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1/23 c1 2Sir Anger
Saying his/her is annoying just say their or pick one
1/23 c2 Sir Anger
The grammar errors are many in the first paragraph... they’re so obvious too you need grammarly and new betas because Jesus...
1/22 c8 7Crazybuu
Honestly, I'm going to stop here. The whole Ranma making stupid mistakes like "oh no, his opponent has breasts what should I do!" shit that allowed the demon get away shouldn't have happened even if he has a libido.

And it feels like you're sandbagging Ranma a lot lately when he should be way stronger by now.

It's like you went, "Oh no, I made Ranma a mary sue setting up his character! I better make chapter 7 follow canon and make Ranma continue to make mistakes to let opponents get away to forcibly set things up later on!"

Instead of an obvious organic conclusion of him just straight up ending fights at this point.
1/3 c19 Raiju001
I like your characters in this story, it is nice to see just about everyone behaving like adults in most cases. And yet they still have the Fairy Tail guild vibe by getting into fights at the drop of a pin! Keeps true to their original characters! Thank you for the story!
1/3 c19 2Mr. Haziq
I've tried rabbit once. Ironically, it DOES taste a bit like chicken. Though that could just be the spices...

Ranma's Ki techniques will be usefull in Edolas.

Hm... well, that's another girl off. Can't really say I'm dissapointed. After all, there's still Jenny, Erza and Seilah.

Dang. Things are shaking up for Jenny.

Is Juvia attracted to both Gray and Ranma? Or is it just Ranma now?

You got a friend in me~!

Now we start the new arc!
1/1 c19 WindbornesWord
Fun chapter, so Jenny and Erza are the ships at the moment, with Seilah being a possibility. Personally I don’t see Wendy going for any guy except Ranma, but she could always just go for a girl instead like Lucy has. I’ll admit it’d be fun to see Wendy blindsiding Ranma by falling in love with him.
1/1 c19 9Dragon Man 180
Poor Ranma, ending up in the land of talking cats is NOT going to be fun for him! I can’t wait to see if there is an otherworldly version of Ranma so we could possibly see a Ranma vs Ranma fight!

Poor Jenny, I can’t wait to see what she decides to do with her life now that she’s no longer modeling.
1/1 c19 8Dumbledork
Very nice. A good, long chapter to keep me occupied. I really enjoyed it.
12/31/2020 c19 Battlesny
maybe he's actually a Cloud dragon slayer disguised as a water dragon slayer. or given his propensity for tornadoes and the like, a Storm of Weather dragon slayer.

I thought slavery was outlawed in Fiore!? isn't that what Toma is doing to Ultear?

will losing her sister so long ago have made nice Edo-Mira turn out just like Earthland Mira the same way that canon Earthland Mira losing her sister turned her from violent punk Mira into the same person as canon Edo-Mira?
12/31/2020 c19 2Death of Snipers
I still find myself concerned with ranmas increasing strength rate. While the room to grow was established early, seeing that he was previously capable of taking on the combined efforts of 2 dark guilds alone, and then without effort destroy 2 demons of Tartarus, his new power up makes me further worried for what may actually present a threat.

In the Star Wars series, it makes sense that armies are what’s needed to stop him, as that’s a comparatively low power world, and I imagine the mass effect story will be similar

But the dxd and vandeis stories both made it seem you had a good level of skill in balancing ranma against proportionate threats. As had your earlier HotD work.

The rest of the story is still incredibly fun, and I’m enjoying reading it, I simply wonder why you’ve chosen to make him so overpowering here, especially as much of what you gave him was entirely by choice, rather than comparing him to the world as both were originally. It seems odd considering your usual approach to crossovers I must admit.

With that said, the relationship is all fun, in how it’s slow burn but not crawling, seeing gildarts with someone of comparable power is interesting, and I’m curious how Edolas will cope with ranma and his martial arts
12/31/2020 c19 Blaze1992
Oh this will not end well, the plot of this arc is going to trigger ranma so bad.
12/31/2020 c19 4Beserkians fury
I have honestly never read a story where Bisca and Alzack didn't get together, and was hoping yours would be the first. Looks like I was mistaken.
12/31/2020 c19 Tribernator
I think my favorite part is, I have no idea of what happens in fairy tail. So all of this is as big a mystery to me as it is to the characters. The part im most curious about is getting to see a serious ranma fight again so we have an accurate measurement of just how absurd he is now. For example, his ki. Is he now able to do things like he did to phantom lord all the time? Will his ki further empower his dragon/demon slayer abilities? Where does he rank on the big powers list in this setting now that his abilities arent fighting each other? As more of a future speculation, just how much further will he be able to go? I mean, he has centuries, assuming he doesnt get killed, in order to further increase his ki, his magic, and his skill in using both. Assuming he doesnt hit some sort of strange roof on his ability to improve, which kinda goes against everything his character stands for. Is that big scary gildarts crippling dragon the end boss for this setting?
12/28/2020 c18 AnimeFan13579
Ahh Erza hobby involving dirty books is brought up and of course Seilah finds out about the millions upon millions of books she won't have the opportunity to read. Next chapter will likely be amusing and Erza finding out more about her mother "Ancestor".
12/27/2020 c18 Raiju001
Thank you for the story! Also the nod to Girl Genius was great! I need to get back to that story as I stopped reading when I had to go on deployment a while ago.
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