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4/13 c35 BlackfoxNinja
ok I have reread all current chapters posted . So is evergreen dead or was that a miss label of a character? as pointedly said "not it" when figuring out Erza's condition.
3/19 c23 Guest
and Gildarts helped ranma lift that mountain weighted anima crystal?

with an arm and a leg missing?

thats like less than half his muscle power

hes probably using ki too
1/28 c35 Guest
Can someone please make a TV Tropes page for this fanfic.
1/29 c35 9K. M. Donovan
took me a while, like a year and a half, but i finally caught up to the final chapter.

kept getting distracted.

i STILL have not finished Third Path to the Future, but it is on the list. this time i did not lose my spot, so there is no need to restart from the beginning again.

love the fic overall, and i eagerly await the next chapters.

and as always

thank you for your time.
1/26 c18 K. M. Donovan
ah, Girl Genius. nice choice. it is an awesome series, and one of my all time favorite webcomics. especially considering it is STILL RUNNING!

you should look into doing a Ranma or Harry potter crossover with the series. i foresee much shenanigans and chaos... GLORIOUS CHAOS!

only caveat. if you do such a crossover, then i strongly reccomend that the protagonist of your choice (Harry or Ranma) be a Spark. either becoming one as a result of their entry into the Girl Genius universe, or through some kind of cosmic, mad science induced shenanigans.

but, if you go the route of them BECOMING a spark artificially? it should be accidental, impossible to reproduce, and the cause of everyone and their dog wanting to get their hands on them to figure out how to replicate the process.

now, personally, i would NOT make them in any way connected to the Heterodynes. Agatha has that angle well and truly covered. but a powerful Spark who is on PAR with a Heterodyne, and just as mad? by all means.

hell, have them Ascend at some point. obviously not for a LONG time into the fic, ascended sparks being nearly godlike means that you do not want to go that route too early. the power increase has to make sense from a narrative standpoint.

personally i would go the harry potter route with that idea. especially if you make him a spark. Ranma... is a bit too much of a meathead for it to work well in my mind.

Harry... he has magic, that requires intelligence and rational thinking. plus the ability to thick outside the box. add being a spark into the mix? and let the chaos flow.

final note. if you go with harry, do NOT strip him of his magic. make it work with the tech. hell, i have this idea in my head of him creating a pair of magic fueled pistols that fire energy rounds.

or even a pair of gauntlets that do the same thing.

the possibility's are endless. but sadly amongst the fanfiction community, Girl genius is not as well known, so the pickings are pretty slim for fanfiction. especially crossovers.

and as always

thank you for your time.
12/18/2023 c3 1GideonBlackthorn
You magnificent bastard, rangers apprentice for the win!
12/7/2023 c26 2Malchior
So in canon, Mest was a Fairy Tail member that worked with Makarov to mind wipe the guild into forgetting about him so he could insert himself into the magic council and spy on them. You say this doesn't pass your sanity check... okay.

So instead, you find it more believable that Mest was able to mindwipe the entire guild, *including* Makarov, Guildarts, and Laxus, on top of mind wiping Ranma, Wendy, and Seilah, without any of them knowing, finding out about it, or fighting off the magic... all on his own?

I just don't buy it. In canon, Mest was able to affect a single powerful person, like Brandish, for a moment. Long enough for her to act on the impulse and attack August, but it very quickly fails afterward. Mest being able to fool Fairy Tail with Makarov's help is far more believable, especially since they wouldn't even really need to fool Guildarts because it would be easy to explain that Mest joined the guild during the years Guildarts was gone on his 100 year quest.

Instead, you have Mest having enough magic power to overhwlem every member of Fairy Tail and its allies. Not only that, Mest had to be able to sneak up on someone like Ranma and modify his memories without being detected as well.

This is just unbelievable to me. It literally makes Mest one of the most dangerous people alive if true. Ranma was able to take out the guy who becomes the assassin of the Alvarez Empire when Ranma was just a boy. There is no way Mest is sneaking up on Ranma, and no way Mest is mind wiping the entire guild on his own. And not for such a long period of time either.

I'm sure you address it later, but because you made Mest an actual spy for the magic council, then that means the secret of Seilah still being alive is out and the council knows about it. Not that it matters too much because Tartarus has been destroyed, but it still means that particular secret is no longer hidden.

Also, I would like to add that the Wizard Saints did not measure up here as well as one would hope. In canon, Natsu was able to take out Jackal, and since Jackal did a number on Wolfy boy, would that not mean Natsu is comparable to him? Also, Ranma easily ripped apart Tarafuzar who. in this story, was the second strongest member of Tartarus. So the fact that the Wizard Saints struggled so much against the Demons means they are far, far weaker than Ranma, the Demons managed to get a massive power up somehow. or a mistake was made.

Personally, I'm more of the opinion the Saints aren't as strong as they think. Serena, at least, is supposed to be immune to his elements as a dragon slayer, which means it's possible Serena never bothered to master his magic. Possibly, hes having a similar problem to Ranma with all of the different dragon slayer elements conflicting and negating a lot of the defensive abilities of the magic.
12/3/2023 c23 Malchior
The beauty pageant jn this chapter was... bad. The mentality behind it says nothing good about the people engaged in it.

You have a destroyed city with hundreds or even thousands of people crushed to death by rubble and buried alive in the ruins, and the girls think, "Man, now would be a good time to dress in skimpy clothes and seduce Ranma. Nothing says sexy like the splattered organs and entrails of children murdered by a mad king."

Like, in that situation, it doesn't matter if the girls come at him in negligee, the work Ranma was doing, that they were all doing, is so grotesque and morbid they are not going to be capable of thinking horny thoughts, let alone act on them. It's incredibly jarring and tone deaf. I really cannot fathom why you thought it fit that particular scene. It's absurd.
10/25/2023 c2 sadarsa
Well, i assume you couldn't find any lore on orcs in Fairy Tail and just decided to come up with something new. It's an interesting take for sure.

Anyways, so that you know, Orcs in Fairy Tail are basically green humans. They're large green humanoids who are stronger physically than humans. Their green skin is because they've got copper in their blood instead of iron. They have a much smaller population of mages than humans do, however, bu they do have them.
10/19/2023 c34 Cat Sage
didn't evergreen get killed off?
10/18/2023 c35 2Mr. Haziq
Aw... no giant form for Jenny...

A city in the middle of nowhere...
10/11/2023 c35 blazevoir
Just a reminder, you seem to have accidentally revived someone that you had previously killed, and you changed Ranma's name from Saotome to Oceana
10/9/2023 c12 Darkness of Tartarus
huh, typo. when seilah is reporting to mard geer, she says master Hades
10/1/2023 c30 shadow3482
Great chapter the only thing I'm still confused about is whether Evergreen is alive or dead because she has been mentioned twice now about Erza pregnancy with Catherine but she is also listed as one of the casualties in the fight with Acnologia.
10/1/2023 c35 4Okaze
It's gonna be hilarious to see Ranma running from a furious Erza when they get back. Curious to see the growth that they've all gone through in the next chapter. I wonder if Gajeel was able to use that antimagic metal.
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