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for Highschool Of The Dead: Self Insert

11/20 c9 reptoholic
Has so much potential
11/20 c8 reptoholic
11/20 c7 reptoholic
Kill him
11/20 c6 reptoholic
Awesome speach
11/20 c5 reptoholic
11/20 c4 reptoholic
Get rid of helaready and get some
11/20 c3 reptoholic
11/20 c2 reptoholic
intersting change.
11/20 c1 reptoholic
awesome! I do hope he gets a harem!
9/17 c9 17Just an IsekaI writer
what a chad... sniff..
9/1 c1 Eins minus zwei
all this multi national nonsense is cringe...
8/21 c9 Blackholelord
So, when are you getting to the plot of the series? I have seen stories like this, building up in the background so much, it become more of a job than something for fun. As you are thinking how you will aimed the story next for the next originality until the main plot happens.

Also I got to ask any idea as to how to end the story. As the anime series is quite dead with the creator being reported being dead, and who was helping stopped in the aftermath.

You can use various ideas from zombie style films. For something that would fit into Highschool of the Dead, well I can think only a few there is World War Z. That offers the better ending of the whole zombie plot as everything else is doom to die, and it would be hard to insert that plot into the storyline. Also in Japanese education system, English is taught in their schools, I believe around their time in high school.

There is the Walking Dead, would be harder to insert the story plot. One being in the USA for starters and then the zombie plague, how anyone who dies will rise as a zombie, which means this would never ends (the series is based on comics and the lead character Rick is a grandfather age and yet the undead threat is not gone). If you pull this off, you can insert the group to head to the USA than remain in Japan. In terms of zombie outbreak countries, Japan is one of the worst spots to be at, the first is the gun control, and thus unless you going to go sword combat constantly, as weapons are located in three groups the police, the crime element and the military.

Resident Evil films. That plot actually takes Alice to Tokyo, Japan. Alice could easily encounter the group, and travel to the USA with Alice. This offer many plot ideas that you can use, and in the final film there is T-Virus Cure, when release the world is purge of these undead bioweapons, but that would take time. Also the Resident Evil films offer the best reason why the zombie outbreak happen all at once around the world, beside Walking Dead.

There are other zombie films that can serve as plot ideas for your story, but overall you need to think how would you end this.
7/12 c3 Guest
Bruh whyd you get sentimental on a rabit? I get getting sentimental on a dog or cat or whatever but i just see rabits as food lol
7/12 c2 Guest

Everyone would think your a stupid brute now

which would be weird since you would think they would see how smart mc is if you ignore his physical feats
7/12 c2 Guest
Fighting is good and all but what you need is an island or a bunker


basically you need a small well defended city
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