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for What if Gine Went with Goku to Earth?

1/8 c36 WrapGod
Ohh yeah
1/7 c36 NacNak
Oooooh Noooo...

1/6 c36 13EmperorDraco7
Man oh man, I was kinda worried that this wouldn’t get updated but glad it did and also about time we finally got the eventual battle against Frieza himself. Also ironic that Cui is spared from meeting his end unlike in the actual story although there is a chance that it might not be the case and Cui did arrive with Frieza and his soldiers to the planet to eliminate Vegeta but yeah.

Also I am imagining Yamcha and Nail doing all they can against the Frieza Soldiers themselves which makes up for Yamcha missing out in fighting them in both the Resurrection ‘F’ movie and the Golden Frieza Saga. But hey, he does get to fight them in DBZ Kakarot’s version of that arc from Super which was really cool. Also I have a feeling that Gine is going to save Vegeta from being finished off by Frieza since she is gonna be finding this scene of the prince being owned by the Galatcic Emperor to be pitiful. Looking forward to seeing how Gine vs Frieza will go next chapter.
1/6 c36 artfully
have been looking forward to this
great chapter
12/15/2020 c2 5Nickzilla20
Oh I heard of this what if scenario. Can’t wait to see how this goes.
12/1/2020 c35 4Kurogaya
I am loving this fanfiction. Keep up the amazing work!
I discovered this by hearing MasakoX reading it on his YouTube channel. And I have just been listening and reading along with him.
11/30/2020 c35 Joshua Stewart
I love this story keep up the good work
11/29/2020 c35 5Shisoukengo
Excellent work yet again, although I'm curious, will you have any power level readings featured in future chapters? It'll be interesting to see where these guys are again.
11/28/2020 c35 13EmperorDraco7
Whoa, it's about time we saw the story being back in the making and especially as I was beginning to think that it wouldn't get an update at all which kinda worries me. Still, I'm glad to see more of the story and especially with the moment where Kakarot had to bring Gohan and Dende back to the others, not to mention the scolding Gohan got from Chi-Chi for having run off on his own earlier. Then again, it was kinda expected given how he did leave without saying anything to them not to mention there's the whole thing mentioned about how the young Half-Saiyan was feeling bad about having not been strong enough to stop Nappa to boot.

Also liked the moment where Zarbon and Dodoria make their presence known and holding a few Namekian By-standers hostage. In fact, it's good that Bardock's team from Bardock the Father of Goku is also mentioned here along with the two right-hand men of Frieza mock them and Bardock himself, which is all Gine can take which leads them to be vaporized by the female Saiyan. A fitting moment, especially as I really liked how the chapter ended with her getting her much needed revenge on Zarbon and Dodoria. Looking forward to seeing how the battle with Frieza and his soldiers will go next chapter or so.
11/27/2020 c35 4Sacredstar Mentor
1. Gohan is deep trouble right now. Chi-Chi won't show any mercy lol.
2. Katarot finally starting to see that his son is growing up. Despite of fact that he is only 5 years old in this timeline.
going down path of revenge and she isn't holding back.
11/27/2020 c35 joeyginise
10/28/2020 c34 Liandra2428
10/27/2020 c34 13EmperorDraco7
Wow, I really like how the chapter turned out and especially as I never expected Gohan to just head off with Dende without telling anyone... all while Frieza is potentially on his way no less. In any fact, it was also good to see how Gohan didn't want Dende to remain on Namek with Vegeta there since there is the fact he would betray the others if the chance came to it. Makes sense, given how how this is back when he was still the evil Saiyan Prince and the fact he hasn't started his relationship with Bulma yet which was one of the contributors to his eventual becoming a good guy later on. Hopefully the others will find him (Gohan) and Dende soon, I mean it does make sense that Gine doesn't trust the prince as far as she could throw him even with the galactic emperor approaching the planet.

Looking forward to seeing what the next chapter has in store and I know eventually, Guru will die of natural causes and the Namekians will be saddened as would the Z-Fighters when they witness his passing but we know Moori will still become the new Grand Elder despite this thus ensuring the continued existence of the Namekian Dragon Balls.
10/8/2020 c33 Joshua Stewart
Love the story when’s the next chapter gonna be up
10/2/2020 c33 shockbeam26
I love this
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