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for Worm - Justice For All

6/8/2022 c16 4LastManStanding616
Nice chapter
the fight scene was good

had an idea about an embryo form but you probably have them lined them up already,
house of justice, territory/castle hybrid
opponent is placed in the defendant seat, if he attacks the judge all his stats are set to 10 (base human), if he attacks again active skills are blocked, and after the third time hes executed.
If he doesn't do anything he undergoes a trial. for every crime/act of injustice Taylor saw herself the defendant gets a stack relative to the crime eg, vandalism 1, non violent theft 5, deliberate hurting another 10, acts of terrorism 500. statements made by witnesses (in a truth field) count for half value.
The defendant can make try a defense under a truth field for lowering the count (but the people this is used on don't tend to have many usable defenses)
If the defendant reaches 1000 points or health*10, he gets executed (giant-slaying gimmick of maiden-type), if less then that then they get a percentage based health damage.
Financial crimes get a seperate stack, here 125% of the money is seized in assets primarily monetary if possible, of that 100% goes to restitution of victims, 15% to the state (including taxes of Taylors share) and the last 10% goes to Taylor
(high level players are almost never wanting for cash)

Could also be used to prevent injustice of sham-trials
6/8/2022 c16 shugokage
Excellent job on this chapter and story!
6/8/2022 c16 zergly
This just got to the good stuff also a halberd is a weapon of law and justice but also is the great swords of the time can't wait to see how gets the shield class because Taylor is not built for defense she is more offence & hit and run. Iustitia sixth change should be a guardian just think of all the legends of old with law and justice just a thought.
6/8/2022 c16 Dasgun
5/30/2022 c15 mr. bumpity
When Taylor unlocks thief taker is there any way to upgrade her skills? For right now is the perfect oppertunity to evolve gunsligger and mason to mid tear jobs. Reguardless your stories are great to read in these uncertain times. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane.
4/19/2022 c15 OmegaUltima
Curses, this one isn't on your list of "in the works" stories either; guess I'll have to wait and hope for this one, too...
4/13/2022 c15 kyuzo3567
I'm really loving this story and concept, even if I've never even heard of the crossover universe that the aspects are from. I just wish it would update sooner but I know what the schedule and speed is like
4/13/2022 c10 4dcoon
Is flat justice?
3/16/2022 c8 madstack
Wow. Taylor not getting screwed over for once? Sign me up.
3/10/2022 c15 centi108l
Cool story, must be a pain in the arse to keep track of all the numbers and skills though. Not to mention items.
2/21/2022 c15 gabriel perkins
I hope this work keeps going I love reading this and waterworks thank you for all your hard work
1/18/2022 c2 Prince Chrom
At the start of the chapter you described the sword as 20 pounds of metal, is that Taylor's mistake or yours?
1/17/2022 c15 9Dragon Man 180
Is it wrong I'm imagining Taylor sitting in the bathtub with Iustitia surrounded by bubbles as Taylor cleans her like two sisters? I'm also eager to see what Embryo Danny is going to get, but i can see him with a Castle or Guardian one easily.

Given the location of the rest of the dungeon entrances, how will Taylor get to the Medhall one without Empire 88 swarming her?

Also, how jealous will Uber and Leet be of Taylor's abilities making them look like cheap imitations?
1/6/2022 c15 4Araurlis
Did she actually get round to taking the Hunter job that she said that she was going to?
12/26/2021 c2 KuR06320
I only have two chapters, but there is a pattern that I am not liking at all. Taylor has not decided to do anything yet all her actions have been based on orders and suggestions from her embryo. In her monologues I don't see any critical thinking or ideas, just synonyms for "makes sense", "is for the best" or repeating exactly what the embryo told.
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