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9/3/2018 c12 Guest
Please tell me you're gonna update iiitt
9/1/2018 c12 NickxJessYesx
I LOVE this
8/30/2018 c12 acatarinafr
Will you update soon? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
8/24/2018 c12 Guest
Cant wait for the next chapter!
8/13/2018 c12 Guest
I need more ASAP please and thanks. This story is amazing!
8/7/2018 c12 Rara
Just saw that you'd updated, another great chapter, can't wait for the next!
8/5/2018 c12 Guest
One the hardest reads on the New Girl fandom, no angst, no pining, disjointed!
8/4/2018 c12 Guest
I haven’t left feedback in a while but I am still reading and greatly enjoying this story and I’m glad you’re still continuing!
8/4/2018 c12 acatarinafr
Perfectthank u so much
8/4/2018 c12 Guest
I could weep with joy every time you update. This didn’t disappoint.
8/4/2018 c12 4DouchebagJar
NACHO you did it again! This was wonderfully written. Highlights for me: “I’ll see you gentlemen later” & "If you dry that glass any more, you're going to give it a rash," AND the mum stuff at the end. Id die for this au faintly. Bonus surprise cut to IKEA I LOVED THAT ENDING
8/4/2018 c12 5loadofschmidt
I get way too excited everytime I see you’ve updated!
8/1/2018 c11 Rara
Ahhhh I've been so enjoying this story and can't wait until Nick and Jess find out although everyone knowing Nick is the father before them does seem very in line with actual New Girl storylines
7/30/2018 c11 Guest
More please!
8/1/2018 c11 acatarinafr
Aren’t you gonna write some more?...
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