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for Worm - Justice For All

6/19 c16 Blaze1992
Huh will there be a fragment that works against the others since they all have different personalities?
6/13 c11 Shandrakor
Love it so far, I can tell Taylor has a bunch of things to learn about gaming though. I imagine her dad will pick up on it though if she thinking to explain her loot. That Totem of the drowned Rat that wards away enemies five levels below her is hardly vendor-trash in my eyes. Considering the exp downgrade she was complaining about for the first rats she killed? For lower level mobs not worth killing to stay away? that's great, trash mobs not worth killing anyway still drain stamina and such.
6/13 c2 BlazerBug
20 pound one handed sword? even a zweihander doesn't weigh more than ten
6/12 c16 176Firehedgehog
6/12 c16 1Bobboky
Very very good work once more.
6/11 c16 WindbornesWord
Fun chapter as always, kind of hope you’ll post a PHO and PRT interlude soon, as in sometime before your next scheduled Fic release. You did promise one a few chapters back, but we never got it.
6/11 c16 Karharot
Thanks for the chapter :)
Looking forward to proper analysis of the loot and exp gain and what Tay earned from this.
6/10 c16 SvenTheDecoy
The Entire chapter being dedicated to boss fight kinda crushed my enthusiasm. I just skipped to the end to find the loot.
6/10 c16 7Let Me BeLazy
Another exciting fight! Good job Author.
6/10 c16 xerad
Taylor should just accept the fragment's are right lmao

She is just on the opposite side of the spectrum

That aside i Hope she train weapon switching more against a stronger mele fighter a good combo would have been weakening then shield parry then switch to mace and bash then switch to gun then switch to weakening again
6/9 c16 40deathgeonous
Jeeze, I missed a few updates, last time I read this one, she just beat the Pirate Ship of Dispair level. Still, this is a nice fic, and one that I quite like, so, thanks for writing this, and bye for now.
6/9 c16 9Gremlin Jack
I'll be honest, this entire dungeon crawl arc based on some OC villain is rather boring. Can we speedrun the remaining pocket dimensions so Taylor can go back to dealing with the many, MANY dangers that the worm-verse already has?
6/9 c16 linx007
It's cool I decided to re-read everything anyway so the delay didn't bother me. Awesome chapter as always and I hope you enjoy your vacation.
6/9 c16 grahamlee017
give us more please
6/8 c16 woodzrox
Thanks for the chapter!
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