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1/13/2019 c6 11Sharks Potter
Sorry I'd fallen behind on my reviews!

This was an interesting chapter. Never thought I'd say this, but it was kind of touching seeing what Vervain's earlier life was like before Efrafa. Strange to imagine him with any humility, although I was disgusted at his cowardice when he sold his own warren out to the enemy, just to side with the winner. Guess he now realises that was the worst choice of his life, doesn't he?

That old doe friend of his, Chibiscuit is hinting towards a possible chance for redemption? Maybe, although he'll still have a lot of amends to make before he can earn anyone's forgiveness. Unless he ends up joining up with Woundwort again... I look forward to seeing his development in future chapters.

Keep up the good work!

On to the next chapter!
1/13/2019 c33 51Drewmoviefan
Great job on the chapter, can't wait for more!
12/18/2018 c10 67Fox Teen
This is a very considerable change of character for Blackberry who wants to prove herself. While she would have Primrose for company during the trip to Redstone, I think it's very concerning to travel without a professional protector. Training is one but foolishness is completely different. I'm especially very disappointed in Primrose accepting this risk; she's a mother and suppose something happened leaving the kittens with just Hazel.

And once again, Hawkbit and Dandelion are having a hard time telling a story. Another very funny such as Hawkbit licking himself clean and Pipkin is still questioning instead of concentrating. The way it's going it will probably 'Laurel & Hardy' mode.

My only nitpick is when Pipkin informs of Primrose and Blackberry going to Redstone unarmed, no one reacts much. Maybe I'm just missing something - it's probably just me.

Another great chapter. Well done.
12/18/2018 c9 Fox Teen
I didn't know that Farmer Nuthanger had the IQ for booby-traps. The part with that girl is also concerning since she has Hazel captive. I don’t see how Hazel could just bite or scratch her to set himself free - but I’m guessing since she is a child, Hazel wouldn't stoop as low as that.

Old as Captain Broom is, I didn't know he would still be strong enough to teach people Owsla skills. I myself didn't even know does were more flexible than bucks.

I was surprised that Broom had a sexist view of does in his Owsla days, but it’s good to learn how he realised he was wrong. And his final words a very wise; a signification of doing something daring to prove your worth, safe or fatal.

The moment I was waiting for; the moment Hawkbit arrived in the coating of mud, I was grinning like a real moron.

What Pipkin learned from Bigwig is another wise lesson; expressing your fear in an obvious manner will only encourage your fear your fear but withholding it makes you braver to confront. The remainder of the story is funny with Pipkin’s inquisitive misunderstandings and Hawkbit’s constant instructions and hiring extras.

I literally began laughing along with Clover reading her reaction to Hawkbit’s coating - especially when she giggles while playing dead. Heck, I’m laughing right know writing this review thinking about it.

A very suspenseful beginning to a funny ending. Good job.
12/18/2018 c8 Fox Teen
The first part was well-written. My favourite bit form that is when Campon staes at his reflection considering what he is. His feelings are upsetting thinking he is a traitor - he doesn't belong to evil so that doesn't count, but then that’s his character; tragic and lost.

His talk with the black rabbit was also interesting - seeings as he tells him of Vervain’s attempted murder on Woundowort. This plot get more and more interesting b the chapter.

I like the moment of humour in a dark situation, Campion reminding himself to looked where he was going. I didn't know he could be witty.
12/17/2018 c7 Fox Teen
This is a very intriguing title of the chapter seeing as it was a drafted episode of the series to begin with but eventually scrapped. Coincidentally, I have been considering using that title in futuristic chapters. But I think you are being hard on yourself staying you stole it, I would say you put the title to better use seeing how lonely it looks on the DVD cover. I myself own it as well.

The opening works well. Blackberry is a very strong character; she's a doe, a healer but is willing to fight physically. For once Bigwig thinks before he speaks - learning from unintentionally dissing Clover in her presence.

The part with Pipkin, while he is capable, it's understandable why he couldn't come since the raid was a private session for Blackavar. And there is that rare gentle side of Bigwig when he is patient with Pipkin (despite how he kept driving him up the wall in The Roundabout).

It seems that the Owsla 'has' taken the "end of the war" for granted since they are lazing around - but it is funnily ruined when Bigwig tells them to entertain Pipkin - which also gives me another vibe of The Roundabout.

Then we have Hawkbit's usual moaning - music to my ears - as well as Dandelion though he isn't as bad as Hawkbit since he always looks on the funny side of things. But then we get to the point of the chapter of Dandelion's big story.

So far it looks very interesting and I especially like the title, thought it was unexpected that death was involved in it. When I looked up the title of the plot of the scrapped episode, I assumed it would be some sort of funny talk with the kittens acting parts out, so this make my vision clear.

The cliffhanger was unexpected but it is funny what I assume they will do to Hawkbit, which brings me to the Great Game episode. I remember Pipkin's joke calling him an 'overgrown berry', so I wonder how he will view it this time.

Only the next chapter involving them will tell.

Very well written and a good interpretation on what the unused episode might have been about.
12/16/2018 c32 51Drewmoviefan
Been reading your chapters sometime now, I like to say it's very impressive. Hope you have a wonderful break and a Merry Christmas, as well the miniseries hopefully coming out soon. I can't wait!
12/10/2018 c31 TheRanger101
A Good update, and the story seems to be moving along very well, it covers so many characters on so many levels.
I hope it’s not stressful on you.
It’s sad at how tragically this warren of all female rabbits seems have almost been wiped out by Wondwards attack and the car wreck! :o
But there’s a promise that it will all work out. :)
12/10/2018 c6 67Fox Teen
Wow. The relationship between Vervain and this new character Chibiscuit proves to be very sweet and warm. That actually reminds me of one of my ideas later on in my Leo instalments, when Vervain has a good relationship with one of the new kittens on the down. I'm happy to say that scene inspired me for their moments of frolic.

But then I learn it was all a flashback sequence. It was very upsetting to learn what he went through before becoming an Efrafan. The death (?) of his doe also got me. That's the evil of war; steals everything you hold dear.

But then he lets his grief go and dances around. It also reminds me of what I already published. I can feel what I felt he was feeling when I wrote my idea at the same time reading this. It really must be a wonderful feeling to be freed from something or someone holding you prisoner.
12/10/2018 c5 Fox Teen
The talk between Hazel and Bigwig is well-written. I can totally understand Bigwig's state of mind; the war is now "over" but the Owsla are counting their chickens and think because it's "over" they will get a free ride from now on. Bigwig is right that they shouldn't be retiring - it's like people putting down their guard thinking that all the terrorism (such as the tragedy in France three years ago) is disposed of.

The description of Blackberry resting in the sun was sweet. She deserves a break being the only dow on the Down and therefore having to do all the work. While the bucks did help on a fair Bobstones bet, I still think they were sexist and bang out of order (except Fiver and Hazel) to say it was "doe's work". If I were a rabbit, I'd be helping her until my paws were arthritis-ridden. Also, I help my mother with the dishes and washing, something that proves that no man is above any woman.

Forgive me for going off topic ... it's nice to see a logical reason with Blackavar not being mentioned much and Bigwig not remembering; much better than the fact that he eventually disappeared altogether in the series. A little over-analysation but I couldn't help smirking at Fiver's out-of-character (yet funny) talkback at Bigwig. While gentle and mild-mannered, he can be quite a smart-mouth when he wants to be. LOL

While I felt sorry for Clover overhearing Bigwig dissing her, I found it somewhat funny how he humiliated himself in front of her by letting her hear him.

Fiver's right; Blackavar needs to refresh his memory of survival before participating in any raiding. Much as I like Hazel, I think it's rather foolish he agreed with Bigwig - considering he got shot in the leg and nearly died.

A great, intriguing chapter. Onto the next!
11/25/2018 c29 TheRanger101
Oh a cliff hanger, wonderful update, can’t wait to read more of your story! :)
11/12/2018 c27 TheRanger101
Wow, someone is still keeping up and updating stories here, I like all the different parts in the story and recognized the ‘skunk’ from looney toons.
Can’t wait to see how it all pans out, keep it up. :)
11/4/2018 c4 Fox Teen
Finally, I found time to read the fourth chapter. Campion's emotion are understandable being chosen as next of kin. But that damn Vervain trying to rat him out. Snitching is all he is good for.

Campion accusing Watership Down of killing his former master was highly unexpected. But I must say, I did laugh at Hawkbit's remark. That really is the sort of thing he would say. I also laughed at his attempt to butter Bigwig out of night patrol duties - to no prevail.

I'm with Fiver; Hazel may be trying to maintain faith like he did in 'Lost' but I too feel uneasy with this whole event. Knowing Fiver's instincts, something consequential is bound to occur.

The end scene was well-written. It was a shock to find that Vervain's murder has been attempted, not completed. I wonder what's going to happen to Vervain when Woundwort gets his paws on him?
10/13/2018 c4 11Sharks Potter
Oh, damn!

it seems Woundwort really being dead was too good to be true. This is no doubt going to spell big trouble for both Watership Down and Efrafa, especially since they all think he's dead. But, does Woundwort know it was actually Vervain? I can just imagine what horrors he's going to do to him when he finds out...

Campion's another story altogether. It seems Woundwort's 'death' has hit him real hard; but at least I'm glad he ultimately chose not to blame Hazel and the others for it. I wonder what will happen to him now. Is he running away, or is he going back to Efrafa to assume his duties as the new Chief Rabbit? I guess I'll find out in the following chapters.

On to the next chapter!
10/13/2018 c3 Sharks Potter
Wow, that was totally unexpected! For the first time ever, I actually feel like applauding Vervain! Then again, him actually murdering Woundwort, after always bragging how loyal he was to his so-called sovereign leader, shows that Vervain cares about nobody than himself and whatever suits his interests. Although I have to wonder, how did he pull it off in the first place?

Unlike Vervain, Woundwort's no picnic in a fight. It would take several rabbits of Bigwig's size just to restrain him, let alone kill him. Unless, of course, Vervain got real lucky and bit open an artery or something. I can just imagine what will happen to him when Campion and the others find out he's the killer...

And Campion meets the beautiful Blackberry for the first time. I do hope you retain the Campion/Blackberry pairing in your story; it's one of the best parts in the TV series, in my opinion. The part with him and Primrose was real touching too; I can see Campion loved her and feels like he lost her to Hazel. I do hope this doesn't lead to any toxic rivalry between him and Hazel. He and Primrose were always meant to be together after all, and Campion with Blackberry.

The part with Primrose feeling somewhat responsible for the war between Watership Down and Efrafa made me sympathise for her; obviously she's not to blame, but sometimes survivors' guilt, or doing what is right, can be a terrible burden to bear. That's a common bond she and Campion will always share.

Oh my, Woundwort's body has been discovered. Will Vervain be apprehended in the next chapter? Or will the Efrafans blame the Watershipers and seek revenge? I sure hope this doesn't happen; it would be like the shadow of Woundwort could never be lifted from their lives, if Campion wages war on Watership Down instead. This is turning out to be an interesting story!

On to the next chapter!

Oh, and by the way, just to let you know, I've updated my Moomin fanfic.
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