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7/27 c10 1RosyHearts
Are you taking another break, or are you no longer working on this story? I'll keep checking back, though, because I want to see where this goes. Not so badly I'll blow up, though. So, no pressure. The other review I left should be enough to let you know how much I appreciate this story.
7/26 c9 RosyHearts
Ooh, two Shadows and one Sonic... Do I smell a threesome? XD to be truthful, I wouldn't mind it... But anyways! I'm really enjoying this story. I've checked out like seven stories this week, and this is the only one that seems to be worth any amount of my time :P keep up the good work and amazing writing!
7/23 c10 clairef52
this is a great story
7/17 c10 mlfyey
love it
7/3 c10 21SonicGurl98
Ohh this chapter was my ABSOLUTE (or, Ultimate? ;D) jam!

The conversation between Lancelot and Shadow was handled flawlessly and utterly beautifully! The highs and lows of it, how they come so close to connecting only for Shadow to pull back so as not to get too close. The way Lancelot TOTALLY has Shadow's number when it comes to Sonic has made my entire day. Having Sonic walk in at the worst moment and giving him his own mixed feelings about the whole thing was the cherry on top.

AND THEN Sonic and Lancelot go on a SHOPPING TRIP? You spoil us, Whisper! It's a joy to watch as Sonic slowly coaxes Lancelot out of the "armor" he's always wearing around his heart, the COSTUMES, to see both Lance and Sonic ask probing questions about dating - and the quiet angst as Lancelot remarks that Arthur would have to be searching for someone to fill the role of a future 'Queen,' it all warmed my crush and then stomped on it so perfectly.

The brainstorming session at the start was also a delight, bringing to my nerdy mind those times when Batman and Robin would be trying to solve one of the Riddler's clues or something. Weird pull for a Sonic fan, I KNOW, get off my back xP

Your characterization of Shadow continues to grow onto me, honestly. Like, I initially compared it to Ian Flynn on a good day, which isn't BAD? But it's not my favorite either, and as I read on it's feeling like it doesn't do justice to what you're doing here with Shadow. The way you wield your knowledge of Shadow's backstory and use it to inform how he acts, it's far more removed from ideas of toxic masculinity that writers like Flynn seemingly haven't examined within themselves as much as they need. Not to call them talentless hacks or anything, toxic masculinity is such landscape for so many people that unless you have like an extensive Feminist education - which unfortunately not a lot of people get.

But I'm getting sidetracked. :x Good chapter! If you find the time and emotional space to come back and continue from this point, I for one would be thrilled to see what you'd have in store for your readers next.

Thanks for writing as much as you have, at any rate. It's a marvelously-executed story.

xx Marigold
7/2 c9 SonicGurl98
Heyyy, you said we'd get the answer to why Sonic is a dick to Amy sometimes, in the last chapter's author notes! I feel so ripped off :P (sarcasm)

You know, if you're going for more of a comics-inspired portrayal of Shadow, you've really hit the mark! It feels like just the level of quality in Shadow's characterization that I could expect from Ian Flynn's best Shadow story - Shadow Fall.

I understand feeling insecure about writing action/violence, so trust me when I say you do a phenomenal job. Each word in the narration of the action hit strong, each explosion felt almost like it would shake my computer screen as I read it - it was all so intense and very thrilling!

Tails's trademark impeccable timing is always endearing to see in fan-fic, and this chapter really delivered on that. Unlike a lot of other writers I've seen, I notice your writing handles Shadow's trauma regarding doppelgangers with dignity and sympathy. Lots of people just stop at "gosh Shadow is so mean!" and leave it at that, which is so disappointing to have to read through, so I was glad to see you care enough to rise above that in your writing.

Thinking back on the times Shadow's aligned with Eggman, when he isn't brainwashed (Sonic Adventure 2) or desperately searching for answers to his forgotten past (Shadow the Hedgehog), it's mostly for pragmatic reasons (see: the Sonic Rivals games). If something came across that would make him consider crossing someone really close to him, like maybe Rouge? That would have to be a huge deal. Since you requested feedback, I thought I'd leave how I interpreted the game canon for your consideration. Your characterization of Shadow is certainly a cut above most others, regardless.

Overall, Chapter 9: Too Many Hedgehogs was a lovely read, in spite of me coming to read it on a really grouchy day for me. Dx But it lifted my spirits! Thanks!
7/2 c8 SonicGurl98
This chapter surprised me, as I read it. It kinda struck an emotional chord for me for very personal reasons, that I am going to try to explain succinctly here.

There was a time, what feels like a lifetime ago, that I knew someone who was like a 'Shadow' to me. I really wanted to be friends with him, but he... had a lot going on, and a friendship never really materialized there. I tried, but friendship needs both parties to participate in order to function.

More recently, I met a new person who gave me those same vibes, but... somehow it worked this time? We're really close now and they're one of the most important people in my life.

I bring all this up because gosh I couldn't help but be reminded of it when I read Sonic thinking about Shadow and Lancelot. In a good way, though! Like, I already enjoyed this story as just a Sonic story, but to have it connect with me on such a personal level really elevates it for me. Thanks for writing the story the way you're writing it.

Beyond that, the fish-out-of-water stuff was utterly charming and was familiar without being trite. It's so exciting to see Tails and Amy (and Eggman!) be pulled into this story after being 'away' from them for so long... I know they weren't in the fan-fic already, hush you!

And hey, I don't hold it against you whatsoever for how far into the fan-fic it's taken before Shadow arrives! Shadow is such a powerhouse of a character (personally and physically) that giving some time to build anticipation is a wonderful choice for a story.

All in all, Chapter 8: The Team Forms was a really good addition to a superb story. I look forward to checking out the next chapter!
6/30 c7 SonicGurl98
So I may or may not have remembered a lot of details about what had happened in the previous chapters when I started reading this one. It's been awhile, I'm sorry! Dx But gosh I'm glad you came back to write another chapter of this, Whisper.

I found it very apt, the narration taking the time to focus on Sonic and his first home, as the writing wasted no time in pulling me back into the story and making me feel like not a day had passed since the last chapter was published. More than that, your description has such an immersive feel to it that I can't help but feel that I'm right there with Sonic and Lancelot as I read this.

And like Sonic going up to Tails's workshop to see what if anything has changed, this fan-fic feels like an old friend I'm returning to. Its note-perfect Sonic and Lancelot interactions, its sense of humor, all of it reminding me what made the first six chapters so thrilling and making me excited to see what the next three currently-published chapters have in store for me.

It's adorable to watch Lancelot get lost in thought as he stares at this pesky Arthur look-a-like, and Sonic failing to find it in him to tease him as much as he could be just warms my cold and jaded heart. :'D I'm very interested to see how, if at all, Arthur has gelled with the main crew over in this world - and how Lancelot plans to cope with having two very handsome hedgie boys in front of him!

All in all, this chapter was a very graceful re-introduction after the hiatus as well as just more of this very delightful story. I'd rate this a ten - would lose precious sleep I need for work tomorrow again. xp

Missed you, Whisper!

xx Marigold
5/25 c10 FinnCipher
pls update this story is very good and I love the interactions between Sonic and Lancelot
5/17 c10 fazendy funtime
Please make more The King of Hearts
3/15 c10 GeraldMariaIvo

That is all.
1/10 c10 Themistersmith
:”v sigue plis
12/13/2019 c10 LuckyClover3
I really love this story ️
11/13/2019 c10 atemthepharaoh7
I really do enjoy this story. And the interactions between Shadow and Lancelot are hilarious, sad, and so, so interesting. I kind of really want to see a scene later on in the story where Shadow confronts Lancelot about him having his own version of Sonic and to keep his hands off of his lol. I'm not going to lie, while I am very much enjoying the Lancelot/Sonic pairing and where it is going I admit to rooting for Sonadow, not only because that's my otp but because I'm concerned how this will end. Each dimension has their own versions of Sonic and Shadow and Arthur and Lancelot will have to go back to their own and while Arthur and Lancelot are close friends I see a lot of hints that they can be more, though maybe I could have missed some things about Arthur's preferences. So yeah, of course I would go with Sonadow even though Lancelot kinda is Shadow but isn't and goes so well with Sonic but this is your fic and I'm sure you have all of that figured out. This is really unique and so well written, and the characterization is great. I'm always really happy when I see this updated so I can't wait for the next.
10/8/2019 c3 GeraldMariaIvo
What’s Lancelot's orientation? I’m curious because in the stories he was pretty clearly bi (regardless of how many times people try to straightwash him), and there are no signs of him having any interest in women here. I would also like to know Arthur’s and Sonic’s orientations out of curiosity.

Overall a good quality story with good writing and characterization. I hope to have the pleasure of reading more of it soon, but if you are in a situation such that it would be detrimental to your mental or emotional health to continue steadily, unsteadily, or at all- then I hope you choose what’s best for you.
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