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7/6/2021 c22 11Sharks Potter
Looks like things in Efrafa, although greatly improved following Woundwort's departure, are still far from the peaceful life on Watership Down. I can see Moss, just like Campion, is doing his best to dismantle the tyrannical influence of Woundwort's rule and it's nice to see many of his officers, both new and old, are also making an effort to change for the better. It goes to show that not all the Efrafans are evil, but merely misled by blindly serving Woundwort for so long.

I seriously hope Heather doesn't end up paying the price in the end. Although obviously there's a good chance she'll be acquitted, given how things in Efrafa are much fairer now, there's still no guarantee she won't end up becoming the scapegoat for the "murder" of Woundwort. She isn't helping herself either, by not cooperating. It's obvious her spirit is long crushed and she sees no hope, which is why death probably seems like the only way out of this wretched life. Personally, I can't wait to see the look on everyone's faces when the truth comes out...

You're doing a great job with this story. Keep up the good work!

On to the next chapter!
7/6/2021 c21 Sharks Potter
Back again!

Overall, a great chapter! So now Woundwort is finally on the warpath! And his cruelty is as bad as ever. It isn't bad enough that he's driving his new Owsla to exhaustion, but he also doesn't care less how many of them he gets killed in the process. His cold, calculated reaction when some of his rabbits were run over by a car is simply appalling!

Strangely enough, I can't help but feel somewhat sorry for Cowslip, realising he was used by Woundwort all along and now is nothing but a pathetic hanger-on. On the other hand, seeing how his rabbits are beginning to question following Woundwort, might actually be his downfall in the end - after all, all dictators in history usually fell after their own people turned against them.

On to the next chapter!
7/4/2021 c151 Guest
Ugh cliffhangers! But it's nice to finally see what's happening with Blueberry and the other rabbits with him, and Debbie just needs some support :( I really enjoyed this chapter, keep it up!

Anonymous Guest
7/4/2021 c151 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
6/28/2021 c150 Guest
Well this is interesting, and I'm excited for the blueberry plot to reach its climax! I liked Fiver and Silverweed's interactions, and I loved Hawkbit's subtle character development that the show kinda forgot about. Brilliant chapter!

Anonymous Guest
6/27/2021 c150 Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
6/27/2021 c150 67Fox Teen
Right off the bat, we start off with a very sweet moment between Fiver and Silverweed.

Finally, Meadow goes home though a winning vote about staying in the warren, soon to learn that Blueberry, after deciding to look into his heart. But we soon learn what Snowdrop was up to updating form the previous chapter.

Snowdrop really does seem to have put her paw into it now… though thankfully Blueberry is still alive. If he has a chance, then hopefully the possible demerits for the former won’t be too harsh.

Another great chapter. Well done.
6/27/2021 c149 Fox Teen
Hmmm, a feeling occurs that with that wrong number the jig is going to be up very soon. The contact between Lucy and her mother was very emotional as well, especially when Lucy mourns Duster. He may have been an enemy to the rabbits, but everybody hates losing their dog. The characters really are obsessed with shrimps.

As for the ending, I’m guessing this is the perspective of a different scene, presumably from when they were hiding from Duster.

Very brief, but experiment on Woundwort and Lady May seems it’s going to get more interesting soon; “You and I are more alike than you might think”.

Well-written chapter. Good work on it.
6/27/2021 c149 Guest
Another small review! I'm sad Duster is dead, but I liked how it tied into the kidnap plot. I feel like something's about to happen that will shake things up a bit...

Anonymous Guest
(ps I didn't know you had ao3!)
6/24/2021 c149 Guest
I like how the kidnap plot is slowly tying into the main story, as well as how suspicious Lady May is (and how disgusting Woundwort is of course). Really nice chapter!

Anonymous Guest
6/20/2021 c149 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
6/13/2021 c148 67Fox Teen
After a few debates and suspicions on Flyairth and her actions for desperately wanting to evacuate the warren, they final decide to let her go and let her reasons unfold. I wonder where this may go.

The scene with Hazel and his kittens was very sweet – and his warning about not causing trouble so to get tickled was cute. But I wonder what Gillia is up to.

The scene between Hawkbit and Acacia was also cute, talking about the tragedy of Hickory’s family and Hickory himself. Hawkbit’s feelings are very realistic, experiencing betrayal myself (though not in relationships). But at least he grows to trust Nicole. But then, what about Clover? I hope she doesn’t take it the wrong way.

Meanwhile the police are waiting for the call of ransom, but to no prevail due to presumably the flood cutting off power until they find a solution. Suspense follows when we are in the perspective of others excluding Cynthia who answers the call. I wonder where that will lead.

Very nice chapter. Onto the next.
6/7/2021 c148 Guest
Feel free to take a break :)
I like further mentions of the Hickory and Marigold plot, and the Flayrith situation is really not improving isn't it? I feel bad for Hawkbit tho... I really liked this chapter!

Anonymous Guest
6/6/2021 c148 51Drewmoviefan
Excellent Chapter! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
6/6/2021 c147 67Fox Teen
The first scene was well-written, and it seems that the officers new to the investigation shares the same incredulity with the criminals ordering junk food adding to the comedy involved. One of the hostage holders known for attempted arson, could it be that the person in question is responsible for the burning forest?

The passage with the nephew pictures was funny.

Why does Flyairth so want to leave the warren. She seems really desperate.

The final scene between the two brothers was really sweet, with Hazel confiding in Fiver about his plans about voting. I agree it’s a shame Fiver is not interested in the idea of second in command. Considering how he seems to have solutions to all Hazel’s problems, he does have potential.

Another great chapter. Well done.
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