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for Super Smash Bros 20th Anniversary Tournament Interviews

1/27/2019 c18 Guest
Maybe an interview for Twinbee. Or you could interview Isaac from Binding of Isaac. That Isaac was on Blade Strangers along with Shovel Knight as well as Gunvolt and Solange.
1/11/2019 c17 Guest
In case Bowsette does not make it to her first fight in the tournament, just find someone from the game world to fight for her. A sign that would show that she won't fight her first opponent in the tournament would be if she hears a news that super crown works on Toadette only in reality.
1/2/2019 c17 Guest
Shantae vs Lilac

I chose this match-up because they use their hair as a main form of attack.
1/2/2019 c17 4micbot37
Interesting choices, you definitely have your work cut out for you. Also, thank you for sticking to characters who originated from video games. Except that one guy from dragon ball. He may have first appeared in a video game but the franchise itself is still an anime, I will let that slide though.
1/1/2019 c17 Wrah
I do want Ness to fight with Sans so that the Earthbound boy can try to put this nonsense about him and that skeleton being the same dude to some people to rest and if there is going to be a team battle, I am sure one 4 man team will consist of Solange, Shovel Knight and Gunvolt and Quote.
1/1/2019 c17 1tyrone.s.phillips
This is going to be amazing here is some ideas for Matches

Coco Bandicoot vs Chun-Li

Sticks the Badger vs Amy Rose

Crash Bandicoot & Coco Bandicoot vs Spyro the Dragon & Cynder
1/1/2019 c17 31GreenSwitch
Well this is going to be interesting. Anyways, I have some ideas for some matchups.

Any of the Shovel Knight characters VS any of the Fire Emblem characters (Really odd weapons VS typical swords)

Yea, Peach VS Bowsette would be cool to see.

Kaos VS Cynder or Spyro (Cynder and Spyro are Skylanders in... well... Skylanders)

Inkling VS Octoling (Agent VS Agent, if that Inkling is Agent 3)

Banjo and Kazooie VS Yooka & Laylee (Yooka & Laylee are basically Banjo and Kazooie, but a lizard and bat)
12/17/2018 c16 Gizmo Junior
Not sure if you looked up Jaleco or Game Tengoku. But I hope there is World of Light adaptation featuring AMS. I go with Power Suit Samus for tournament. I do want to see if Terry Bogard from the King of Fighters makes it into your tournament story like another review said. The last minute requests of mine include Magolor from Kirby games and Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and Riley from Penguin Wars game and Komasan from Yokai Watch and Poochy from Yoshi's woolly world and finally, Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble.
12/17/2018 c16 GreenSwitch
This randomly came to mind, but what about Bone Bash Roller Brawl? ...or you could just do Roller Brawl and make that her final smash, idk. She's from Skylanders, so...
12/7/2018 c15 Jaleco Jones
It is time! I hope that the Characters from Jaleco games like Jeynus of Exerion, and Clarence the man from the NES version of City Connection and Homura from Bases Loaded the Jaleco baseball game for NES get to be on your roster due to fact that there are Jaleco games on a Nintendo system or two! And I would really enjoy a story based on World of Light mode! Jeynus, Selia, Pig, Momoko, Z-Dyne MkII, AMS, do not worry! Kirby and I will avenge all 6 of you!
12/5/2018 c15 GreenSwitch
Ok, so, honestly, there's only a few characters that I would suggest, other than the ones already into the tournament. The three playable boss knights(Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. Know that I think about it, since with Showdown all the bosses will be playable, I wonder if those three will still be referred to as the three playable boss knights), Kaos, Cuphead/Mugman(has one of the two already entered? I haven't checked), or Escargoon(if you do the Squad version, the characters are Anime!Kirby, Fololo, Falala, Tuff, and Escargoon).
12/4/2018 c13 Jaleco Jones
Give Jeynus a call. He is a jet pilot that comes from Exerion and it is possible that Exerion is on NES. Or you can interview a baseball player named Homura. He is probably on Jaleco Baseball game for NES. Some humans recognize Jaleco Baseball game for NES as Bases Loaded or something. I do wonder what the four companions Jeynus had in Game Tengoku would sound like if he was on a fighter interview for your Ultimate Smash Bros extravaganza within your super cool story. I can imagine that if Asuka from Senran Kagura gets her interview after Homura, she could get mad at that baseball player for using the name of someone that Asuka met some time ago. Even if those from Jaleco games on Nintendo systems do not get the chance to help Kirby and/or you in the fight against Galeem then I have one more thing to say. that is it for my character suggestions and review. Bye for now.
12/3/2018 c12 Guest
Any of kirby's Dream friends coming into this tournament?
12/2/2018 c1 PixelHeart3000
Hat Kid for smash.
11/29/2018 c1 Guest
Couple more days left. I hope you got some video game heroes that you can summon to help Kirby in case Galeem interrupts the tournament
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