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6/7/2020 c1 Sera
I've been a player and fan of The King of Fighters series for about 25 years, K' immediately became my favourite KOF character (favourite character in general - although he wouldn't be the type I usually like - and favourite character to play as. His moveset quite suits my style of playing) when he made his debut, and I totally love Maxima (whom I see as a sort of elder brother or guardian for K'. No romance/yaoi between the two).
In-character, well-written, thoughtful fanfictions featuring my favourite characters are always appreciated. Good job!
8/5/2018 c1 133jojoDO
Whoa... that's deep. I love these tender little vulnerable moments for K' the ever-stoic stone guy. I like how he can have these little moments when it's nice and peaceful, when it's just him and Maxima.

Excellent work on this. Way to open up K' a little.
5/7/2018 c1 26Rex Madison
Hey, finally starting in on this stuff :) This is pretty interesting! There's a LOT of good language and attention to detail packed into this thing, even though it's short. K's childhood memories are also a very interesting concept, one I haven't seen anyone bother with before. On the downside, not a lot really happens in this story...but it's short, and that's probably not the point anyway, so. :) Still very promising, so thanks for the read, and I'll get to the rest soon as I can!

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