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1/12 c14 Tanatharon
This story is extremely well done. Very good writing. Cohesive and well thought-out plot. The whole idea of Jaina traveling back in time to save and those she loves is a very good one. My favorite chapters so far are Chapters 7 and 12. I like the dialogue within these two chapters very much. Personally, I would love to read the rest of this story. I notice that there hasn't been an update in over a year. If the author has grown tired of writing this story, then I feel saddened. I will never read any section where Jaina details to her friends and family exactly who and what she is. However, I am well aware of the dangers of burn-out, and I do not blame the author for not continuing this story if they do not wish to do so. If, however, the author still has some spark of creativity and writing for this story, I am certain of one thing. I, and dozens if not hundreds of other people would be thrilled to read it and, hopefully, eventually finish it. I salute the author for creating this masterpiece and hope for another update.
10/22/2020 c14 nnatsd12349
I've reread this story many times and hope for an update
10/12/2020 c1 1Kapiushion
Is this story still being worked on or is it cancelled? It's probably the best warcraft fanfic I've read and that's saying much since neither Jaina nor Arthas is my favorite character, although they are among them
8/27/2020 c14 Murthor Oathstone
When is the next chapter coming out?
7/27/2020 c1 Guest
Shouldn't Tyrion be dead?
4/30/2020 c14 27PoweredByDarkness
When is the next chapter coming? We are waiting for ages
4/26/2020 c14 1firetemplar415
Oof, this is quite the tale. And I am loving it!
4/22/2020 c7 Guest
You have done an awesome job.
Love this chapter
4/11/2020 c14 1Gendie01
You havn't posted since the last decade! pls hurry up!.
3/1/2020 c14 3AFalseName
Very nice, I like this story a lot. That said, what happened to Stromegard at this time? It seems to have kinda been forgotten about.
1/31/2020 c14 7deathwing17
I've gotta say that i'm actually enjoying this story. At first I was concerned that it would be basically the same kind of formula that we've come to expect from Peggy-sue fics, the changes don't really change anything except having different characters take the path of Arthas or Sylvanas. Instead you've made it so that not only are you keeping the audience guessing with unexpected divergences in the timeline but you've also managed to give new and interesting character development to everyone.
1/29/2020 c7 Urazz
I think everyone thinking that Jaina was recruited to the Cult of the Damned is flawed. Jaina is not acting just knowledgeable of just the undead but everything so I would think that would be reflected in that.
1/27/2020 c14 Guest
Looks like we are on to the next major arc of the story. Excited for the fresh round of drama that is Kalimdor.
1/13/2020 c14 Guest
great story, enjoyed reading it
1/12/2020 c14 21Byakugan789
According to the Chronicles, the Dragons DID help in the third war. Incognito as their mortal masks. Many Blues died defending Dalaran. Many reds died defending Silvermoon. Many greens died defending Hyjal. Most of the Blacks died when Draenor collapsed into outland. And the bronze? The bronze... fuck those twigs. Apparently though, they've been fighting the Infinite flight ever since the War of the Ancients. The entire bronze flight becomes Infinite flight members every time the old gods win a timeline and those dragons fly down the timeways to try and infect the Prime Timeline, making them an infinite crisis.

And old god who shed his chains could roflstomp Archimonde. An old god still chained or fragmented would make the giant goat sweat, but he could probably be counted on to win against any of them.

Correction. The well of eternity did not draw the demons to azeroth. The well had existed for 40,000 years and the Nelfs used and ABUSED the well for 5000 years before the demons even started sniffing around. It was High Council Xavius messing around with warlock research and tunneling into the Twisting Nether that got the Legion's attention. Azshara told him to build her a superweapon by which to face the wild gods and dragons who were stymieing the night elf empires expansion. He found the Legion and became the first warlock on the planet.

The Kirin Tor doesn't need to feed them power. They could instead hand out conjured food, something you noted a few chapters ago as being a problem because if fed people mana inciting addiction. Simultaneously Jaina teaches them her method of drawing on Ley energy. EVERY elf has the potential to be a mage. Force them all to be hybrid classes with their normal military or civilian role.
Jaina should also know about the Arcandor, but that would by necessity be a long term job. Something Jaina would have to negotiate with Farodin Valewalker and probably that fool Malfurion, given they'll need purified dream essence to stabilize it's growth. Even so, growing Arcandor and moon wells atop every Ley Nexus on Azeroth would be a good way to harmonize the Dream with Azeroth and cleanse the corruption of the Old Gods.

Rofl, nice sylvanus. This makes me giggle. Pity she was a raging cunt even while alive by most sources.

If they want to train fire magic, Jaina can conjure an iceberg for them to float along on, teleporting back to the ship after each lesson.

TBH, I'd say Jaina arrived BEFORE Thrall did. Their first encounter was after the alliance had already built a fort. Thrall's air campaign against them was straight up stated to be because they had established castles and walls all up and down the Stonetalon mountains, blocking his path to the prophet. Humies erect fast, yo. I suspect wizard construction, given it's even in the chronicle.

Given Tyrande went to free Illidan the moment she remembered him, and Mal isn't awake, you could probably go about that pretty easily. It's a pity though, that Jaina didn't stick around for battle of Azeroth, because then she'd know about the Night Warrior ritual. If she could suggest having Illidan undergo that ritual and fight against the Legion as penance you could solve a number of issues. Illidan's tendency to eat demons, his need to grow in strength to be useful, the batshit stupidity of the Frozen Throne Campaign, Burning Crusade expansion and all of those demon hunters becoming legion stooges. If they all become Night Warriors instead, they get pretty much all of the same powers and growth ability and trade losing the demonic insanity for also losing the demonic resurrection ability.
It'd also tickle my funnybone because Tyrande would absolutely tell malfurion to shove it up his ass and would be an easy justification for a Tyrande/Illidan ship.

Well, that more or less cements the jaina/arthas ship. Oh well, it is in the story description. Interesting how she deals with it though... I wonder if her body will treat the containment as a miscarriage/abortion or an arcane weight training vest? Miscarriage/abortion is THE LEADING cause of breast/ovarian/uterine cancer. Not to mention other complications if it decides she's frozen in the hormonal profile of a 1 month pregnant woman. Popping birthcontrol pills like candy traps modern women in the profile of a 2 month pregnant woman, and there's a lot of psych papers about THAT.
Let's hope its an arcane weight training exercise. That's the simplest and probably most beneficial.

I'd really like to see what's happening in Khaz-Modan and Stormwind next chapter, if you don't mind. I think the Dwarves and Gnomes could get by fairly well. I can see Gnomeregan and Ironforge withdrawing all of their community into the cities for safety and just shutting the Undead out entirely while using Ashbringer to deal with them. For the Gnomes, that just leaves their 4 year war with the Troggs. This disaster might even help them, either by preventing them from having unleashed the troggs in Uldaman in the first place, or by giving them reason to tunnel to Iron Forge and get the help of the Dwarves before Sico Thermaplug can gass the city in 4 years. The Deeprun Tram should also be completed, so
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