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8/24 c80 6hikolb6
Great job with this chapter and maybe have some characters from Winx Club appear. Sorry I know you said no new suggestions.
8/9 c80 Justin aka my dude
Dam loid and yorT-T and nice to see that the scp foundation finally gets what’s going on!
8/8 c80 186Luiz4200
I think Shendu's warning shouldn't have been ignored.
8/7 c80 Justin aka my dude
Woooooo thanks so much for a new chapter! Not even Lying I been checking/hoping for update every day!
8/7 c80 kingmanaena
wow cant wait to read what happen next
8/7 c80 50acosta perez jose ramiro
As always, good job here.

Keep the good writing.
6/7 c78 Otakulinkara9
Can't find the boys part.
6/4 c79 Justin aka my dude
Dang I missed charpter 80
5/27 c79 9Raxius
Will Usagi meet Sakura soon ?
3/29 c79 1Nesthor5000
1-Do you have plans to add others Nicktoons to your stories like Mysticons,Jimmy Neutron,The Troop,Chalk Zone,Tuff Puppy,Doug,Ahhh! Real Mosters,The Ren&Stimpy show,Rocket Power,The X's,31 minutos,Catscratch,Martin Mistery,The Adventures of Kid Danger,Garfield,Back at the Barnyard,Fanboy and Chum ,Bunsen is a Beast,Kappa Mikey,Monsters vs. Aliens,Rabbids Invasion,etc...?

2-Do you have plans to add others animes to your stories like Gungrave,Heroman,Bleach,DBZ,Shaman King,Overlord,Naruto,RWBY,Re:Creators,Fate series,etc...?

3-Do you have plans to add others videogames to your stories like God of War,Nicktoons Unite,DOOM,Kingdom Hearts,Destiny,Re:Monster,Devil may Cry,Shantae,Halo,Outlast,FGO,etc...?

Keyblade stats according to the Fate/Nasuverse with Danmmachi and KH fanfics system:

Keyblade(Anti-Unit/ Anti-Army/ Anti-Fortress; A,A): A conceptual weapon made from one's heart, each Keyblade is a copy of the original x-blade that guarded Kingdom Hearts, an equivalent of Akasha in the infinite omniverse. The high rank comes from the Mystery that surrounds the Heart and the infinite possibilities (Light, Darkness) it possesses. If it were the original x-blade, it would be ranked EX(Anti-worlds). The Keyblade is able to lock and unlock any lock, physical and metaphysical, including even the Hearts of Worlds. The Keyblade is also a natural conduit of magic making it an ideal foci for spells and despite most of them lacking a cutting edge, they can be impossibly sharp. A Keyblade, a somewhat sentient weapon, chooses its own owner, making it nearly impossible to steal unless the usurper has an exceptionally strong Heart or are already Keyblade Wielders themselves. Gives the user the possibility to access/learn the 5 true magics:
-Denial of nothing/Ether/Void/Light/Dark
-Domain of the Parallel :All worlds and planes of existence in the Kingdom Hearts universe.
-Soul Materialization /The Heavenly Cup/Heaven's :Vanitas,Terranort,etc..
-Possibly incomplete time travel or space-time manipulation. (Imperfect time travel? With no way back?).Examples:Xenahort's time travel
-Blue, probably space-time manipulation. Time travel and space teleportation may be contemplated.

There are even more functions unknown about it that the user may discover, whether by luck, practise or pure determination.
3/27 c79 1Prince Johnathan of Jupiter
Is it possible that the crossrip that seems to be involved in
3/24 c79 186Luiz4200
I wonder. Did you watch the latest Ghostbuster movie? Did it affect this chapter?
3/23 c79 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Cool job, as always.

Keep the good writing.
3/21 c77 Guest
A part of me was hoping Rick & Morty would be a part of this, but it's too late for that.
3/23 c79 Justin aka my dude
Heck yeah update! Woooooooooooooo Pokémon hah! Keep it up dude I’m here for the long ride
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