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for Nephalem of Gremory

10/25 c48 Starfighter2k
Well I am waiting for the next chapter... Great story! Keep up the good work.
10/25 c4 Mile De
10/25 c48 2phoebusss
Nice Chapter. After I read the Lemon Chapter, I got to thinking. What would happen if say, Venelana (WIFE of a Lord/Head of a Clan, High standing, etc) got pregnant from Roxas? I know it's difficult for Devils to get pregnant but it is by no means impossible.
Can't we for the next chapter
Keep up the good work
10/24 c34 Starfighter2k
This story just keeps getting better.. Keep going!
10/24 c26 DeathKnight
That scene with Ingvild got me, man. Right in the fucking heart.
10/24 c20 Starfighter2k
Very nice end to the arc! Sera finally gets her time as well as we get a proper view at what out villains are planning.. Gotta love it!
10/24 c10 Starfighter2k
This is going great... This fanfic definitely lives up to the title of an AU and the story is as good as it can be.. No glaring errors or anything similar.. Very nice and tidy.. Well done! Enjoying it very much
10/24 c6 Starfighter2k
Very nicely done till now.. Keep them coming !
10/24 c1 Starfighter2k
Very good start to the story.. It was ok since it was the first chapter but maybe a little more immersive of an experience would be better by which I meant to add more dialogue than summarize and gloss over details... The story looks that it has a lot of potential to exploit and if the Author's note was any indication then the Author knows where he wants to go with the story so I will like to wish him/her the best of luck... Looking forward to more chapters!
10/23 c48 Guest
Edelgrad is indeed best girl.
10/23 c48 Skull Flame
- Mordred is fighting Arthur? History repeats itself, truly.
10/23 c48 TheLedgend27
scathach better kick the shit out of cunt cunt. also hope shirone gets with roxas soon
10/23 c48 Guest
So I guess Arthur and his crew are double-agents?
10/23 c48 Uday Sra
10/22 c48 19Bladewolf101
Great chapter
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