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2h c56 11darthwolf
I actually want the Doctor to tell Steve as side comment how they saved Hitler once, something to make Steve see them weirdly.
9/21 c56 Dung
When will the SCP Foundation comes into play?
9/21 c56 182Luiz4200
Reading this chapter's title reminded me of Bill & Ted.
9/21 c56 Maximum Rhapsody
Will we see Thanos give more power to his new Dark Order with Catra, Vexus, Evil Sari, etc? Now that Frieza is with Thanos, then Goku and Vegeta with other warriors will they train some of the Avengers and allies for the next war? taking into account the type of enemies they would face, and also advanced technology for people like Tony, his armor, XJ9, Sheldon and his Armor, the suits of the U.A. Genos, etc, by the way could Touma's Imagine Breaker power go against the Infinity Stones power?
9/21 c56 1Saramus92
Nice chapter, it would be nice if I also added Winx Club in the group, I could suggest Bloom, Tecna and Musa as survivors.
Uraraka from M.H.A. joining the Avengers would be too cool.
9/21 c56 kingmanaena
this was interesting read cant wait for the next chapter please update as soon as you can please
9/21 c56 spartan-140
ayy, what about the FGO world? been a while, what do you have planned for it?
9/20 c56 RightHandOfPalpatine
I would love for you to bring in Clone Wars-era Star Wars characters!
9/20 c56 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Again, very cool job with all the characters and worlds.

Keep the good writing.
9/20 c56 1JupitersMoon167
*squeals in painful octaves* KIRBY MY BABY BOY

God theres so I’m excited for, but mostly UA’s future interactions with the multiverse.
9/18 c48 30hunter 139
Well, that was a fun chapter.
9/17 c45 The TableGod Workshiper
Pls continue
9/13 c55 Issei ODR
Excelente capitulo.

Aparecerán los del elenco de fgo
9/13 c51 Issei ODR
Hulk linterna roja esta super OP jaja.
9/13 c10 Issei ODR
Espero con ansias cuando inicie la historiq
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