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5/16 c1 lexia the beautiful wolf
please continue this is such a amazing story! there's no other with this great pairing
12/26/2020 c15 Vinny13
Please update this is stupid good!
11/9/2020 c15 lexia the beautiful wolf
I hadn't realised this was update i hope u comtinue it, its a great story and there's no hermione x gladio pairings
10/20/2020 c1 Vinny13
Please continue this. It is sooooooo good!
10/7/2020 c15 Emily
Please for the love of god continue this! This is seriously the best crossover I have ever read it can’t just end with Gladio angry at his gf. I love that everyone thinks she’s noctices sister.
10/3/2020 c15 17karine.snake
Love this story. Hope to read more eventually. I hope that you didn't give up on this story.
5/20/2020 c15 zombiekins5948
I can’t wait for more. I hope Hermione gets stronger or powerful. Hermione should never tell them the truth about her. I like the mysterious with her
2/10/2020 c15 1cheyeneb
I love this story! I just had to read it again. I know it's almost been a year, but I'm always hopeful for new updates!
4/23/2019 c15 18Nanyin
fantastic story! want more!
4/20/2019 c15 MakiFox
So good! I would love to read more. Thanks for the gift!
4/19/2019 c15 5shigeka
I didn't expect to love this as much as I do omg. This was so good I don't understand why the review count is so low. I read the first 2 chapters a long time ago but it confused me so I left there, but last night I tried reading this again and I am so glad I did.

You integrated Hermione into the plot so well. She's a bit too OP for my liking at first, but when I think about what Regis could do I guess she's kinda believable. The romance with Gladio happened a bit too fast and imo a bit forced in the beginning, but it really grew on me. He's really sweet to Hermione and I especially love it when he helped her in the bathroom scene. I also love how protective the chocobros are of her. Everyone's misunderstanding about her being Noct's sister is adorable.

Draco being here makes me anxious though because love triangle is not my favorite thing, but you write him so good. Poor him, the first one he saw when he arrived was a Nif. I hope the chocobrossis could save him soon. Also, Aranea being super gay for Hermione is cute! Flirty but not forceful, I love it.

I will wait patiently until the next update. Thank you so much for writing this!
4/12/2019 c15 112Scififan33
Poor Draco! So much for being sent to Hermione. Can't wait to see Hermione's reaction when she finds out they think she's Noctis' sister. how will they react when she denies it? How can she access Crystal style magic? Interesting story.
3/24/2019 c14 Guest
This is a crossover I honestly never expected to see, but as a fan of both fandoms I absolutely love it! The character interactions are well done and it doesn’t feel like I’m reading a rehash of either series which I appreciate. Overall this is a brilliantly written story and I can’t wait for the next update (and the eventual reveal of Hermione’s history)!
3/16/2019 c14 JRock
This is my first HP & FF crossover. I’m so glad I read the first chapter as now I’m completely hooked. I’m excited to read how the group dynamics will change once Draco is added to the mix. Looking forward to the next chapter. :-)
3/12/2019 c14 Guest
I really love this! Btw, everytime Hermione And Highwind have interaction I get super excited! Lol.
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