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for What if Gine Went with Goku to Earth?

5/13 c45 1Murderleo38
lol quiero mas de esto... y la verdad no pense que raditz iba a terminar en ese planeta, lol, aunque me pregunto, tendra la misma enfermedad del corazon de goku o ellos tendran la medicina para eso
5/13 c45 13EmperorDraco7
Oh man, really liking this chapter despite it being pretty short but then again it was a good twist you had for what Raditz went through prior to being on Yardrat also I never thought you would include him actually fighting against the Ginyu Force in a previous battle during his time on the planet. Then again, sure he lost but at least he managed to survive due to Frieza sending them to Namek to deal with Vegeta and it does help Raditz get his first Zenkai Boost ever. Anyway, looking forward to seeing how Kakarot and Raditz will do interacting with one another soon since the latter will be shocked when he finds out that not only is the Ginyu Force dead but so are Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria as well.
5/12 c1 Anto
Me dolio la actitud de Bardack incluso ami... Supongo que es por que estas tomando al Bardack de las primeras películas
5/8 c44 1Murderleo38
ah no mames, que increible historia, es realmente geneal, ya sabes, me pregunto realmente como se desarrolla todo en el futuro, aunque siento que gine tendra que entrenar en su enojo ahora que finalmente estallo o eso complicaria las cosas en el futuro... pero hay algo que no entendi, el super sayan de gine es el tipico dorado/amarillo o tiene piscas rojas por la furia?, el de broly canon tambien era dorado pero tambien era verde oscuro ya que estaba dominado por la ira y el instinto
5/6 c44 13EmperorDraco7
Oh man, really liking how this chapter turned out especially with the moment where Bulma asks Vegeta if he would like to stay on Earth since we know there is a chance the prince might get up to something should he be left without anyone to keep an eye on him. Then again, we know eventually Vegeta and Bulma will fall in love with each other thus leading to Trunks being born and later on Bulla as well as per the original timeline. Also really liked the moment where the Z-Fighters managed to return to Earth which took a while but hey, ultimately worth it in the long run too.

Also there is the fact Vegeta won’t need to leave Earth to find Kakarot since he knows Gine can go Super Saiyan as well so he would try to get her to teach him how to do so...of course, we all know how that is going to go. In any case, I really hope to see the next chapter of the story fairly soon especially with Kakarot arriving at Yardrat and being reunited with his older brother Raditz there.
4/28 c43 11Deep Blue Dragon
Oh wow this is really good I cant wait for more. I found this story after I listened to masakoX read it out loud. Please keep up the great work
4/16 c43 5Shisoukengo
Another excellent chapter, it always struck me as odd why Kami never attempted to make contact with any of the Namekians while they were on Earth. I honestly wouldn't peg him as the emotional type though, and I do disagree w/ Chiaotzu not learning any Kaio's techniques, particularly if it's the one I'm thinking he taught Tien.
4/11 c43 13EmperorDraco7
Whoa, really loved the battle with King Piccolo and it made sense for him to come back since Kami was revived along with Tien and Chiaotzu, plus I really enjoyed the battle that the two Z-Fighters as well as Kami and Master Roshi had with the newly released Demon King and their combined efforts were able to reseal him away. I mean, it is good to show the others were able to defeat a threat without requiring help from Goku (or in this story, Kakarot) in order for that to happen.

As for the arrival to Earth, I'm glad the others were able to arrive without too much of a hassle, plus there is the moment where Kami got to meet with his people in person for once which actually made up for it not happening in the canonical story. Also good that you had Katas aka the father of the Nameless Namekian mentioned along with the moment where he had sent his son off of Planet Namek during the time of that terrible storm and thus led to the Nameless Namek arriving on Earth in the ensuring process. You need to keep up the good work, especially as it's good to see how the next chapter will ultimately turn out overall.
4/11 c43 joeyginise
That was a very sweet chapter. Good for Kami, he earned this day.
3/29 c42 4The Grand Dragon of Light
Every new chapter of this Saga that I read just makes me love it more and more, I found it after hearing Masako X doing a reading on Youtube and reading it for myself (while imagining Masako’s voice reading it) is even better.

I really love your unkque take on things, how Goku’s mother may very well have dealt with things and raised little Kakarot differently on Earth, so many things are the same but some are different and I love these differences you made the most!

Grandpa Gohan still being alive for a start and still taking in both Gine and her son (kind old soul that he is), Demon King Piccolo’s defeat (yes I miss “our Piccolo” but Kami’s new role as an active Guardian Deity is just as good), meeting Raditz again (will we ever find out what happened to him?) the Saiyans (you let Yamcha live? I was shocked there!), the reason and journey to Namek (Kakarot’s chat with Gine was both cute and enlightening), Vegeta’s reappearance (Grandma Gine kicked his ass again), the Ginyu Force and of course THE DEATH OF FRIEZA was just so EPIC!

That ending though ... damn it Goku-uh I mean Kakarot, don’t go smashing strange buttons! Wait ... if that pod belonged to the Ginyu Force then will it take him back to ... and since Frieza is dead the next one in line is ... ooh boy, you did it now Saiyan Boy!

Just WOW! I loved this new chapter so much and I’ll eagerly await the next!

Awesome as always and I’ll see you *next time*

Laters :)
3/28 c42 13EmperorDraco7
Oh man, really liked the chapter showing the aftermath of the battle in question and especially with Gine not too happy that Vegeta was with Gohan and the others upon waking up, plus there's also the matter of them having allowed him to come along which added to this. Also I'm glad to see that you decided to show Gine eventually waking up after being out for a while plus there's the small dream sequence at the beginning of the chapter between her and Bardock which was a good twist.

Also liked the moment where Grand Elder Guru passed away and Moori succeeded him as the new Grand Elder, while it was saddening, at least the Namekians can breath a sigh of relief that their world was safe in the end and also liked the part where Kakarot got a body suit to put on too. Oh and there's also the fact he found one of the Ginyu Force's space pods which he used to leave Namek, which is pretty much going to take him to Yardrat instead of straight to Earth. Just wait till he has a reunion with his older brother Raditz upon his arrival there (to Yardrat I mean). I'm definitely looking forward to seeing that soon and also more so looking forward to what the next chapter will have in store too.
3/14 c41 joeyginise
3/14 c41 4The Grand Dragon of Light
And so the Frieza Saga comes to end, not with a whimper but with one BIG bang and it was AWE~SOME!

Please don’t let Gine be dead! The bad guy’s dead, everyone is back to life/safe, now they can all go home! Right?!

Thanks for another awesome chapter and I’ll see you *next time*

Laters :)
3/14 c41 xavex
Well damn, Frieza shouldn't have gone cocky against someone whose base form is stronger than the mom.
3/14 c41 13EmperorDraco7
Oh boy, I really liked how this turned out especially with Kakarot having a small flashback of his talk with Gine about Grandpa Gohan and then turning Super Saiyan himself after witnessing Gine's apparent demise at the hands of Frieza. Of course, we know that Gine isn't really dead especially since we know that she's shown alive and well after everyone (except Kakarot) returned to Earth with Kakarot himself using one of the Ginyu Force's Space Pods to head for Yardrat without realizing it after ending Frieza's life in an epic battle. Remember, the Ginyu Force was originally intended to attack Yardrat anyway even in the actual story but we know there was a change of plans due to Frieza calling them to Namek in order to deal with Vegeta.

In fact, I really like the moment where Kakarot ended Frieza without giving him any kind of second chance whatsoever which is something Goku should've done on Namek in my opinion rather than give him some of his energy. In any case, I do look forward to seeing what the next chapter has in store especially as we know it'll be the post Frieza Saga portion of the series and Namek never got destroyed either, not to mention Nail is still around to boot.
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