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for I Hold With Those who Favor Fire

9/30 c7 Guest
Absolutely, completely in love with this 3
9/23 c7 6GhostHornet
What the hell. This is amazing!
8/24 c3 Dragon God xxx
Holy shit 3 chapters in and my eyes won't stop tearing up. You hit me right in the FEELS. You glorious bastard.
7/22 c7 ndjjdjsujsj
The only thing I hate about this story is that there isn't more of it
7/18 c1 NazgulBelserion
Man btw never liked Nana look I get protect your kid from enemies but do you know how hurtful and devistating it is to know that your mom gave you away so she could keep saving people random strangers and yet she couldn't even save her own child like that shit sucks
7/18 c7 NazgulBelserion
Such a good concept if there's anyone that can help it's enji and honestly him getting to fix what he broke is not bad either always felt bad for rei
6/27 c7 Theonethatcreeps
moar this is the only story i could find where endeavor is a bearable Pearson and a good hero.
6/12 c6 2CureCaligraphy
A nice portion of BAMF Inko on top of this amazing story!
god this is great
6/1 c3 EraserJester
This chapter, this one, was fabulous, just amazing. I admit, I chuckled when Endeavor said he wasn’t good at words, and the way you wrote his dialogue was just in character. Thanks for writing this!
5/31 c7 Mortred101
Gimme more PLEASE.
Your story is Awesome and needs more chapters under it's belt.

5/26 c7 8cielo-bambino
god you make me SO EMOTIONAL
5/11 c7 FanficFanatics26
This is a great story! You’re right, it always seem like only the kids go back in time. And I love Enji, he needs redemption, just like Kacchan...
5/7 c7 20bajy
I seriously was not expecting any of this at all
You did an absolutely remarkable job here, very well typed and I enjoyed every bit of The story so far
I'm looking forward to when the next chapter will come out
5/5 c7 1Mistyriverbank
Womdeful. My faith in life has returned and I am so PUMPED for the next chapter. Thank you Author-san for this heavenly created masterpiece.
5/5 c7 1TheVulcanNara
Breathtakingly, Heartbreaking, Salvation. My soul was hurt and healed and aged in the span if 7 chapters. Thank you dear Author, you glorious bitch. Please continue to kill and revive me. This was beautiful. Now excuse me as I go cuddle my 4 year old.
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