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7/26/2018 c1 Penda
I can't have emails but can you Finding Nemo In Incredibles.

Marlin as Mr. Incredible
Dory as Elasticgirl
Nemo as Dash
Kasey my OC, who is a blue tang with Violet Eyes as Violet
Sydney, Another OC, who is Dory and Marlin's baby, as Jack Jack but since it's a girl, it's Jill Jill
Linda, another OC, who is a Siamese Fighting Fish as Edna Mode
Hank as Rick Dicker
Bailey as Frozone
Destiny as Honey, aka Frozone's Wife
Bruce as Syndrome
Chum as Younger Syndrome
Alex, another OC, who I saw a yellow damselfish, as Tony, aka Violet's Crush
Squirt as the boy on the bicycle
Erica, another OC, who is white fish, as Mirage
Jenny as Kari, the Babysitter of Jack Jack I meant Jill Jill
Charlie as the Cop Leader
Johnny, my last OC, who is a cuttlefish can be Mr. Humph, the boss of the office work
And finally, Crush and other fishes can be the other superheroes.
5/11/2018 c1 1KittyCoolCat16
I wrote a song that was posted couple days ago and I was wondering if you like to see it?

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