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for Naruto: Shoton of Konoha

7/9 c72 guest
On your old account your Shoton of konoha had Naruto paired with Sakura and hinata I’m not what pairing you have for Naruto in this but I’m hoping it’s that or a small harem it’s a great story but even with having a family I think Naruto deserves some loving and a small harem would be a good start to make his own family as well as help bring the Uzumaki back.
7/5 c2 Soul Sendant
This is a mislabeled crossover fic. It uses and adds elements from outside the naruto verse. And its complete trash.
7/5 c1 Soul Sendant
yup demons and gods that never existed but just get thrown into the story by a fucking retard is the reason this story is getting skipped i dont waste time on ignorant slave bullshit
7/5 c1 Soul Sendant
there are no gods in naruto im out at he mention of such dumb shit.
5/13 c72 8The Keeper of Worlds
That’s a LOT to take in. And Naruto has Kintoki’s soul I figure. Reincarnation shenanigans again!
5/13 c72 thedozer123
Oh shit! Now we got demons from the DOOM series making an apperance. That Baron of Hell took me by surprise. Cannot wait for the next arc!
5/13 c72 13Power of Magic
Well, at least they were able to defeat some of the enemy forces, before those that wanted to keep living fled. I wonder if Ibuki knows who and what Naruto is and I wonder why he had that reaction about her. Looks like they know where Tsukiko is, and I wouldn't be surprised if they'll immediately begin planning how to get her back
5/13 c72 codywhite162
This was an incredible arc! Definitely excited to see what comes next :)
5/12 c72 Guest
This is all I have to say. … GOD DaMN!:0
5/12 c72 5Luffy L Deathwalker
Could you answer a simple question of which girl Naruto ends up with in this fic?
5/12 c72 Guest
Just what exactly is Yamata doing to Tsukiko? And what are the other Shinto gods doing while Yamata plans to bring Jashin (male or female) into the mortal realm?
4/15 c17 1Thrivean
I am so beyond stoked for the reveal in this chapter. Cant wait to see the hell that gets raised when she sees how Naruto has been treated!
3/29 c42 PsychoStorys
the story started off really great and then you went into some mumbo-jumbo magic bullshit with demons and stuff and it just got really annoying
3/25 c17 ZeonSilt
To be fair something like this shouldn't be out there. Fuinjutsu is all about imagination.
3/21 c4 1Markan999
I always admired Tazuna, the man got balls, even knowing there many people trying to kill him he never back off to complete the bridge, that deserves respect.
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