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for Diamond Earrings - A Steve Harrington-Veronica Lodge fan fic

7/15/2018 c5 1jesus
Good job
7/15/2018 c3 1jesus
5/29/2018 c2 1jesus
This story is really good. Can you also do Death Note (Netflix) x Riverdale too?

You could say that Light Turner lives in Riverdale with his dad who is a cop and goes to the Riverdale Highschool and when he was there he had some friends like Archie and Jughead and when he went outside he found a death note and he will meet Ryuk the same way they did in the movie. Ryuk told him what he can do with it and there are criminals and murderers in Riverdale so he wants to use it against them. He will also fall in love with Veronica. (This can follow season 1 or the movie). While Light was using the death note most criminals in Riverdale and around the world has been killed and he uses the name KIRA as the savior of the innocents and his friends were figuring out what’s going on and why the criminals are dying and who is Kira. Later on L from the Death Note movie and found out that Kira is in Riverdale so he will go there and help the police hunt him down. Light and Veronica will start going on dates and getting to know each other but will he tell her and his friends that he’s Kira and he’s the one killing criminals with a death note. And when L arrives Light will have the biggest challenge of his life to find out his real name before L catches him.
Pair: Light X Veronica

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