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for Gotei 13 VS The Avengers (Marvel VS Bleach)

8/8 c1 Guest
I get the idea of the story but it's not even feasible for the Hulk or Thor to even trouble them. Sending in squad 2 to for investigation yes, but a human is able to keep up with them is not possible. Ichigo was a special exemption and his friends were influenced by the hogyouku. I doubt black widow would even see a vice-captain/lieutenant move much less a captain. She be dead before she knew what was up. Lieutenants/Vice-captain and captain might be harmed by Thor or the Hulk, assuming they can even hit them, but the most damage they could do is scratching them. If it were the comic book version it's a different story. It's the same story for humans that does not have any super power, it's another when you have logic defying feats like what Tony does on a daily basis in the comics. Black Widow would not be able to keep up with regular soldiers of the stealth force. Kill them, yes, outsmarting them, yes, actual combat, no.
5/11/2018 c1 1mxbg91
good chap but its a little messy... you know that shinigami captains are OP right i can see zaraki and thor duking it out but black widow is human and against soi fon to... so ... but i really like the idea good job man... hope you ryt more or arrange the story

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