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for Miraculous Ladybug:The Next Heroes

6/24/2020 c20 Guest
can u make the chapters longer pls o and I think marinette and Adrien should try and find out that ladybug is there kid and snop on there girlf
3/10/2020 c18 Guest
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9/23/2018 c6 Adrienette
When are you going to continue it?
7/16/2018 c4 Guest
I like the plot/idea but your grammar and punctuation could use some work, if anything there are a few free programs that help with that. Anyways, keep up with the story and I hope you improve to get more readers, all stories should be told! .,.
7/15/2018 c4 Guest
Email me at because I love this fan Fiction
7/16/2018 c1 1xXxSilveraxXx
(Idk if my review from earlier showed up) But, the plot/idea is awesome! You have many punctuation and few grammatical mistakes. (There are free programs for that, just to let you know) Hope this helps!

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