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for What if Gine Went with Goku to Earth?

3/30/2020 c19 6Kylemoor
If you think about it everything a villain does in Dragon Ball Z is done to show how powerful they are. Raditz fights Goku and Piccolo (who are established to have a long standing grudge match and be the strongest fighters on earth) at the same time and is winning until a stroke of luck allows them to beat him.

The Saibamen are supposed to be as strong as Raditz and it is shown that the Z Fighters are more than a match for them. Nappa proceeds to fight everyone at the same time and toys with them, picking them off one by one.

Goku arrives and easily defeats Nappa. Vegeta proceeds to kill Nappa with a gesture.

Which explains why certain villains seem to be easily converted into "good guys" so "seamlessly". The only reason they did various evil actions was to show the audience a paradigm for how powerful this fighter was. Not the greatest method for story writing but lets face it if Vegeta hadn't been as popular as he was the writers probably wouldn't have gotten him together with Bulma.

I enjoy alternate versions of stories and yours has been refreshing. I look forward to more.
3/30/2020 c19 hallmandy35
Dude this is a really awesome story keep up the good work, I can't wait until the next chapter
3/30/2020 c19 13EmperorDraco7
Well about time Kakarot showed up and just in time to save his beloved wife to boot, plus it was good to see him taking down Nappa after not only healing Gohan and Chi-Chi but also learning about what became of Tien, Chiaotzu and Kami. I mean since King Piccolo never got all seven of the Dragon Balls and used them to restore his youth, Chiaotzu didn't die at all back in the King Piccolo Saga nor did Master Roshi… plus Tien would have no need to learn the Evil Containment Wave himself as a result of this. Also I have expected Vegeta to just kill his own partner Nappa like he did before, especially after the bald-headed bastard was beaten to the point where he has a broken back and thus is now useless to the prince. As for Kakarot's power level, I know it is over 11,000 even though Vegeta chose not to tell Nappa this information at all but hey, I really like how your chapter turned out and especially as I look forward to seeing how Kakarot and even Gine will fare taking on Vegeta together... even more so as he won't get the chance to turn into a Great Ape and will have to flee from Earth soon.
3/30/2020 c19 1Joeclone
3/29/2020 c19 NacNak
Nappa: "Vegeta Why?!"

Vegeta: "Because I'm A Monkey!"


Yet another great chapter! You really know how to make a cliff hanger, got me on the ledge and I wanna read more! Until next time, Stay Awesome!
3/29/2020 c19 joeyginise
"Before being promptly decked in the face by Kakarot."

Think you forgot a part there. Anyway, its showtime boys! Get your popcorn its going to be a good one.

3/24/2020 c18 artfully
this is exciting
great chapter
3/23/2020 c18 Joeclone
GRUESOME! I love it!
3/22/2020 c18 27Thebestoftherest
Wait if Nappa scouter was destroyed does that mean Frieza shouldn't be on Namek since he doesn't know that they have Dragon Ball.
3/22/2020 c18 NacNak
3/21/2020 c18 silverhawk88
Geez. As TFS Chiaotzu said ‘whooooa, brutal!’

Man this time Nappa wasn’t playing around. He just demolished the whole Earth’s special forces...

Can’t wait for next chapter!
3/21/2020 c18 13EmperorDraco7
Whoa, talk about intense but then hey, this is Nappa we are talking about and I never expected Tien to die before Chiaotzu does as opposed to the original story where it was the other way around. Even the lack of Tien using what strength he had left to try and avenge Chiaotzu but failing miserably but hey, I really like your version of the fight especially with Yamcha actually getting to fight the bald-headed bastard unlike the actual story. Also had a feeling that Kami was going to sacrifice himself to save Chi-Chi and her son, especially as that does help to keep in the need to go to Planet Namek oh as well as the fact Tien and Chiaotzu still died as well. Oh boy, I know Goku (technically Kakarot because there was no need to name him Goku anyway) is going to be pissed when he arrives and learns about not only Tien and Chiaotzu dying but also Kami as well. I look forward to seeing him taking down Nappa and even facing Vegeta next, not to mention Gine joining her son in order to defeat the Prince.
3/17/2020 c17 54Amarielah
This is delightful!
3/16/2020 c17 Fairer010
MasakoX wants you to continue this he said so in a live-stream
3/15/2020 c17 NacNak
Never have I been so excited and worried for another part of a story to come out, I've become emotionally attached! Oh No!
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