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for My Hero Academia Plus Wolverine

4/16 c3 Lord Leraje
Abilities of Wolverine and One For All is too overpowered don'tcha think?
4/16 c20 54Death Fury
great chapter
4/16 c20 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
4/16 c20 5Gamelover41592
Awesome work on this chapter
4/16 c19 waytodawn0
OK I don’t see how the intro part of this chapter, and that letter is relevant to the story. it makes mention of Izuku not having a quirk.
1/10 c5 15Trace Reading
pff... discard any notion of A/B/O dynamics being a real thing.

And don't write smut dialogue, because y'all always make it sound like a cheesy hentai. Better to just have them not talking.
1/9 c2 Trace Reading
Y'know something?

Fanfic writers in general need to stop this habit of writing where an imagine spot, flashback, or inner dialogue starts and ends.


This. Includes. You.
12/14/2023 c1 1bibink729
11/22/2023 c19 erasenpai946
A question that I don't remember if it has already been answered, Rumi, Ryukyu, Moe (Burnin) and Lady Nagant are in the harem, aren't they?
11/21/2023 c19 bastidaswilliam2005
First great chapter
Second you should do a more throurugh check in yoirs fics since the letter that all might sent to torino itw allude more to canon izuku to wolverine izuku and third you pit medaka in varios paragraphes this makes no sense
11/20/2023 c19 Guest
loved the lemon, nice bit of analysis on the league attack
11/19/2023 c4 2A10riddick
Great chapter!
11/19/2023 c18 54Death Fury
nice lemon good chapter
11/19/2023 c19 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
11/19/2023 c19 5Gamelover41592
Awesome job on this chapter
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