people in danger.

I really do hope the conservative factions try something stupid. Perfect excuse to bomb their homes to oblivion.
8/5/2021 c26 scl04
It's great to see that this story still continues, I really liked this chapter from Mathilda spying the people from Romalia without knowing that they're looking for Tiffa and Guiche and his peers journey through Albion. Meanwhile the nobles beggining to doubt Henrietta due to her privilage and her helping commoners is not unexpected, in fact it happened in the light novel and all so it was bound to happen at some time here...I'm curious about how it'll develop in this story however, so I'll be waiting for more!
8/5/2021 c26 fencer29
It has been a while (I didn't realize quite how long until I saw just how old some reviews for the previous chapter are). However continuing education is a worthy cause. Hopefully that light that's getting closer and closer isn't an oncoming train.

Sounds like things are proceeding as well as can be expected in Albion. No one has any idea just how much of a favor Matilda did everyone when she negotiating with the Americans/Canadians to have Tiffa and the children evacuated from Albion.

All of these new concepts and behaviors continue to confusing not only the nobles (many of whom obviously see them as a thread) but also the commoners (most of whom are simply confused). On the other hand, hopefully the Earth forces realize that it's in their best interest to avoid actions which would annoy that water sprite - they have no idea what it is actually capable of and probably don't want to find out (at least now when they would be on the receiving end).

Finally, I'm guessing that the next section (now the next chapter) will address Louise and Saito's journey across Gallia. If so, then breaking this into two chapters was probably a wise choice.
8/4/2021 c1 3AWACS Freeshipping
did NOT except the Gate to appear
5/31/2021 c25 NabucodonosorV
Many are commenting that if the humans of Halkeginia had modern technology, they would be capable of destroying the armies of Earth.

I guess they think that a tank would be given some kind of spell to make it more resistant or something like that.

The main problem I see with this argument is that actually the humans of Halkeginia don't have the industry or the knowledge to produce enough weaponry to even overwhelm say the US military, they would need at least 80 years to achieve that, but even if they did it wouldn't be enough. Imagine enchanting a thousand tanks and planes, it would be insane, plus I think the Elf would also avoid it.
2/22/2021 c1 123ABIR123
This is one of the best written FoZ fanfics pls update more
1/25/2021 c14 chabir
did someone forget about foquet
11/21/2020 c25 pakatan
Btw I hope you are able to continue this story, it is one of the best if not, the best foz fanfiction i have ever read. Quite sad if it's not continuing. Best of luck from me, one of the fans.
11/21/2020 c25 pakatan
Is this story dead ?
11/11/2020 c25 arixlsmn
Please update this story dont let it die lol
10/9/2020 c17 The Wendigo King
To el imperio

No. I'm pretty sure what I'm saying isn't an exaggeration.

I mean Halkegania being slow to develop? Sure.

But to never modernize when they have the help of a modern First World nation and a Superpower? Just no.

To put things in perspective Halkegania is similar to Japan historically speaking which was a feudal nation when in the same time Europe was a global power with industrialization.

In less than a century it modernized and became a nation powerful enough to challenge Europe and America in World War II. And this was without foreign aid or magic that allows them to makes tornadoes, create multiple golems, make items powered by runes etc.

Like I can't put it into perspective how big this is, remember they are doing all this without any modern scientific knowledge to boost their abilities further.

In canon Colbert was able to reverse engineer the flight mechanics of the fighter jet to create a giant helicopter carrier in mere hours, Louis eventually learns to create a portal to earth and Henrietta was able to use really OP magic in the rain.

If magic can only be used by the Hakeganians that means in the future the can have enchanted tanks, jets, forcefields powered by wind magic, undead soldiers powered by runes of necromancy like the ring used on Prince Wales, large scale mind control, invisibility, teleportation and random portals to any location on earth.

In the light novels Pope Vittorio had opened the portal to earth to destroy earth humans to make room for Hakeganians whose continent was going to sink due to the dwindling of wind stones which everything is floating over.

He planned to summon a mountain powered by magic stones into earth and use it to cast the Genocide spell. Yes, it is an actual spell for void mages that kill everything apart for the race of the user. This is why Sasha the former Gandalfr had turned on her master Brimir and killed him after he tried to use it on elves.

There is also a reference in the canon light novels where ancient Halkegania had a war against a race called, get this "The Iron People", they are described as using powerful iron weapons that shoot beams of magic with some fans speculating this could be an army from future earth and Brimir one shot them with this one spell after almost getting badly defeated by them.

Basically in canon the Pope has access to a VERY powerful bioweapon for muggles which he planned to use on earth if he couldn't destroy the elves and take the holy land the only place left after their continent sinks.
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