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11/27 c207 67Fox Teen
Bigwig and Spartina’s interactions seem to have grown from the previous chapter, Spartina insisting she must go to Darkhaven alone, yet she allows Bigwig to stay with her until otherwise. She peaks wise words about knowing and not know when to trust your heart and mind. But sometimes I wonder if it’s a false conscience due to me struggling to trust myself. The part where they tell each other to stay amazing was really cute and in-character for this matching pair.

Meanwhile at Watership Down, everyone is taking a break, since Bigwig can push them hard. After Acacia having concerns with a possible cave-in, he has a sudden conversation with Hawkbit and is seems the former seems to have romantic feelings for the latter. But this moment it short-lived when Acacia’s prediction about the cave-in (where the chapter’s title comes in) occurs.

The final scene is of Fiver having a similar seizure to the one he had at Sandleford. I hope everyone will be okay in the next chapter – even Spartina.
11/27 c207 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
11/20 c206 67Fox Teen
After so much drama in precious chapters we get quite a fresh one this time. Spartina confides to Bigwig about going to Darkhaven. She also shares what the Speaker of the Past knows about Darkhaven and its weapon. There may be a good chance this is the stone Fiver and Hannah found.

Then we get the fresh illustration of this chapter which is Bigwig proposing to Spartina which was really sweet. I must say, with Spartina’s list of compliments about Bigwig, I half-expected her to say he was also plump for a joke. Hawkbit was in-character winding Bigwig up.

Spartina’s compromise is reasonable, because considering what might happen at least hopes won’t be smashed to pieces.

Interest comes into the chapter when Pipkin inquires to Silverweed what he saw in the vision of Blueberry which is true (no surprise), and Blueberry and Clover seem to be having a good start.

I feel for Silverweed, feeling that he feels like a tool to the future rather than a rabbit. It must be really frustrating. I’d spend time with him happily as his sweet, happy character made him one of my favourite characters. Fiver’s hug was very adorable and ended things beautifully.

Neat work on this chapter. Onto the next.
11/20 c206 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
11/13 c205 67Fox Teen
Sorry I haven’t reviewed lately, but at least now I’ve caught up.

The rabbits have spotted Vervain’s party at the farm and they are worried about getting exposed soon. Hannah volunteers to explore the place much to the concern of the others and Blueberry decides they could get Campion out so they can keep him at the warren. However is results in an argument with who would supervise him. I like the defence Gillia shows for him.

Flyairth seems to still be taking the lost election too hard, but her intentions are reasonable, seeing as to how the warren it expanding with rabbits.

The next chapter involves Pipkin remedying every rabbit involved in the argument and he does a really good job with helping everyone – except Nelthilta, who needs time. It was lovely watching pipkin talk to everyone. This is why he’s my favourite character; he’s an orphan but acts with positive moral at the warren and treats everyone with respect. I always imagine him talking to me whenever I’m frustrated or whatever.

We learn a bit about Inqwynn and his friends, though he keeps the names anonymous so to maintain a promise he had mentioned. Some of the described characters give me some ideas about who is who. And his speech about people having small roles and everyone being their own main character it something I always think of in this world. Just like Shakespeare’s famous quote “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.

I quite like Inqwynn. Vervain is a love-to-hate sort of villain, but the former doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against the latter.

Vervain’s high hopes of no digging was pretty funny when he learned what the owsla training consisted of. Especially his reaction.

Great work on these chapters. Onto the next.
11/13 c205 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
11/6 c204 Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
10/30 c203 Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
10/23 c202 67Fox Teen
Now this chapter gives me a feeling that we are drawing very close towards the climax of the whole story.

It starts off with the immediate feeling that Campion understandably tense about covering the Watershippers, and Acacia and Dandelion narrowly escape

Campion telling Orchis about Woundwort’s background made me think deep as well. I was so full of hatred for Lady May and it made me think why Woundwort was easy on her since they experienced hutch life together.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the meeting will go in the next chapter. If that’s what it is.
10/23 c202 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
10/16 c201 67Fox Teen
In this chapter the flood seems rectified, as Woundwort uses it as an obstacle course to train his army and to improve their swimming abilities. Seems the sort of thing Bigwig would do, considering his character has a plan for every adversity that comes along.

Lady May, once again, concerns over her beauty and badmouths Woundwort. In all honesty, it’s a miracle he hasn’t done away with her. But at least the Speaker has given her a taste of her own medicine some way.

And then Woundwort suffers further sleeping with her due to her petty gripes and complaints. A prime example of a toxic relationship. Though rather subtly funny.

Good work on this chapter. Onto the next.
10/16 c201 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
10/9 c200 67Fox Teen
Your 200th chapter! Wow! What a record!

So, we move back one of the story’s subplots which it trying to figure out the murderer of Buckthorn.

Their ammo it pretty cute and I like their ways of good soldiers; killing only for self-defence. And that little cat scuffle was rather funny. Made funnier with the slapstick of “Nose-in-the-Air” getting stung on the tail. I hate to bring this up but there it a continuity with the bee; they die once they lose their stinger but considering thus story it mixed with slapstick comedy and fantasy, is could probably be overlooked.

The fight with Scabious was well-written and they certainly brought justice to him. It will be interesting to see what will happen next with him fleeing.

Great work on this chapter. I hope things go well for you.
10/9 c200 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
9/11 c199 67Fox Teen
Everyone is understandably surprised to find Campion alive, but not so surprised to find the Speaker of the Past gone. Woundwort it suspicious about Campion being still alive but shrugs it off. Yet he calls of the execution so they can all prevent the flood. I wonder if it might fail. I have a feeling is might.

Lionel-Hector turns out to be responsible for Duster’s murder. Yet he seems he may have a light sentence as he would willingly plead guilty. His almost hugging Dusty was pretty funny.

Meanwhile at Watership Down, the rabbits are carrying out the ghost’s plan to dig and is doesn’t surprise me that bucks, as always whinge, whine, moan and mope about “digging being for does”. But in Hawkbit’s case, no. He decides digging it better than being humiliated – until we learn is was bunk off plan, which Dandelion follows.

Hawkbit’s dream it pretty funny too.

Bigwig then plans to help Hannah with self-combat – is was funny how he cancelled Bluebell’s upcoming joke. He decides to make a demonstration when Blueberry arrives. He seems make of stronger stuff. Bigwig clearly underestimated him, like he always does with Hannah.

We rarely see is in the series, but I love Blackberry’s smart mouth, especially in response to Hawkbit’s complaints. I got a good chuckle out of that dialogue.

Hickory and Marigold’s brief moment seems to be positive and improving. And Fiver needs to tell them about the vision soon. Happy times or not.

The next part has Pipkin and the others deciding on Blueberry thinking that he needs a family, but he seems reluctant about needing one the way he lashed at Pipkin. I agree with him needing a family, he seems a bit rebellious for his own good.

Nice work on these chapters, and I hope your issues are starting to lighten.
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