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for Nephalem of Gremory

5/11 c4 JackyKaito
Okay so I noticed that you put in the brave saints a bit early. they were developed after the peace treaty in Kuoh where the three races joined technologies to create them
4/24 c54 arrons921
Awesome chapter dude
Damn Roxas soooo Lucky with the women in his life.
Keep up the good work dude
4/20 c54 Skull Flame
- Wait, if Saeko has Blade Blacksmith, what power does Jeanne have?
4/19 c54 Guest
Can't wait for the Rating Game!
4/19 c54 32TheRagFromTheCrag
Got another Lemon Slash Ice and Fire orgy: Yasaka and Fianna bring the heat, Lavinia and Esdeath bring the kink and Cold
4/19 c54 Uday Sra
4/18 c54 TheRagFromTheCrag
My father is a lot of things, I'm just grateful he ain't like Isane's. Good Chapter all round though
4/18 c54 Guest
Liked the fights at the start of the chapter. The lemon was pretty hot too. Can't wait for the Rating Game.
4/18 c54 TheLedgend27
MMMMM that lemon was so HOTTTTTTT

great chapter, hope roxas beats rudiger in the rating game
3/31 c4 TheRagFromTheCrag
hey slash the combined sword of Roxas's Excalibur and Clarent, Seems to me that the fusing should able to be temporarily undone. Like say, in trench Warfare? Got the idea from World of Warcraft Legion trailer.

Also kinda curious about Holy Demonic Swords, seems to me that Demonic Swords are Devil weapons, and Holy Swords those of Angels, yet Fallen Angels have no such weapon, nor do nephs, I'm thinking it's time to give the Grigori it's own protection.

Arondight springs to mind personally I find I get quite irritable when reading Ronin's stuff, since most of his stuff is a bash-fic of gross and epic proportions, but Fianna's great nevertheless
3/25 c53 RuvalPhenex112323
Please get Roxas to fuck Roygun
3/22 c53 aoichiearknights
You should totally add Chisato Hasegawa in this story. Not only is she hot but also a badass God.
3/22 c53 arrons921
Hi Dude
Awesome chapter dude
Keep up the good work
Repect to you dude
3/21 c53 Skull Flame
- So Ophis left the Khaos Brigade, and now she's stalking Roxas? Huh. Didn't thought that could happen.
3/20 c53 Guest
That Rating Game system seems kinda complicated, but if it works in practice, then it's fine.

Can't wait for Roxas vs. Rudiger
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