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for A Dragon's Passions

11/4/2020 c1 3RonaldM40196867
Interesting people.
2/21/2020 c1 Starlord Master
Nice stuff.

I like smut.
5/15/2019 c1 KumonJ
Wow, this was some smut!
Gabriel having a three way with two beautiful Npcs. This is the kind of material that Overlord is missing :-) Happy to see that the smut also served the purpose of having Gabriel carry on with his life, to let him live again. Although, I'll admit I chuckled when it said he felt "light" (of course he did, he lost a lot of liquids after all).
Also I found myself chuckling at Addison-Rei, cause Addison is a very serious disease, and now I find myself imagining that her name is actually Rei, and people call her Addison-Rei cause she got the disease XD
Dumb jokes asides, this was great! Very well done!
6/20/2018 c1 12Dimension Distorter
A shame there aren't too many Overlord lemons to compare this too. Because if there was, I'd say that this is most definitely the best! This was posted forever ago and just now do I decide to review it, lol. Just decided that it'd be best to get it out the way while it was still in my line of sight and I'm definitely not disappointed with it either. Great work for a first lemon!
5/21/2018 c1 Varcisis
i shall be using "*" to show of particular words or phrases that i feel do not fit properly or that may have problems.

"mina was completely bare for the cool air of the room , which did well in caressing the *warmth* of her soft,smooth skin,which had a bright *fare* and glisteningly healthy complexion.
so... the cool air caresses the heat escaping her body & not her skin itself? :P
i also believe that you mean fair rather than fare.
"A satisfied smile decorated her beautiful, yet cute expression"
this just seems not to flow quite right... perhaps beautifully cute expression rather than "beautiful, yet cute"?
"she stretched out her relaxed limbs" uhm...? how dose one stretch relaxed? it dose not seem... plausible... but perhaps its just me?.

"they both chuckle as their *soft smooth bodies* press against each other in a embrace"
this just dose not seem to flow to me... perhaps "they both chuckle as they press against each other, their smooth skin pressing softly against each other"? but that seems to alter the meaning ever so slightly... hm...

im getting kinda tired for some reason... maybe its the thought iv got to work tomorrow :( lol anyways ill leave it at that for now & if i have more to add i can put it in a pm (if you still want more? lol its a bit of work on my part).
5/17/2018 c1 DinoZilla
It just me or someone turn up the heat? If Gabriel ever told Ainz about this, he's gonna cry in jeolusy because he's missing a ''boner''. And I hope next chapter it be Ericah's turned.
5/17/2018 c1 Fanboy 316
After reading this fantastic side story, I felt a disturbance in the force. (Looking down at my lower body area;) Anyways fantastic threesome between Gabriel, Addison and Mimi and I couldn't for chapter 2 and your other story! By the way, I'm wondering if you gonna include Tamura, Dr. Tanos or the Floor Guardians in this erotic side story of yours? Anyways thanks again.
5/16/2018 c1 Totong
Whoa! What a fantastic first chapter. I wonder if you read many erotic novels or hentai mangas to inspire some of the the love scenes between Gabe & the two NPC nurses. Anyways amazing chapter as always & see next time. Onwards true believer, excelsior!
5/15/2018 c1 27pta917
That was intense. Not a bad way to star this new series.

Can't wait to see what you come up with for the 2nd chapter.
5/14/2018 c1 8UndeadLord22
Favking hell, did NOT expect for tha scene to be this f**king detailed
5/14/2018 c1 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
I do believe this is what's called 'Ménage de Twin'

According to one of my coworkers the Greek gave us anal sex while the French gave us threesomes.

To say the least when I imagined Mina I didn't imagine her to be of average height. I expected her to be on the short side but eh that's just me.

It was a good chapter, I just wonder who's going to be in the next chapter? ;)

Good Story Basket
5/13/2018 c1 RagingCajun
5/13/2018 c1 pwashington
And that wasn't even his true power:)
5/13/2018 c1 Guest0
holy sh*t! that was hot! not as good as good old ruff pusher, but damn your close! MOAR!

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