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for Nephalem of Gremory

8/3 c61 Guest
Really enjoyed this. Can’t wait for more.
7/8 c9 Lycrat
Can you please tell me from which Fandom Fianna is? I honestly don't know.
5/16 c15 dukkeh216
I am not a huge fan of adding Marvel into the mix of already too many crossovers, but well... let's hope you won't add the "alien" characters from Marvel. This story doesn't need Capitan Feminist or Thanos.
4/21 c27 1Randomguy0110100100110
*Sigh*So Roxas got pegged?
4/19 c61 1DanDrake
Good chapter though I do have to ask why can't they just use phoenix tears to heal Serafall and Fianna? I mean I understand that they are supposed to be rare but I'm pretty sure the largest hospital in the underworld would have some in stock for severe emergencies. And I'm sure two of the Satan's on death's door (one of which is a former member of the phenex clan) is considered a severe emergency.
4/18 c61 akilja95
I don't want to sound mean but Roxas is really unlikable. He's so arrogant and powerful that you just can't help but hate him. Everything he says comes across as a loser trying too hard to sound or look cool, but in the end just makes him look like a bigger loser. And the writing doesn't help him when every chance you get you try to make him look so cool. Women throw themselves at him, he can beat any enemy while making jokes, and he can have any girl he wants. He's discount Duke Nukem. This guy just beat the God of War and instead of making him tired he has to kiss Aphrodite and mock Ares' severed head. In short your OC is a dick douchebag.
4/18 c61 thechampionmike957
Ngl it's kind of weird seeing a god like Ares, who generally respected women and was fiercely loyal to Aphrodite, call her a bitch. I feel like for the most part it goes against who he was. Same as him ever attacking her. He feels so ooc in this story compared to how he actually should act.
4/14 c60 Guest
Next chapter, please?
4/3 c19 4Chronosign
Why not call Dark Pit 'Pitch'? You know, like pitch black.
3/31 c4 Lord Of Domination
this is amateur writing at best.

author is overusing words in a single paragraph.
and is using grammar wrong at some places...

for instance, at the beginning of this chapter the word "water" is HEAVILY overused.
2/18 c1 Guest
I was dragged here by rwg good damn story and hoping this is also a banger
2/17 c60 thechampionmike957
All I'm hoping is before the story is over Roxas gets with Chisato as well
2/17 c60 TheLedgend27
great chapter, loved the continued fights. can't wait for how you end this
2/14 c59 guest
when will you update this story i am anxious to know what happens next please update as soon as you can
1/23 c59 otherbarry6
I keep asking myself the same question you brought up few chapters back "when will Roxas bang Chisato?"
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