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for Midnight Sun Reimagined

12/31/2018 c13 12Quiet Ryter
Thank you for updating your story!_ This is an amazing and fantastic chapter.:) Its cool that Edythe gave Beau a ride to school.:) Its fantastic and I have a feeling Edythe doesn’t want Beau to see them hunt because they let themselves be themselves when hunting.:D I’m really excited about the next chapter!_ Also Happy New Years!_ I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic new year!_
12/17/2018 c12 25YuriLover567
I have to say, I've always been a guilty pleasure fan of Twilight (since 10th Grade), but I legitimately think your Reimagined series is better than the original source. I find it easier to relate to Beau than Bella, regardless of the gender difference (even if I am a boy) with his occasionally dorky moments. I've read all of your stories and am looking forward to seeing how you wrap it all up with Breaking Dawn. Keep up the great work!
12/15/2018 c12 Izumikii
I always enjoy every chapter so much! I’ve read other fanfiction continuations of Edyth and Beau but none of them can quite match up to how beautifully and accurately you portray them. I love them, and it’s always so sweet to see their interactions.
12/14/2018 c12 MediaJunkie
Great Chapter! Always leaving me wanting more. Although one question will breaking dawn be released soon or will the great story have to finish first? If i sounded like an ass with that question i apologize anyway looking forward to the next chapter!
12/4/2018 c12 LeoH
Great as always, thank you!
12/4/2018 c12 12Quiet Ryter
Thank you for updating your story!_ This is an amazing and wonderful chapter.:) Its cool that Edythe will keep an eye on Beau.:) Why does Edythe need Carine’s help? I’m really excited and curious about the next chapter!_
11/15/2018 c11 Maxmillian
I just want to say, I haven't ever been so engrossed in a story quite as much as this one with Edythe. After I finished Life and Death, I was desperate for a continuation of their story and couldn't find one to my liking. I was hesitant to read yours as it regressed the ending and went with the Bella ending instead, but I gave it a shot and I pretty much never looked back. I love what you've done with all these stories; just to change them the little you do for ease of the gender swap is so seamlessly done. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't initially been sad when you said you weren't moving straight into Breaking Dawn and were going to do this story instead. But MY GOD, I love it. I personally connect way more with Edythe than I ever did with Edward and putting my in her mind is just amazing. Thank you so much for writing all this, giving me EXACTLY what I craved (even though I didnt know it yet). I'm so looking forward to the rest of this story and I cant tell you how excited I am to see your rendition of Breaking Dawn! You're amazing and clearly very talented, so once more. Thank You for putting your time and effort into these.
11/8/2018 c11 10engel17white
excelente trabajo como siempre, felicidades
11/5/2018 c11 LeoH
Such a great chapter, your writing is soo good, I love these conversations between Edythe and Beau.

Also you got me interested about that psychological torture she mentioned, it never occurred to me but since she can read your mind, she can see what you're afraid of, your worst nightmare, and that's actually pretty exciting, I would love to see that.

I just watched the new season of Daredevil, and there's a pretty interesting character that happens to be a stalker, he actually reminded me how stalking is actually creepy and wrong. I'm used to read about Edythe/Edward stalking Beau/Bella but doesnt seem so wrong to me and I'm sure for the majority of the readers, we think that it's fine, they do it out of love, and being honest, Beau/Bella need some extra care lol
So it was a good reminder of how stalking is creepy and wrong if the other person doesn't want that.

I like that Edythe is certain that Beau only has a crush on her, that it's not true love, Beau also has trouble accepting Edythe's feelings, he thinks that her interest won't last and she's gonna get bored of him.
They have the same problem.

It occurred to me that Edythe is worried about Beau knowing the truth, but she's not worried about the Volturi, I mean, I don't remember if she mentioned something about them before, but she doesnt seem to care about that, like, what if he actually freaked out with the truth and started telling people about it? lol

That waiter was so annoying, like everytime he appeared I was like ''dude, get the fuck out''
And Edythe comparing Beau to a domestic animal? lmao!

Anyway, you're NEVER going to see me complaining about long chapters xD

Thank you so much!
11/4/2018 c11 12Quiet Ryter
Thank you for updating your story._ It's cool that Beau and Edythe are having dinner. It's wonderful that Beau and Edythe talked about the theories that Beau has.:) I'm really excited and curious about the next chapter!_
10/30/2018 c10 apolloalbion
I love your writing. I know that originally you said you wouldn't complete midnight sun. But do you think, after writing from this point of view, you may continue it after Breaking Dawn? I'd love to see you do the whole series form Edythe's point of view. WinterSunshine's take on that is a fun read but I feel that they haven't really reached the same level as you as a writer. I won't provide specifics as WinterSunshine works very hard on their work and it really is fun to read. I don't want to disparage someone putting their time and effort into something when I enjoy it. But I feel that there is a qualitative difference between you two.

TLDR: I think it would be really neat if you did the whole series from Edythe's PoV after you finish Breaking Dawn.
10/30/2018 c10 LeoH
Next week?! Hell yeah!
Damn, I really wanted Edythe to kill those people
10/29/2018 c10 Quiet Ryter
Thank you for updating your story!_ This is an amazing and fantastic chapter.:) Its cool that Edythe is giving Beau a ride. it’s really cool from Edythe’s perspective it’s not only her thoughts but those around her and Beau.:) I’m really excited and happy about the next chapter!_
10/29/2018 c10 14A-book-geek
I haven’t been able to read this one, busy with work and all, but I read it just now and I liked it. Hoping to read BD soon. :)
Have a nice day!
10/29/2018 c10 17FireRed21
Awesome! I love it! Including that last part. This is good. Shame that you won't like do the whole thing if that is what you're saying but I get it. I just can't wait for what you have next.
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