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for Worm - Justice For All

5/12 c4 1GoMagikarp
Taylor went from shy, beaten down and insecure to confident, outspoken and snarky real fucking fast.

She's also has the information security of a 5 year old. Literally holding nothing back to a group of people she just met. She's been treating them like she's known them for years.

Seems super weird for someone as supposedly intelligent and generally world weary and suspicious as Taylor.
5/6 c14 1Beowulf-BX
I wonder how those items that Taylor will get will handel the likes like the Endbringers and the S9?
5/6 c14 Sebine
Take 10 and cuddle your adorable weapon, Taylor
5/5 c11 Sebine
A -second- dramatic piece of eq*
5/2 c14 WindbornesWord
This was a very good chapter, I do hope you post that interlude sooner rather than later as it will be great to see the reactions.
5/2 c5 Boread97
I remember how tattletale bs others that she is psychics, while Taylor here explaining to others on how exactly her power worked. This is killing me. Fortunately this story is good, if not I already drop this.
5/2 c3 Boread97
Well, the facts that she telling others about her power is killing me, (in a bad way)
5/2 c5 The-Anti-Akuma
Kinda crazy how she's' just giving all the details of her skills out to everyone. I understand some are relevant and all, but I mean wow.
5/1 c14 jayod
Nice nice. Loving it. Great job.
4/28 c14 mr. bumpity
This is a great chapter don't get me wrong, but will Taylor profile increase? I thought we would see her job classes starting to evolve into mid tear jobs. How will she sell off any junk collected over the story? I'm curious how these issues will be addressed. Hope your health improve and stay safe and sane.
4/30 c14 86Aesop
I'm enjoying this. Not a huge D&D fan, but I like the concept and the story you're developing.
4/30 c14 2Kaiya Azure
On the bright side, I think Taylor managed to make more than one friend in the PRT and Protectorate.
4/30 c9 Jubi Knight
I was rereading since a new chapter came out, and I noticed something inconsistent. Is [The Silver Bullet to Strike Down Villainy] a triple damage bonus or double damage bonus? The in story skill description says triple, but the end of chapter description says double.

Speaking of the silver bullet skill, it seems kinda utterly worthless. I would suggest either altering the skill restriction a bit or else updating the story's TvTropes page with "Useless Useful Spell." Double (or triple) damage against a single target once per day for 24 hours with all weapon forms would be quite good and useful... except it's utterly, completely worthless when you really really need it (like right the fuck now!) in a fast paced life or death battle.

Damage bonus against a target for 24 hours with all weapon forms Good!
Not being able to deal ANY damage AT ALL, much less the bonus damage you were promised, because you have to pause the fight and run way and play defense for 5 minutes when the bonus damage really matters Useless skill: NEVER USE!

Heck, we see a perfect example of that later, when she fights Pequod, where she considers using it, but decides not to because she can't attack after.

I would suggest altering the limitation to something more like "can't attack anything other than the target of the skill for 5 minutes." That way, the skill actually has some use. You get the damage bonus against a dangerous enemy when you really need it, but you have to use it strategically, because if you're not careful it could put you at disadvantage against multiple enemies.
4/30 c14 2Jack Inqu
Oof. Back pain is terrible; I really hope you feel better soon.

Nice to see that this version of Taylor has a pretty good relationship with the PRT, and that they're being fairly reasonable with her.

Welcome to the pain that is the gacha system, Taylor. :P

Let's see how this new dungeon goes.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
4/29 c14 shugokage
Excellent job on this interesting story!
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