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for Midnight Sun Reimagined

3/25/2019 c16 Meg
Ah! i love your writing so much, i'm really enjoying all the little extra personal/world details sprinkled into your versions of the stories, it makes the characters feel so much more fleshed out and personable. That seems to be my only recurring qualm with other writers stories and the main books, that there's never enough personal moments to just get to experience the world with Edythe and Beau, whenever they would get to drama/conflict it just felt too soon. Thanks to that i'm just lapping up the conversations and lengthy chapter like this one. I'm so damn excited for the next chapter and for breaking dawn to start! Keep up the good work!
3/25/2019 c16 Nvhmv
Great chapter!
3/25/2019 c16 vitoriaapereira74
Oi continua sua história
3/25/2019 c16 16A-book-geek
I liked it as always. And can’t wait for Breaking Dawn. EXCITED.
3/11/2019 c1 fazebaconneggs
I love you and this story but we need breaking dawn reimagined. Great story but breaking dawn is way more juicy
3/11/2019 c15 Jjv
Yes love the cullens!
3/2/2019 c15 Aurain Orimura
Ahh yess. The shapeshifters finally enter the fray. Funny to watch Beau and Edith team up to get Taylor off his back.
3/1/2019 c15 Sdflky558
Great work.. I've got a random general thought question: wouldn't it be interesting/how would things go if beau wasn't a shield/ she COULD read his thoughts... thatd be an interesting AU to look into.. your thoughts?
2/27/2019 c15 16FireRed21
This is awesome! I love what you did in this! Update soon!
2/27/2019 c15 23YuriLover567
I'm sad this is gonna come to an end soon, but I can understand leaving it as is. It'd take a lot to completely write the whole second half, and I imagine you'd want to save that energy for Breaking Dawn Reimagined.
(Unless Stephanie Meyer actually does end up finishing Midnight Sun, then would you go back to this, I wonder?)
2/26/2019 c15 LeoH
I got really excited when I started reading this chapter, Stephanie's MS is over, we're getting some new stuff, yes!
I love this version of McKayla, her reactions are hilarious!
Also the contrast when Edythe is with her family and when she's with Beau is so clear, she can finally relax and enjoy. We see how much she's suffering with this situation, so it's satisfying to see them together just enjoying each other's company.
It's funny cause I never thought of Edward/Edythe and Bella/Beau looked like the obsessive kind of person, but they are and I like that.
Idk, Edythe is this brilliant and reserved person, and Beau is this calm and kind guy, but they get so obsessed with each other, Beau has this thing for her eyes, and he doesn't care about himself at all when he's with her. And Edythe...she's on another level, of course there's the CDs and the books stuff lol, but the other things too, like she memorize everything he says, every breath, and if something happens to him she goes crazy.
Another great chapter, the wait kills me, but it's worth it, thank you Visser!
2/25/2019 c15 12Quiet Ryter
Thank you for updating your story!_ This is an amazing and wonderful chapter.:) Its so cool to see what is going through Edythe’s mind when she’s going to do and what the discus when speaking with her siblings.:D I’m really excited about the next chapter.:)
2/25/2019 c15 Snoopycool01
Justice throughout,,,,, as per usual! Lol. TTFN
2/22/2019 c14 Sdflky558
This is a great job on midnight sun... gotta ask: afterwards you're going to finish breaking dawn right?
2/20/2019 c13 Guest
Beautifully done
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