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4/27 c71 Guest
Heck yeah I’m all caught up my dude! Keep up this amazing story:)
Also glad we finally getting to the next arc
So I was late in reading... my bday was the 18 and I been super busy. I just turn 18 years old...
Anyways thanks for everything my dude!
4/22 c10 KingAllen
Nah this shit bullshit Magical index top tier like Magic god will not affected by reality stone
4/19 c71 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Great battles here. And yeah, a Lobos army and Doomsday would require dozens of heroes to battle.

Keep the good writing.
4/19 c71 6EndlessPossibilities57
I've really been enjoying this story so far, and I can't wait to see what comes next and what other characters you're going to add in.

Speaking of other characters, are we going to see Phineas and Ferb join the story at any point? Because with all their inventions that they can make, they'd be a real help to the mission.

Also, one other thing, as I've been reading this story, I've been noticing a lot of errors littered throughout, and I mean a LOT, of errors. Don't feel bad about this though, I used to do the same thing with my stories on this site, I would write them up and post them without checking for mistakes. So as you proceed with writing this, I highly recommend that you look into getting a beta reader to help catch mistakes. Or at the very least, proofread each chapter for errors before you post them to make sure they can be the best they can be.
4/19 c71 kingmanaena
wow what a chapter i hope the big battle is like this cant wait to see where this goes please update as soon as you can please thank you
4/18 c70 Ve
Are there going to be bit more interactions from Entrapra and Glimmer aside from Adora interacting with other characters and one of those interaction involve someone saying Catra is her ex when she's mentioned?
4/16 c51 Guest
Kirby should meet Twilight
4/14 c70 Guest
Very Good Chapter, Cant wait for the Doomsday Battle!
4/14 c46 Guest
Keep up the great work my dude! :)
4/12 c70 Guest
Great chapter. Please Update Very Soon. Keep It Up.
4/12 c70 themaninthemirror2000
holy shit these two chapters were amazing. while my feelings on the mha thing are a bit mixed, i do think it's ultimately a very good and creative choice on your part. i went back and re-read it less as a set-up for them joining and more as a short story about scout glitching out, sending a whole world into a panic and causing a chain reaction to the destruction of it-it reads pretty well as that. on the other hand the dc heroes! superman! kirby getting to do awesome stuff! doomsday! the lobo clone fight! the amazo robots! gwen outsmarting the amazo robots! ava fighting an actual ghost! the luthors are finally defeated! i am loving this action! deadpool having a smart moment where he figures out the amazo robots! that and everything else that happened on this arc, such as sakura helping people through the nightmares where do i even begin. this was just a wonderful arc. cannot wait to see how this one ends.
4/11 c70 50acosta perez jose ramiro
As always, pretty cool stuff here.

Keep the good writing.
4/11 c70 Guest 01
01. HAHAHAHAHAHA, DOOMSDAY IS HERE! The Luthors thinking this totally won't backfire on them is foolish. I do want to see our brave heroes fight the being who killed Superman himself. The Luthors definitely aren't coming out of this alive, are they? Also woo, the DC Heroes are finally arriving. Given the fact that Doomsday has already killed Superman before, I'd say this evens the stakes a fair bit. I cannot wait for the wrap-up to this arc, the Earth-199999 parts of it have all been top notch, just amazing. Not only has the characterization been top notch, but this arc felt like a celebration of DC's villains and DC as a whole with the little voice actor and death battle shoutouts. The fact Alexis Luthor's on this arc demostrates how good it is. The action was just amazing, and everyone got to do something, I particularly liked Gwen, Deadpool, Shuri and Alexis here. It was so cool. Just perfection. Best arc so far. Shuri's arc in particular was amazing.

02. Ok so now my thoughts on the MHA thing. Well, the end of it being "they all died but the league of villains survived and they're fighting alexis now" is a much better ending than "they all died lol". But honestly, I think for this to work it's best you should've spent more time with The League Of Villains in-story given they are the sole survivors of their world instead of spending all that time on Ochako and Momo. As of now it kinda feels a bit weird and hamfisted. I know there's a good chance this was the intention from the start to give it more scope and make the stakes feel risky, as well as show off what these devices are truly capable of but this doesn't really work for me. I do like the idea of going for the "Crisis On Infinite Earths/Secret Wars Universal Destruction" thing you're going for, and given that one of my major complaints in those books is that a lot of the Alternate Universes being destroyed felt expendable, I do like this twist on concept. But I do think I will miss the idea of the MHA heroes being recruited and stuff. Character interactions would've been real nice. And I think it could have been executed far better.

3. To contradict everything I said about major character death, I will say that "any one keeping track of that body count list?" does excite me at least a bit. I'm assuming you're talking about the villains here, and I do not think the Luthors will survive this arc (Probably going to get massacred under Doomsday), and most of the villains will not either, but I do want some of the heroes on the "Multiversal Avengers" team (that's what i calling them now since the team has no official name) to permanently die, given the type of story this is (I'm really starting to feel those Crisis on Infinite Earths vibes now.) Like, I think Tony's an obvious one here given his Endgame fate. I also think killing off Steve is an obvious one too (tbh I would've preferred him die in Endgame than having that weird ending that kinda contradicted his arc about adapting to the modern world and had him leave his friends behind for a woman that died 9 years ago in his perspective.)

Good chapter, keep it up.
4/11 c69 Guest
is the MHA world Destroyed?
4/11 c70 kingmanaena
wow what a fast update this chapter was so good i loved it and now doomsday is hear as well this just got even more interesting i cant wait for the next chapter please update as soon as you can please thank you
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