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for Worm - Justice For All

6/8 c16 PasiveNox
great chapter
6/8 c16 Hunter1933
great new chapter, can't wait for more
6/8 c16 Limerick90
That was a great conclusion to the dungeon crawl. I like how in the final battle Taylor was very careful about not engaging the boss in strength contests or generally being sucked into brawling, instead always keeping the option of opening the distance in mind. The fighting style encouraged by Iustitia's different available forms definitely shone through!

So, is it just me or is the system essentially putting in prep work, handing Taylor loot that she can then pass to others coughDannycough? I can already see him geeking out over which would be more optimal, going for a shield-based tank build or embracing the greatsword. Or going full MMO-style and just doing BOTH, comically wielding that greatsword in one hand.
Not that I expect things to actually work out that way, but it amuses me greatly.

I like that Taylor prioritized combat logic over "gotta use form x for the xp". And damn, so much loot that you tease us with! I'm looking forward to finding out what all that stuff is. Bestial Knight still seems like the best option out of everything she got so far though. I really wanna see Taylor get that one.

Anyway! I'm excited for more Justice! :D
6/8 c16 2Kyrin Fireheart
I really, really, REALLY enjoy this story. I just wish it would update more often. Though I DO understand you have so many wonderful stories on a rotation so you don't burn out. Nonetheless, thank you for your story!
6/8 c16 9Dragon Man 180
Very nice boss fight, I can’t wait to see the goodies Taylor got from beating Frollo aside from his BFS.
6/8 c16 13Have a Little Feith
I'll say it's late... feels like 6 months since this was las updated. Did you know you've averaged your chapter to time updated to one chapter every 3 months? At least, if you take the whole 4 years, so 48 months, since this started, and divide that by 16 chapters. Do you have a schedule for this, or something?

Well, regardless of all that, I enjoyed this chapter. I do hope that Danny can use the Shield Knight Class book. Well, if he can't, the only one it can go to is Taylor. She'd definitely get some use out of the Greatsword she just got then. I also hope we get some quality family time in the next chapter. It feels like it's been missing, for some reason.
6/8 c16 Sebine
6/8 c16 Separ
Very nice, great chapter again!
Even if you didn't reveal her latest loot...
6/8 c16 Shadowpawzzz
My God, I thought this fic had died. Glad to be wrong, wishing you well bud.
6/8 c16 1orion0905
Probably some fun with trainwreck... then again that will be more then likely in 6 months or so, maybe 3 if we are lucky, this is ment to be funny and is not a critique of someone with far more writing talent then I will ever have.

Fun chapter as always but im glad the undead are done with. I'm as always looking forward to the next update on this and several other of your wonderful works.
6/8 c16 13yukicrewger2
did Taylor ever level up? Because she still has the Thief Taker job scroll
6/8 c16 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
6/8 c16 Tribernator
YAY! Thats one more bubble burst. You know, if I were justicia, I think I would dedicate half my funds to the gacha system. At least for now. Why? Because there is plenty of cash to be worth splitting, and her gear is mostly fairly basic currently, meaning the chance of looting an upgrade is actually fairly decent. Once she has a few good, and maybe a great or amazing draw or two, then it might not be worth spending a lot on, but for right now it could make for a nice source of easy loot. Lord knows that star shower coat of hers came in handy here, despite iusticia bad mouthing it.
6/8 c16 4LastManStanding616
Nice chapter
the fight scene was good

had an idea about an embryo form but you probably have them lined them up already,
house of justice, territory/castle hybrid
opponent is placed in the defendant seat, if he attacks the judge all his stats are set to 10 (base human), if he attacks again active skills are blocked, and after the third time hes executed.
If he doesn't do anything he undergoes a trial. for every crime/act of injustice Taylor saw herself the defendant gets a stack relative to the crime eg, vandalism 1, non violent theft 5, deliberate hurting another 10, acts of terrorism 500. statements made by witnesses (in a truth field) count for half value.
The defendant can make try a defense under a truth field for lowering the count (but the people this is used on don't tend to have many usable defenses)
If the defendant reaches 1000 points or health*10, he gets executed (giant-slaying gimmick of maiden-type), if less then that then they get a percentage based health damage.
Financial crimes get a seperate stack, here 125% of the money is seized in assets primarily monetary if possible, of that 100% goes to restitution of victims, 15% to the state (including taxes of Taylors share) and the last 10% goes to Taylor
(high level players are almost never wanting for cash)

Could also be used to prevent injustice of sham-trials
6/8 c16 shugokage
Excellent job on this chapter and story!
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