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for The Rise of the One True Potter

10/23 c2 Guest
Yet another clueless teenage boy-author who's watched too much porn, and who thinks girls are going to faint with desire when they see a giant penis that would kill them, if it was actually put inside them!

How tiresome! How idiotic!
9/3 c6 22ReaperOfBalance
So many people to meet, women to tame, and carefulness to not impregnate anyone yet. Eventually though, it will become nearly unavoidable especially if a Succubus makes herself fertile after he’s already started cumming
5/22 c2 Guest
Please write more its an awesome story!
5/6 c1 1Ninja65
Can you please stop focusing on his giant dragon snock id rather not read that every five seconds , thats my only gripe I'm enjoying everything else so far
4/3 c5 Re Lovely Lover
1) The walking on knees bit really threw off everything during the first half of the chapter. Just in general.

Then there how damned painful that would be, how slow she would be, how shes even seeing up Hermiones dress from being on her knees which would make Narcissa have to be a midget, crawling next to her or the dress simply didnt pass her waist so everyone could see it.

2) I'm a bit lost on alternates and equals of Arthur himself, the original king and near beginning of the bloodline themselves submitting themselves to a descendant of their alternate selves.

If not for being from an alternate dimension being the excuse then they would supercede him in authority being an alternate of Arthur and then of course Authurs daughter in Mordreds case.

3) Making Saizo pasz out from lack of air was enough punishment for all that vile bullshit?

Narcissa is to forever walk on her knees which should be leaving them a bloody damaged mess in short order when around him. When hes only really pissed at her shitty husband and son. But all that crap he pulled, said, and meant and Saizo is off Scott free with passing out?

That's a big wtf for me.

4) Lucius detests muggles completely and utterly as unworthy of his presence but he still rapes a mother and her daughters? There was no need for that. If anything he would just kill them and take the house for a time. I dont see the point in that crap.

5) Well now comes the questions of what comes next and what Ares is up to and will be giving to Tom as support.
4/3 c4 Re Lovely Lover
So hes lying to her and saying dreams.

Unless it was typos, Dumbledore told Harry he should go ahead and tell Hermione and Harry indicated he would tell her the truth. So why is he lying?

That stuff with Artemis is ridiculous to me. Even if you dont have the man hater stuff and ignore her being one of the 3 virgin goddesses suddenly very willing to be slutty and act like this out of nowhere. You also have her happily suggesting being dog collared as well to show her ownership for some reason. Personally the lightning bolt pubic strip was off putting to me. Just ny opinion for what little that's worth though.

It was brought up to Harry to go see Ms Malfoy and handle the situation with her and her 2 sisters to have them all on his side before the trial. So far the jackass father has gone into hiding so that's put off but I'm still wondering when he intends to meet her.

After all it was said all their funds have been frozen. Which means they have zero money for anything but hes now going off on a field trip while they I guess sell belongings to afford food or anything else?

Seems like he should get to it soon or risk negativity building up as shes faced with the shitty situation. A bit of time is obviously fine with it being her husband's doing but I think it shouldnt be held off too long.

Now we've got the dragons lust thing, the next is possessiveness. Will he be the type of dragon to sleep around and not care? Or the type to be territorial about his claims?

I was expecting him to do something like tell Poppy to make sure to put spells up for privacy and warning and make the med room his hook up spot at night.

Where he can bring Hermoine, Luna, meet Poppy for a romp and have some item that acts like a pager to let Mcgonagall know that if shes interested to head over and join in.

Also the huntresses now that they're a thing.

Hope my wordings not too rough. Barely awake and dont mean to be mean on anything. Never good that reading ones words doesnt have the emotion or emotives behind them which can give a false and often negative impression when not intended.
4/3 c1 Re Lovely Lover
I'm not going to lie. This is very interesting. One sad note is that they're all still dead, it's just another chance with alternate versions.

Another weird thing, at least to me. Is that the goddesses choose his 3rd year as the targeted time. Why pick a time so close to the demons arrival? Why not time to expand his strength? Give others a time to prep a force together? Stock up on weapons, enchanted ammunition? Possibly bringing in regular military?

3rd year isnt much time to prepare for an all out war that did so much damage the first time 19 years in the future.

Ah and I call bullshit on nukes not being effective. That's too many types of massive damage in one method for none of it to work. Just saying. That's just too much to believe.

Wonder how this will go.
3/6 c5 Robert77833
Do you plan to continue this story? I hope so!
12/7/2020 c5 Dragonman110
Update this sweet story soon as your able please.
10/15/2020 c5 dheathking4821
Will this continue ? Brosky
9/4/2020 c5 22ReaperOfBalance
You realize DD aren’t all that big right? There are EE all the way to MM cups that are real (As in women in real life have them without breast augmentation) and not part of a hentai or such thing.

Rias is canonically an E cup for the record (yes I’m serious, they made her tit size canon)

How come Harry didn’t react to Moka’s name since Aphrodite turned into her?

Have you considered adding Sekirei into this?
9/2/2020 c4 ReaperOfBalance
Uh, Harry is 13 so why is Rita saying he’s 11?

Heh, hope Petunia and Molly will be slaves
8/30/2020 c3 ReaperOfBalance
That’s one goddess down, still a half dozen (at least) to go
8/29/2020 c2 ReaperOfBalance
If Harry couldn’t kill Ares, then he couldn’t be a worthy opponent.
8/19/2020 c1 ReaperOfBalance
This is kind of sounding like a Harry Potter version of “Edge of Tomorrow”
Emma Granger, not Elaine

Took years to be prepared for the Daemons, now he’s got a little over a year, no pressure
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