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for For the Love of a Prince

4/25 c15 kuronoxc
Cuándo continuarás?
1/16 c15 Guest
Love this soooo much. Please update!
10/10/2021 c15 Deathtrooper900
So I’ve been a fan of this one for a while, tbh I’m far more interested in damnation but I like this story too. I wanted to comment that I like the direction the story is going and I can’t wait to see this full powered alliance vs the legion come into being if it does at all.

It also stands to reason that ar lease a few high elves would have come with Jaina and I wonder if she has some past experience to draw on for that.

Im really curious to see how tyrande will take this news. At least seriously considering who the chapter ended. I have a feeling though that Arthas will have a big role in forging this alliance.
9/7/2021 c3 Guest
the dragon aspects don't have any ground to stand on to judge her with how spectacular most of them failed and/or neglected their duties. the only one who is still mostly concentrating on her duty is Ysera and she has her hands full with the slow awakening of the dark gods and it's affect on the dream (Neltharion and his flight were corruptet, Malygos became insane and lost most of his flight, Alexstrasza and her flight became reclusives for the most part and Nozdormu turned into a collecting obsessed and half mad eremit)
9/1/2021 c15 Wallamen
like many other readers here this is a great Read. Short of some minor grammar issues its awsome. just dont want it to go to the wayside like so many other Warcraft Fanfictions out there... you will get no hateful reviews from me
8/30/2021 c15 Guest
I hope we haven't abandoned the story. It's a great read, truly.
8/28/2021 c15 4The Night Witcher
I hope you update this soon
8/23/2021 c15 1Adanu
Despite the minor spell errors, I like this story and hope you get around to updating it soon.
8/9/2021 c5 Guest
hmm, kel'thuzad sounds almost like an anti-hero here (my guess is his spirit returned as well and he had a few thoughts about what his life came to...). i think i like it because in the wcIII campaign he and anub'arak are the eternal loyal buddies to arthas even when his behavior was awful.
7/13/2021 c15 Signingtube 7960
My vote is for Ordin Frostborn to wield Frostmourne, not because it would make any logical sense, but just to annoy Jaina. Great story by the way!
6/22/2021 c15 3imjaneees
Asdfghjkl I LOVE this. You have no idea how much I love the lore being used like this.
5/30/2021 c15 Bemos4
I said this on Ao3, and will repeat it here. The story is great and i enjoy so much reading it. Always loved proudmoore family and I hope there will be more of them. I'm curious though, why she wouldn't tell the whole story to trusted ones. To arthas/parents/Antonidas. Anyway, i pray to light that next chapter will be soon, you're doing great work)
5/12/2021 c15 1Commissar Gaunt
Yay an update. Now can Tyrande try not to fuck this up as she did initially? And Cenarius is a sociopath, a high functioning one, but one nonetheless.
5/8/2021 c15 MeMeMooMoo
Ah, so out of the blue, you just changed tenses to present tense after this whole story was past. You are such a fucking idiot. I can't imagine how fucking hard your life is, you stupid fucking retard.
5/8/2021 c14 MeMeMooMoo
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