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for Life Choices Challenges and Changes Book 2 Omnia Paratus

4/6 c73 LissaP
I love this story dearly and would like to continue reading. Unfortunately, I am unable to find it on Wattpad. Please, help me. Thank you!
2/25 c3 9Tametiger
I really enjoyed this chapter
2/11 c54 Susan
If the Morgan's are Catholic, why didn't a priest officiate their wedding, instead of a Rev in Stars Hollow?
11/24/2020 c64 Susan
Great read, but a few details: what about head injury, bloody arm - diagnosed, treated? Dehydration caused cramping..this was not explained to visitors..& what about a visitor jumping up & saying he wanted to do accupuncture...before consulting doc?
11/8/2020 c73 54nightnovice
I am sorry to see you go, sadly I won't follow as the ads on that site are too intrusive.
11/5/2020 c72 52shari
Lots of liven going on just as it should be. Such a lovely group making a perfect family but DNA and friendship
11/2/2020 c73 leirose64
Hi how do I find you on Wattpad. I tried your username and can’t find you
10/19/2020 c72 7piraaja
Wow. Loving this. Finn is amazing. Great writing. Almost makes my ovaries ache.
9/21/2020 c1 Susan
Great read! I am a true Rogan, but in your story I came to love Rory & Finn. I hope you have Part 3.
8/24/2020 c72 munzke11
As usual, I loved it! I’m so jealous of their honeymoon! Ha! I wanna go! Seriously Logan is a POS. So glad she ended up with Finn instead of him. He didn’t deserve her.
8/20/2020 c72 Sara1287
Good, plz more soon
6/23/2020 c69 1lorelaidanesgilmore
Pls update! This story is soooooooooooo good! We need more! Lol
5/24/2020 c69 munzke11
Great chapters. I can’t wait to read the next part!
4/7/2020 c64 rayah.you.complete.me.ss
I love that Jess just pops up like “you know what helps? ACUPUNCTURE”
4/1/2020 c69 LissaP
This story is simply fantastic! I love your character development. More please!
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