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12/26/2019 c6 Samcal
Thanks for the chapter
9/8/2019 c6 Exodus12345
So is this story dropped? Just read it and found it pretty good.
9/23/2018 c2 Raphaim
okay a couple things...
1 he would have a MUCH higher bounty than that puny 6 mil.
2 you're rushing the story. show dont tell. if I wanted a summary of something I'd go read a synopsis.
3. you made him SUPER fucking weak. he knows rokushiki and has cipherpol training and you made him tie with pre grandline zoro..like the fuck? that's not even counting the snake that he had with him. with all that shit he would have been able to absolutely curb stop zoro with ZERO effort.
9/18/2018 c6 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Something interesting about your story is that for my writing class, I actually and curious exactly why the world government would want your character. But after rereading your story I remember now it's possible that they want back the so-called weapon, and he has some sensitive information that they want quiet.

I actually gave them the same reason to want my character did, but unlike yours he didn't actually have to go near anything government-related. He's wanted because he ate a fruit that they feel is not supposed to be out there, it reveals the secrets that they have actually tried to keep down through murder. The Spirit-Spirit fruit allows the user to communicate with the Dead, and knowing the world government they "silenced" a lot of people who are on the other side that would be more than willing to Spill the secrets they knew.
9/14/2018 c5 4jimiinsk
This is awesome I really like the big brother vibe getting from Nate ! Oh and shi no tenshi means angel of death versus the yami no tenshi for dark angel
Thought I might help clear that up
9/10/2018 c1 LuminaDawn
Eyyy I see what you did there. Squeeze lol
9/7/2018 c5 NexxuzHD
Did Iggarap stutter in the anime too?
8/30/2018 c4 inplayj
make him learn the haki, or at least start using it little by little.
8/23/2018 c3 the incredible superhulk
Well, you could make Luffy fight Smoker AND Nate save him instead of Dragon. Also, it's about time that someone made a long fic (I hope it gets past 20.000 words) where the OC paired with our lovely archeologist is a manly man instead of a quite younger Mary Sue. Bonus points for starting in Loguetown instead of the beginning
8/17/2018 c1 crazyman90
your character for all the things he done including stealing top secret information and defecting a secret agency his bounty would be really high compared to a small bounty of 6 million beri plus he only wanted alive.
8/16/2018 c2 5Stupid the Ork
How old's the guy
5/16/2018 c1 1PulloutFiction
Interesting plot with a lot of potential for the OC. Seems to me he’d be a great asset to the mugiwaras. Just a thought though, his back story is already resolved so... maybe character progression and relationship with the strawhats would be
5/12/2018 c1 Greatjoy
6,000,000 is far too low for someone who knows the Rokushiki, if his Doriki is supposed to be 3200 then his bounty should be like 150,000,000. Kaku had a Doriki of 2200 and could fuck Luffy up when he had a 100,000,000 bounty. He wasn't strong enough to beat lucci until he had gears 2 and 3 and only barley and then it tripled. A bounty is based off of how strong a person is as well as how big of a threat the WG perceives them to be. I imagine defecting a secret government agency with top secret information would also raise his bounty a lot.

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