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for Solaris, the Solar God

10/26 c32 adityasay01
I love your work please keep up the good work
10/24 c8 aymenadeeb81
So he can absorb more solar radiation and stored it in his cells and not die like in all star superman the movie
10/24 c7 aymenadeeb81
Guys listen Even if kryptonians or half Kryptonians They absorb solar radiation the closer they are to the source there is no such thing as absorbing less solar radiation the difference between Cado and superman Is that his cells Are much much more stronger than him because of his saiyan cells Merging with the kryptonian cells and ki and the more he trains the stronger his cells gets
10/17 c32 OddityMan
Just to get your Idea box flowing

Just a few recommendations given how you like epic battlemania stories
10/16 c2 6FractiousDay
What a dumb beginning. Why not just get a ship and go with him? What’s the issue? There’s 2 families wanting to do it. Also why not go with Zod? Even if they disagree about some issues they know the alternative is destruction.
10/16 c10 aymenadeeb81
I have so many unanswered QUESTIONS And now I have a new question is it true cado absorb less solar radiation than Superman because he is a hybrid that is bullshit Batman Theorised That superman son who is a kryptonian and human hybrid will be stronger than him when he is grown-up and he doesn’t train at all
10/14 c6 aymenadeeb81
Which DC universe is this is this is the man of steel universe Or another
10/12 c25 demzerff1
It would be nice to see gohan become a mix of cado and goku.
Not just focusing on studies but also still having a kind heart while knowing to end a fight if need be.
He strikes me as a bit of a counterbalance to the usual goku sparing everyone thing in this idea haha.
10/11 c21 demzerff1
This might be one of the better chapters because you didn't turn Andy into a total dumbass against his character.
He didn't swear to avenge his suffering for all his life or act like Mai was brainwashed.
Which is great.
He basically acted like a normal guy and at the end realized how fucking stupid he was while acknowledging that some things can't just be fixed.
10/11 c18 demzerff1
Speaking of superman...wonderwoman probably won't join the league if she encounters the mc first right?
She is actually very similar in beliefs to him and she isn't afraid of killing not to mention like the gods among us timeline it shows she can easily justify some pretty dangerous ideas if it means bringing peace and the mc has the right character to entice her into using more permanent means of villain fighting.
10/11 c12 demzerff1
That ending makes me happy.
It's good to see that all of this fighting and the near death experience helped him realize that pure strength truly isn't everything.
10/11 c11 demzerff1
I would have figured he would learn a bit about magic just to understand it better.
No magic attacks but maybe things like minor creation for infinite wardrobe changes or learning how to make restraints like Kami does so he can train even harder.
10/8 c32 Guest
Can you pls update celestial ascension. I just finished it and its a wonderful story just like this one great work man
10/8 c1 aymenadeeb81
Look if you want to give kado a son Then let him have it with wonder woman because saiyan Likes beautiful brave strong women so that make totally sense so please don’t make him with another character like BULMA
10/8 c4 aymenadeeb81
Take my advice if you want kado to have a son then you should have one with wonder woman because saiyans Likes beautiful brave strong women so that makes sense
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