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for Endless Eight - The Real Ending

6/16 c6 fencer29
Given that they only arrived at the pool an hour before closing I'm half surprised that all the other patrons didn't suddenly "decide" it was getting late and that they should start heading back home, thereby allowing her and Kyon more privacy. The plan may have been Kyon's, but since the anomaly collapsed once Haruhi was satisfied it would be difficult to say that she didn't subconsciously want something like that to happen.
6/8 c5 fencer29
If this is going to become a regular practice then Nagato may want to set up a sound barrier around Kyon's room in order to keep his sister from wondering why her older brother "screams like a little girl." (in theory this shouldn't be necessary since once a particular temporal iteration collapses whatever happened in that iteration won't matter anymore, but why risk introducing yet another variable).
6/8 c4 fencer29
"This could be fun." - you'd think that Kyon would realize by now that nothing ever goes as planned when Haruhi is involved.
5/29 c3 Delta
Well, this is certainly going places. Interested to see what happens next
5/27 c2 Guest
what the fuck
5/16 c2 Guest
Well...umm...that happened
5/11 c2 fencer29
Kyon might have just broken Taniguchi's record for the shortest-lasting relationship with Haruhi Suzumiya (along with bringing an abrupt end to the story as a whole).
5/4 c1 Guest
Oooo, a new Haruhi fic! Always welcome to see, and you seem to have something decent going, can't wait for what's next.

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