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3/2 c1 AverageJoeker
This fic is already off to a good start! I especially liked this personal insight into Midoriya’s opinions on being quirkless and Kacchan bullying him, “It wasn't that he wasn't trying hard enough. It wasn't that he put in no effort to make his days better. No one would let him make his days better. Namely, Kacchan wouldn't let him better his days.” I like it. It really sets the mood for the rest of the story.

This part was the realest thing about this fic so far, “No one believed in his dream. Not his classmates. Not his teachers. Not his peers. Not other heroes. Not All-Might. Not his mother. Maybe he didn't either.” It’s true. In canon, nobody gave a shit about him and his dreams till he had a quirk. That’s why this story is so damn interesting. I like that you’re using Metal Bat instead of the usual Midoriya is powerful like Saitama ones. Especially because Midoriya stays quirkless here.

Overall, really interesting concept for a story. I can’t wait to read more!
2/26 c15 78erica.phoenix16
I like this story. Keep it up! :)
2/19 c15 1AruAzifu
this must be the first time I've ever seen Community reference in ff Good work arthur san
2/12 c4 Fool's Joke
The transition where Izuku states his reason for becoming a hero is rather disorienting without a divider. Other than that, cool beans yo.
2/7 c15 whytf
Thank you for updating, I love you and I appreciate your work.
2/4 c15 Ramlin
There's a lot if complaints in the reviews, but this is a acceptable outcome, if I must say. No one has faced expulsion in canon-even the kids Aizawa did came back soon after they we're proven worthy. And while Bakugo is an aggressive delinquent, the manga portrays his mental growth while still maintaining his personality, even risking his life for his friend. I do not approve of his actions of the past, but he's still a teenager, and school is where you learn to be a better person. So warning him by temporary expulsion is a reasonable punishment, considering it's a hard blow on his ego and his processes to his dream, makimg him rethink his choices.

Overall, well done.
1/29 c15 snow in the darkness
Typical Aizawa, always saying rational or irrational, while he himself is the most irrational. Compare to canon this Bakugo consequence is almost tear me up, the dude practically got only "Bakugo you talented, so don't sulk like a child about your loss" for almost shooting an comparable to anti tank rocket point blank on his classmate. There is a reason why i stop watching bnha after season 3
1/28 c5 Crainium9
Holy shit this chapter was stupid
1/25 c15 Yami-Guy
I cant put my finger on it but i cannot accept how the situation with Bakugou was handled. Its too nice, fluffy, and all around too convenient. Katsuki's behavior towards Izuku has never been anything but antagonistic, bullying, degrading, and humiliating. In canon he told him to commit freaking suicide, so no I cant accept that. Tough love? Concern? That's nothing but either an excuse or an observation of someone woefully naive and I cant come up with a reason for its use outside of the plot. Which actually just makes it worse.

Still loving this story though, cant wait for further updates.
1/25 c15 2ProjectIceman
You have been chosen as tribute, Izuku. You cannot avoid the Hunger Games LOL
1/24 c13 ProjectIceman
1/24 c12 ProjectIceman
Izuku is sounding like his body is similar to Garou when it comes to adapting to pain, shrugging it off at times. And even the Recovery Kiss that should drain his stamina doesnt make him tired.

What in the world is his body made of?
1/23 c11 ProjectIceman
Yikes thats far. Thats about the equivalent of 6-7 short home runs iirc. Interesting how Izuku is pretty much made to use a bat.
1/23 c10 ProjectIceman
This. This was a beefy. filling, and satisfying chapter! Great job! Izukus rage on the 0 pointer...I felt that.
1/22 c8 ProjectIceman
Woo. What a chapter. High emotions all around. And the culmination of Izukus training when he releases the chains
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