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10/31/2019 c29 3AnneWithAnEStory
Its as though Im talking about other people, not us. WOW that is such an insight into what marilla is going through. she is aware enough to understand whats going on, but has no personal memory, so it is like characters to her, its so hard to imagine living through that.
and sadly we know it will only get worse.

its sad how she said she feels forced into a relationship. i mean how bizarre to just suddenly be told oh you are married here is your husband so you should be like sleeping together and stuff. it is almost like you have no say in it. but you did have a say, you just dont remember. wow crazy

the Nov 11 entry was very...comforting. i thought it was going to be scary just due to what it was about, but it was lovely and comforting instead. it made me happy. i need emojis here so i can make little hearts and hugs. : ) thank you for that nice, lovely diary entry that made me feel better :)

one last thing when you said "they are dears but never stop" (I feel like I'm at my job?!) lololol

as always lovely work oz diva :)
10/31/2019 c28 AnneWithAnEStory
awww in my darkest years pre-anne. im already emotional.

second entry made me emotional too because of the kids writing her letters except the little one just drew. i too wish they lived closer. it makes me really sad they don't. marilla might find the kids exhausting but after all those long years alone i feel like she needs all those little loving kids around her.

lol it made me laugh how the parlor was a little bit dusty

mary maria sounds like she annoys everyone! why is her name like the same name as each other? lol

i am happy marilla and john got invited to a concert at white sands hotel oooh

aaah omg im dying at the frying pan over the head thing hahahahahahaaaaaa but the next part where she kicks mary maria out is sort of funny. wonder what mary maria will tell other people about marilla!

ugh now i want to know what the rumor is about lily boulter! LOL

awww it made me sad how marilla still thinks of it as matthew's room. i mean of course she does, but its like she didnt even think of using the room because its STILL his.

it was cute how they read mysteries and try to solve it before the end of the book

aw its sorta sad marilla feels like she needs the dr to say to stay in bed like she cant just decide to herself because she will feel lazy if she just stays in bed and she shouldnt, she should be able to decide to rest, but i think thats common for women to feel they cant just take time for themselves

AAAAHHHH the part about the kitten. I laughed out loud. Especially at the part about how rachel's daughter may soon be gifted that diamond. Bet rachel won't tell her daughter why she chose to give the diamond away.

wait im confused so was the ghost on the bed the kitten? or was it a ghost of marilla herself? i didn't get it. But that entry is SPOOKY. Oz diva YOU SHOULD WRITE MORE SCARY STORIES PLEASE

oh wow i feel bad for john saying he had a stillborn daughter poor thing. thats so sad especially that it stays with you no matter how many decades later.

New York smells, thats what. Can't say I disagree. lol

aw cool you brought australia into it! with the opera singer. yay.

catcha glimpse of those welcoming green gables through the trees. i love the way you wrote that. i don't live there and after reading that line i want to. hahah.

oh i was thinking jem would be there like a weekend, i didn't realize it would be for the summer, and that he kinda grew up that summer. awwww. that seemed so special, for both of them- that he was there for them to help them with harvest, but also that they had him there through a growing up kinda time.

i love the gossip from rachel, and i must be gossipy too because any time marilla brings up rachel's gossip im like ooooh tell me tell me! lol but marilla is always like oh i shouldnt repeat this i shouldnt think this and im like noooo marilla we want to hear the gossip lol

its adorable that marilla got that ugly doll hahahah and gave it to rilla who it probably wasnt ugly to.

it is amusing that marilla is grumpy at losing to rachel in baking

ok the end of this chapter was funny, the Look diana gave
10/31/2019 c29 10Excel Aunt
I feel perhaps it might have been more impactful if Marilla and John had made love for the first time after the incident causing Marilla's amnesia following Marilla's return from Ingleside. Marilla's missing John really stands out and I think that had John tried and failed before she left and then Marilla cames back and agrees to sex it would have added a bit more melancholy and resolve the dissolution. Plus, Anne might have offered Marilla some helpful advice about such intimacy.

I can't remember all the details of your original script, which I believe you will honor. So it might be a hindsight suggestion that can't come to light.
10/31/2019 c28 Excel Aunt
I enjoyed how you used Anne's arrival as Marilla's catalyst to emerge from her 'darkest yers'. Although I think John might have done a bit more to change Marilla. It's not every day that Marilla would allow herself to be pampered on, especially in the celebration for her birthday. I think she liked being known for her sensible ways, so, the fact that John so successful woos Marilla's softer side is a testament to John's capabilities.

The grandchildren giving Marilla (and John to an extent) letters is about as precious as it gets. There is a lot of luxurious things that can be owned and given but there's no price on love. Even the picture from Rilla is darling.

I sort of had a laugh at Marilla not wanting to record the spot of gossip to spare future generations, yet, not too much later we learn of gossip about Mr. Harvey's backdoor exit from Mrs. Keneally's. It makes me wonder if the previous bit Marilla didn't record was juicier or if Marilla had less respect for this other pair.

My heart pangs when I read about Davy's boys and what is to come. I don't think I can go through that again.

I forgot that Jem comes to help with the harvest. I really like that detail to give Jem more context about the world he lives around and why farming is important. It also brings him closer to his father as they will have similar boyhood experiences, maybe not always pleasant. I might be a good way for Jem to appreciate the decision to leave the farm.
10/27/2019 c29 6TLWtlw
This is the dementia mentioned in your other story?
10/26/2019 c29 74kslchen
Ah, I remember the amneasia. I'm afraid I forgot what brought it om though. Was there some kind of accident? Trauma to the head? Psychological trauma? I'm not sure anymore, I must admit. It sounds like there wasn't anything specific from Marilla's entries, but then, she wouldn't remember, would she?

Seeing this with the dates attached, I was surprised to see how quickly Marilla rallied and adjusted to having lost four years of her life. I somehow imagined she took longer, but she's back in bed with John just a month later, so that didn't take her too long. Though I suppose even not remembering the marriage she still knows and remembers him, which would make it easier to re-learn to trust him quickly.

Interesting fact: Rilla was born in July 1899, so if Marilla lost four years' worth of memory, she would have woken up without knowledge of her little namesake's existence!
10/25/2019 c29 DrinkThemIn
I was waiting for this. It’s less painful to read the snippets, thankfully!
10/25/2019 c29 4OriginalMcFishie
How interesting to have this solely from Marillas perspective. It must have been terribly frightening and quite shocking to read back on her marriage
10/23/2019 c28 74kslchen
I think this chapter covered about a year, didn't it? So we're making good progress! Do you already have an idea into which year you want to continue this narrative? Per canon, Marilla dies before Rilla can remember her well, so probably in late 1907 or 1908, not long after RV ends.
I enjoyed the focus on family in this chapter, both on the good kind of family and the... not so good kind. (Looking at you, Mary Maria!) We even have a bit of spirit family thrown in with Rachel *and* a ghostly visit!
10/23/2019 c28 DrinkThemIn
The ghost of Matthew! Aw!

I really enjoyed the trip down ‘memory lane.’ :)
10/23/2019 c28 4OriginalMcFishie
You get a real sense of the community here and Marillas world. Wonderfully done
10/22/2019 c27 OriginalMcFishie
Lovely to hear more from Marilla, and a nice reminder of some of the happenings in the other story. Rilla star-fishing made me laugh, we all do it! Hope to hear more from her soon
10/21/2019 c27 3AnneWithAnEStory

I love the first entry. 1901 and a fancy hotel! Marilla getting to be in a fancy hotel is nice, she doesn't get stuff like that very often. I am so glad in this story she has found love and gets to have nice things.

"I have never spoken to a Yankee before" lololol Where are these people from? It was cold in March so Im curious. That reminds me Anne's birthday is in March too. I guess Canada is a lot colder than the US.

The EELS. Ew. Haha. The eels were before my time, but I still get a bit of a laugh whenever they crop up in a story.

AAAhhhahaha I loved when Marilla just wrote, "Men!" that was so funny. Yeah that would be totally annoying if someone wasn't cleaning but was just following you around pointing things out to clean. Haha.

Aw I feel bad for John he is too old to break his leg. I hope he will be ok. Glad Marilla heard him. It must have been hard for her to have to leave him to get help. I laughed at the mental image of them singing that boom de ay song.

Is doctor Mustard...french? lololol

Ok like Anne I always forget that Dora and Davy can grow up. Lol. And really Dora isn't even all that much younger, but somehow I always think of them as small children. It was adorable how Marilla called them SISTERS and said they were her girls awww.

It is very funny to me that Marilla was a little bit glad when the children left because even though that sucks for the kids, it is true kids are exhausting and I guess when you get old you don't stay un-tired for as long.
I felt for Shirley, needing time with John. I always seem to feel sorry for Shirley, in any story. lol. Shirley always seems to be forgotten or sad or put upon.

The Lizzie Borden stuff is interesting, makes me laugh how Rachel is so invested that she actually got into a little bit of a fight with Marilla over the outcome LOL.

Awwww I loved the entry about Marilla in her house waiting for the children's arrival- floors scrubbed, new beds made etc. It's so sweet to have a grandma to go home to. The children are lucky to have her and John, and she and John are lucky that as old people they can have their house filled up with happy busy children- and also lucky that the children eventually go home ;)

The part about almost drowning was scary. My first thought wasn't even about them drowing it was about how would Marilla tell Anne that her kids drowned on her watch. I felt like that was a bad thing to think so I'm glad that Marilla had the same thought soon after I did Lololol

Aw the part about Hester Gray being dead and her garden still flourishing made me feel sad but like sad in a good way you know. It's nice people remember her and enjoy her garden.

Aw ( I keep saying aww when I read your stories..) but anyway Aw because I love the reference back to a time in Marilla and John's courtship where they got caught in the rain. The reason I love it so much is that the time it happened, was actually an entry in this diary too. I love to have that of like Marilla's entry and then in the same diary Marilla remembering it. I don't know why. It's just sweet.

aaaah lolololol the kids thought marilla and john were having a baby! hahahahha that is very funny. I especially laughed at 'what is it about small children pretending to be starfish in bed?"
10/20/2019 c27 10Excel Aunt
This really felt like a journal entry now because I was able to revisit the trip to White Sands and their meeting the entertainers again and be wistful about it myself. I then recalled how John broke his leg shortly after and wasn't surprised when I read its report. I think Marilla's emotions were spot-on regarding the children in the house. Yes, it's lovely to have them and yay, I can have them back when I've had enough. It's like having all the nice aspects of a child without any of the responsibility.

I did forgot about Jem and gang seeing their grandparents kissing and how they thought what it might bring. That was sweet. I think my John just would have explained it to Jem, what it takes, but I like that Marilla is restrained to have Dr. Blythe and Anne make those lessons.

Speaking of which (haha, I just typed witch) somewhere out there I am sure Dr. Ketchup awaits to be found.
10/20/2019 c27 74kslchen
Has it really been a year? My, how time flies!
I must say that in the intervening months, I've forgotten a lot of what happened in the other stories you're accompanying with this diary, but as I read this, some of it slowly came back. I do remember the White Sands Hotel anniversary as well as John breaking his leg and the beach emergency seemed familiar as well. When you mentioned bringing in a nurse, I though we were on the paths towards Mad Murder Nurse, but it appears not to be. (That's the same story though, right? Just later?)
Anyway, what I'm saying is, this was a nice trip down memory lane, moving your narrative fresh into my mind.
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