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for I Hold With Those who Favor Fire

7/29 c7 ChundaO
I like it
3/10 c7 Lunagalxay
I’m so excited to see what happens next I need to know hope you are doing well
1/8 c6 Frodran
Ok, this might just be the alcohol talking as I am drunk off my ass right now, but this scene with Enji’s family dancing in the living room, is soooo fucking adorable, it’s making my heart melt!
10/31/2022 c7 Menny Man
I’m in love with everything here. First Redemption Endeavor fic I’ve seen that really captures the mind of a man working his hardest to absolve sins of the past. While I notice that this one hasn’t been updated in a while, you did post another chapter on one of your stories in May. Hope this one catches your eye again.
5/1/2022 c7 Apiptosis
I officially love your story. You added a special care to the characterization of each character and I love it. You absolutely nailed it with enji. Most fanfics bash the ever living hell out of him but so very little fanfiction exist that redeem him. You added to his character in such a way that it's believable and yeat so absolutely amazing. His relationship with rei and his kids just brings this warmth to one's heart and shows what kind of upbringing he had.
3/7/2022 c2 nikuuu
1/22/2022 c7 guest
pls update mooooorrreee...great story
12/6/2021 c7 4The Cocoa Puffer
Best thing I’ve read so far, amazing job
7/17/2021 c7 InfinityMask
Hoo. I wonder how angry AFO would be, and can they keep Tenko save? Kurogiri is very annoying after all.
7/17/2021 c6 InfinityMask
Well damn. Inko as vigilante and a awesome lawyer? You really like to make amazing moms huh? Lol.
7/17/2021 c5 InfinityMask
Enji family moment is sweet love it. Tho I wonder whatever Enji would tell Nezu and some other truth about future?
7/17/2021 c4 InfinityMask
Damn Rei pov is good I can see the the strength in it.
7/17/2021 c3 InfinityMask
Stories of Changed Enji is always fun to read. Love moments between Enji and Rei
7/17/2021 c2 InfinityMask
Well damn. That’s a nightmarish world they lived. I wonder tho, would the butterfly effect make Izuku didn’t born, or changed? Maybe in this timeline he born with quirk instead? What chances everything stay the same?
7/17/2021 c1 InfinityMask
I think this story premise is good. It very interesting. Hopefully you will update the story.
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