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4/30 c16 1AeraSteele
Jaina's a dreadlord! Knew it! lol
3/7 c13 Guest
when are you going to update this story? I like it very much. I hope you finish it someday,
1/12 c12 Guest
This is amazing cant wait to read some more
8/24/2018 c6 Guest
Quick question could you possibly clear up with an authors note where in the series this takes place because ive read the other three and i feel this one has to take place during the first or second one but i feel like based on all the other stuff ive heard it takes place around cata is there something i missed cause last i knew she and arthas were good im confused on when this takes place. Big fan of the series and if you could clear this little misconception up id be extremely grateful also until this last chapter i didnt realise this story and the others were connected so yeah i prolly missed something
8/13/2018 c4 43Anime Borat
I didn't expect this twist at all! Seriously, I didn't see it coming.
6/7/2018 c2 QuizicalGin
Oooh finally! :D This chapter definitely peeked more interest with the castaway, making me curious to what’s she’s hiding. Can barely wait for the next!
5/19/2018 c1 99ZabuzasGirl
I really hope this follows the movie.
5/16/2018 c1 QuizicalGin
Not bad for a start to the story and hope to see more. I’d give a better review but the story still needs a lil more salt before a fair one can be given

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