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10/31 c28 Guest
10/29 c6 Guest
Is Hunter a false name or is Garou a different part of his name. Or a different person?
10/29 c5 Guest
9/23 c28 Kdislh
Una gran historia
9/11 c5 1Firesparq
I think this story has potential, but I think it really needs a grammar review. The change in tense is jarring
8/28 c28 GgeorGge
Bro, where's the rest?! Come on, we are waiting for your grand return
8/27 c28 Simeon Harvey
I'm sad that the story ended, was extremely well written. wish there was more
8/2 c28 6Alpenwolf
Of course this hero and quirk obsessed country/world cant let it stand that someone without a quirk would win that contest. Bah. But getting to see how Endeavor and some other Heroes would stand against the people and silently telling them to shut up was nice.
6/28 c28 Timeman
Dont let it end i love this sht
6/20 c28 Heyomen
Can’t wait for the next update
6/18 c28 Guest
Your characterization of Izuku needs work. This is not bad, but it kind of feels like you mixed some of Bakugo into Izuku if that makes sense. I can see some of the changes you've made make sense, but the casual swearing just seems out of character. I can't see Izuku changing so drastically from what you have written. The anger makes sense, but not the way you have made Izuku express it. If his power has a aspect that is like a super adrenaline spike then that would still only go so far. Part of me wonders if you are trying morph Izuku into Metal Bat but to my knowledge the OPM character does not act much like this.
6/6 c1 Guest
lets hope the changes you made in this fanfiction arent garbage ideas
5/22 c28 whytf
where are u bro, I miss u
5/16 c28 89erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
5/1 c10 Guest
Here goes Toshinori being a fucking idiot making things difficult for no reason at all. As you can see this is my favorite trope.
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