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5/22/2018 c1 WinxGirl
Wow! This is way better than I expected. Thank you so much. Now, I've got another one and this is another Humanized Nemo fanfic:
Dory goes about on her day when several men (Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, Gurgle, Jacques, Fluke, Rudder, Bruce, Anchor, Chum and Hank) go after her to impress and win her heart. Dory finds them all funny and laughs but just simply walks away whenever they're not looking. Throughout all this, Dory keeps seeing Marlin and Nemo everywhere she goes . In the end she finally meets and falls in love with Marlin and chooses him with Nemo accepting her. It then all turns out to be the music video of Big Time Rush song "Any Kind of Guy" which the song itself is playing throughout the fanfic where every character of the humanized characters are watching on YouTube.
Well, that's all I can make up of. I hope you'll make it. Bye.
5/6/2018 c1 KittyCoolCat11
I hope you take this request, Dory and Marlin were having a good time until they discover a baby mermaid, they raised her for while with the help of their feedings and family until the baby mermaid was reunited with her family.

The baby mermiad has a necklace that says her name, her name is Naia.
Her parents name are Eric and Meri.

Plus Dory and Marlin does sing a lullaby to the baby and it's made up, I hope you like it.

Dory Verse 1
Hush and stop the tears of wave
Things will be okay, if you'll behave
I will guide you to a beautiful dream
When you sleep, you'll glow in beam

Dory Verse 3
The sun needs to rest under the blanket
The sun doesn't need to hear your racket
You'll be alright if you close your angelic eyes
When you do that, the moon will set in rise

Marlin Verse 3
The moon shall be your precious cradle
The stars will make your dream very stable
If you wish something upon the sky
You'll spread your wing and learn to fly

Marlin Verse 4
Dream about something that will make you smile
Dream about something that will last for a while
Dream about something that makes you so happy
Dream about something without feeling so grumpy

Dory and Marlin Second Last Verse
We will be your angels from the darkness
The you'll shine will some brightness
If you feel lost, listen to our voice
We will make sure to the right choice

Dory and Marlin Last Verse
The moon shall be your precious cradle
The stars will make your dream very stable
We will guide you in your beautiful dream
When you sleep, you'll glw in beam

I hope you like my song, please sit if you can
5/7/2018 c1 1KittyCoolCat16
I love it. I got a request.

Can you do Destiny and Bailey go on a date. I haven't see much of them together.
5/6/2018 c1 320Brittneyd.k
Guys, again, you can't request things through here: I've done three of them because they don't have e-mails. IF you have a facebook or gmail you can sign in here it is 100% free. I will do the two I saw, as I said I would. But please PM me for any other requests.

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