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1/4 c27 WhiteyWolf26
No worries! Any chapter is welcome! So, glad to see you're back and I'm looking forward to read more! :) Happy New Year!
9/23/2020 c26 1buterflypuss
good chap
9/23/2020 c26 WhiteyWolf26
Oooh, so he did take the Warlord position; that opens up so many avenues and possibilities for this story, more than in already had! That's SO interesting and I'm very much looking forward to see how this will play out! :D

The fact that being a Warlord is a temporary thing also ensures that this descision isn't OOC for your Luffy; good job! :)
8/25/2020 c25 WhiteyWolf26
Oh dear, evil alll around in this chapter alright.

Hm, wonder who the first person is; While the other two are obvious enough, I admit it, that one does have me stumped.

Any way, what a teaser! That ramped up the suspense for sure! Well then, let's hope we get some more answers after all the questions next chapter. ;)
6/14/2020 c24 buterflypuss
good chap
6/14/2020 c24 WhiteyWolf26
No proeblems with the fillers on my end. They weren't inane and put some meat onto the bones of the story, so to speak. ,)

So Vivi's likely Alpha (since no impending wedding was mentioned), or "at least" Omega with Kohza by her side, neat! Hope it works out for her.

So the invitation to the Warlords is met with more consideration than we normally see in fanfics, how intriguing! I can already see some complaints coming if he accepts it, but I'm mostly curious and find it interesting. I think I wouldn't mind him grudgingly accepting it for the time being. In my mind, it would be with the full understanding that it would be temporary, a faour to their "grand uncle" and simply the strategically smart thing to do.

With everything that already changed and developed differently in your story compared to canon, the characters very much included, with the aforementioned conditions I also don't think it'd be too OOC for them to accept (I repeat, grudgingly and temporarily).
Especially since on thing will never change about an in-character Luffy: that he wants to keep his nakama safe. With the different influences on him he simply can be persuaded to be smarter about it, and has a better grasp on his respective position in the "food chain" of the world as he travels on.

But we'll see.

So, I look forward to hearing his decision! :)
5/7/2020 c23 WhiteyWolf26
Por Vivi! I'm glad Cobra made such preparations, but Vivi's right, that wasn't the best timing. Probably not surprising given all the stress she was under, though. Either way, now we'll just have to wait and see if she'll have to make use of her father's preparations or not.

Whooo, those are some bounties, though! Zoro's surprised me a bit, but they all make sense in their own way, so no complaints from me. ;)

Good luck on the Shichibukai topic, though, Sengoku... '
4/27/2020 c23 thev
Your story summary says: "A visit from Garp to a certain point changed Ace's and Luffy's life. different crew, different df!Luffy, more warnings in the prologue. Rated M to be safe, Genres can also include family, friendship, drama and romance crossposted on AO3"

Tell me: where during this summary does it say anything about you adding alpha/beta/omega bullshit into your story? I hate it when a person advertises a story as the consequences of one simple difference and then proceeds to change *everything*, even things not even remotely related to that difference. Did a visit from Garp change the entire world so as to include the whole Alpha/beta/omega system? How powerful is Garp then to do that sort of thing on a whim? I can already guess one tiny detail about Luffy and this alpha/omega business and I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it. I won't say it so as to not influence you, but ... eh whatever, I'll see what happens when it happens.
4/26/2020 c23 yukino76
Good update thanks
2/11/2020 c22 yukino76
Good update thanks
2/11/2020 c22 WhiteyWolf26
Oho, the Straw Hats are kicking ass and taking names! :)

Well, there is one mighty bitter pill to swallow, too, though... :( Poor Vivi; I guess there really is absolutely no question about whther or not she'll remain in Alabasta now... At least she has Kohza, but still, she'll have a mighty rough time pulling her country back together and getting it back on its feet, all while mourning her father. Damn...

Anyway, thanks a lot for the chapter, and continued good luck with your studies! :)
2/10/2020 c22 buterflypuss
good chap
12/18/2019 c21 Rahhpixy
Img, is the oc luffy's mom! I hope so and I can't wait for background details. Thank you For the chapter!
12/18/2019 c21 WhiteyWolf26
You call it a filler, I call it a teaser. But very well. It just wets our appetites for more. ;) May the new year come soon!
And in the meantime:
A very merry Christmas indeed! :D
11/28/2019 c20 buterflypuss
good chap
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