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for Worm - Justice For All

4/29/2021 c11 6deacon94
This is pretty damn good can't believe I very nearly overlooked this till I say the author name amazing work. I tip my imagery hat to you
4/29/2021 c14 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
4/29/2021 c14 Karharot
Yay! New chapter! Thank you for continuing this story :)

I wonder how Protectorate will react to the nature and location of the dungeon that spawned over their HQ? Also, if some specific people were eaten by the dungeon at Winslow, like its principal or some random Trio for example, the city would not loose much as a result...
Anyway, new dungeon, new adventure, new loot, more exp, another level up and a new class. Can't wait for the next chapter and the exploration of Captain's Hill new extra-dimensional addition :)
4/29/2021 c14 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
4/28/2021 c14 Reader2001
Over all, not a bad chapter. I think the conversation with Piggot, Ms Milita and Armsmaster was largely good, but I do have a suggestion. Have Taylor take a camera into one of those bubble dimensions so she can offer extra proof to the PRT, because even as cooperative as Taylor has been, I find it hard to believe that Dr. Piggot would just take her at her word right now.
4/28/2021 c14 1Artekha
Yay! The fic isn't dead!
4/28/2021 c14 PasiveNox
great chapter nice nice
4/28/2021 c14 Hunter1933
enjoyed the chapter, hope your back feels better
4/28/2021 c14 TSFreedom
Great chapter .
4/28/2021 c14 4Greatazuredragon
Nice chapter, good work.
4/28/2021 c14 Masked Critic
That's a very nice coat of "Immunity to Cricket 1" she's got there. That fourth ability would mean Cricket can't disorient her with her noise powers, because that would throw off her sense of direction...

Sigh... and now another long wait for a new chapter of this (or Waterworks). I love your stuff, I really do, but some times I wish you had fewer stories, you know? That way my favorites could be updated more often! I'm greedy like that.
4/28/2021 c14 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
4/28/2021 c14 SlickRCBD
One minor criticism. Only private attorneys work for law firms. District Attorneys and States' Attorneys work for their respective government.
Private prosecutors are rare in the United States. Many States don't allow them at all.
Assuming Brockton Bay is in New Hampshire, Wikipedia says that
"New Hampshire allows private prosecution of any crime that does not carry incarceration as a possible penalty. However, prosecutors have the right to dismiss private criminal charges.[41] "

So a private prosecutor specializing in parahumans would be somebody trying to prosecute parahumans who committed misdemeanors that the PRT can't be bothered with. I'm not sure that they would get enough business. It would make more sense for Carol Dallon to be suing parahumans for damages, in which case she'd be a "plaintiff's attorney" rather than a prosecutor.

Sorry for being pedantic, but I kind of had this drilled into me by my Uncle John (an attorney in the insurance business) most of my life.
4/28/2021 c14 AzureLazuli
Mmmm, this story is fantastic! :D Please take care of yourself though!
4/28/2021 c14 Iceflame55
It was a pleasure seeing this updated. Feels kinda like a late birthday present, but one enjoyable one! Nice movement of things, showing everyone being on the same general page here. Looking forward to more Dungeon Running!
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