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for Goku, The King of All

9/11 c30 Conan14124869
Wow...amazing as always
9/6 c29 Bob
Can you make more chapters , and make them quickly
9/7 c30 2I am vegito
thanks for the chapter...
8/12 c29 Conan14124869
Next level? Super Saiyan Four? Saiyan Saiyan Blue Four?
8/9 c29 ARPlayz14
This chapter was amazing, but can you please make the chapters a little longer. Please.
8/8 c29 I am vegito
thanks for the chapter berooo
8/1 c28 Jack
This was excellent but the only problem was that it takes forever for you to make one chapter.
7/31 c28 Guest
I feel sorry for the gods
7/31 c28 Conan14124869
Oh this reminds me of Goku battle against Fat Buu
7/31 c28 I am vegito
now the real fight began beast vs god
7/24 c27 Guest
Yikes so krillin got the wrong treatment again
7/18 c27 Conan14124869
Of course, he's not a human. And yes, so touching when Vados cried. I can't wait for the next chapter...
7/18 c26 Conan14124869
Sure~~~ You can try, Frieza. Okay, so Goku drank tea in Always and played guitar in this fiction. Not bad
7/18 c25 Conan14124869
I really want to see Gohan in action, you know. And yes, revenge lol
7/18 c24 Conan14124869
I wish we could see the gods fight in the anime
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