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for What if Gine Went with Goku to Earth?

2/14 c39 13EmperorDraco7
Whoa, things are really getting intense now with Gine struggling to remember how to make the Artificial Moon and then Frieza proceeds to beat down on her. Also had a feeling that Vegeta wasn't going to help at all, even more so now that his ability to sense Ki officially kicked in after a failed attempt to fight the Galactic Emperor again and thus causing him to become truly afraid. Also I liked how Gohan wanted to join in to save his grandmother only for Chi-Chi to stop him and get Kakarot to do so himself since he was the strongest fighter on Namek apart from Gine.

It makes sense that a lot of convincing a needed to get Kakarot to help and liked the moment where Gine was in deep though only to have said thoughts be interrupted once Frieza had gone into his Final Form all while facing off against Kakarot. This makes me wonder what could happen here, especially given how Kakarot would be stronger than Final Form Frieza at 1% or 2% power anyway but nevertheless, Frieza knows how to not play fair after all. Still, am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter fairly soon.
2/6 c38 4Sacredstar Mentor
It's understandable that Dende didn't want to heal Vegeta due to the actions he done to his people. Katarot tried to convince him. But eventually Nail had be the voice of reasons for his little brother.

Plus WTF is Vegeta saying that it his only right to avenge his the Saiyan race. If you haven't noticed their are at least three surviving Saiyans what to kill Frieza just as much as him. Plus he was just defeat by him moments ago and he still wanna crack at the Emperor of the Galaxy!?
2/4 c23 5Shisoukengo
I really don't like all the borderline anti-Yamcha nonsense I'm seeing in this story. The fact that he, out of literally everyone else, who had "trouble" with a Saibaman, even though he didn't have any trouble with one in the actual canon storyline. And especially since both Chiaotzu & Chi Chi were canonically weaker than him, and there's no reason Chi-Chi would be stronger than him since she still decided to give up martial arts after getting married. It just never makes any sense to me that people will do a rewrite of the series/story, and will change everything BUT anything that has to do with him.

It's seen even further in this chapter when Yamcha, rightfully, steps up to go to Namek with them to be their muscle/protection, only for Bulma to nearly insult him. And Gine, despite being portrayed as this kind and well-meaning person, literally says nothing. Neither does Chi-Chi, who has no trouble scolding and insulting the others for being martial artists, or willy-nilly implying Yamcha of trying to cheat on his girlfriend, just because he asked about the helmet she wore as a kid? I mean I just REALLY wish the fanbase could just stop it with this anti-Yamcha bullcrap, it's not just weird, it's borderline jerk behavior.
2/1 c38 4The Grand Dragon of Light
I found your fic after listening to MasakoX reading it on YouTube and though I really enjoy him reading it (the dude does some awesome voices) reading it myself at my own pace is just as great, reading the words and imagining how this would’ve looked as the official anime ... awesome!

Everyone praises Barfock (fair dues he was an okay guy) but your fic made me love Goku’s Ma even more (especially how she’s a doting grandma) and now she’ll beat the knock-off Xenomorph into next century!

Thanks for another awesome chapter and I’ll see ya next time!

Laters :)
2/1 c38 xSnvwyy
Frieza couldn't help himself with that line, huh?
1/31 c38 NacNak
1/31 c38 13EmperorDraco7
Whoa, really liking the fight that Gine is having against 5d likes of Frieza and especially with the Galactic Emperor in his Second Form while at the same time, she doesn’t want to make the same mistake with him that she did when she fought against King Piccolo.

Also not surprised that Dende refuses to heal Vegeta and especially as the conversation that Kakarot, Vegeta, Gohan and Dende had. Fortunately, Nail was there to convince his little brother to heal the prince even though we know that he still resents him (Vegeta) for what he had done which is understandable. That and the fact it is gonna be a long time before someone like Vegeta eventually starts to change for the better.

As expected, Frieza transforming into his third form was unavoidable which means Gine is really going to have a hard time against him now. Still, I look forward to seeing what is going to happen in the next chapter as it is going to be as epic as this and the other chapters were.
1/31 c38 joeyginise
I much prefer the faster transformations, makes the use of them more feasible. And thank God Gine didn't just sit there and let him do it, even if it ended in failure. This is getting better with each chapter.
1/31 c38 48reality deviant
that last quote about final form... where did that meme start?
1/18 c37 13EmperorDraco7
Oh boy, about time we got to the point where Gine and Frieza began fighting one another... even the moment where the Galactic Emperor eventually goes into his second form. I really like how the fight is turning out and am curious to know how you will handle Gine’s battle with his second form next chapter despite her being weaker than him again.

Also liked how you did the scenes with the other Z-Fighters as well, I mean it is good to give them some scenes after all so they aren’t completely forgotten about during a major battle. In any case, I hope to see how the next chapter ultimately turns out along with the eventual transformation of Frieza into his third form.
1/17 c37 NacNak
Gine No!
1/17 c37 48reality deviant
seems that gine got deep into battle lust
1/15 c36 Voltar12
Excellent work
1/11 c14 Yifan Bao
I must admit that it was a very funny nod to Gine, Raditz and Goku (Kakarot here) name here, since both Kakarot and Raditz are both play on words for both carrot and radish and Gine's name was some kind of spring onion in Japanese.
1/10 c1 Silent Analyst
Poor Gine. Saiyan minds were really one track.
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