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9/28 c28 Mike W
As an avid reader and a person who enjoys this site I want to say thank you for all that you've done in this story and it was my pleasure to be able to benefit from what you gave us.
9/24 c12 18Otsutsuki no Yami
Sorry but from here and last chapter just sounds ridiculous forced to make Harry or Harrison react like this. First of all, what Severus Snape asked didn't even sounds that impressive. Using potion recipe to tell Harry that he regretted the passing of Lily, and Harry has deciphered both the potion and the hidden meaning and then he thinks...Snape has defeated me. How the fuck did Snape defeat him when Harry can just answer instead of I do not know.

That isn't anything logical, If you have an answer, give that and it would has been Snape who is like WTF how did he know that. Sorry, but I am disappointing in this and the previous chapter. Its like the Harry I have build up so far is just a farce and lets turn him into emo dude.
9/23 c28 afsat
Poop on the neg-nancy's. I liked it
9/22 c28 Shaq
I am sorry to see you have to abandon this story because of stupidity but, I am of the same mind set don't like don't read very easy to do. There are stories that you have done that I have not read because the summary is something that I don't care about. Then again there is stories that are here I have started but again abandon because it went into where I didn't like so yes don't like don't read how hard is that to understand. Unless you like torturing yourself then by all means do read but don't blame the author or post a flame because of it. No one is making you read it again stupidity at it finest is all I have to say about that.

Be safe and take care
9/21 c28 Guest
I think that you should ignore the negative people and come back to this story. I have enjoyed some of your other works. I would like to read this one and hope it will not be abandoned when I get to it.
8/12 c11 suraj
hmm splitting his personality into 4 hmmm
8/9 c28 Sleepyhawk502
oh my, so sad that you did not finish. Will keep just in case you ever finish! Thanks for sharing.
7/22 c5 9HarnGin
Your Harrison is very entertaining. Thank you for sharing him with us. The grammarian in me, however, insists I point out that "whom" is rarely the subject of a non-infinitive verb. (Yes, the preceding clause is an example of "rarely.")
7/12 c7 potterbungamjibber
okay this is a bit difficult to read, i'll come back to it when im in a better mood, so i'll be able to laugh at the cringe instead of, well cringe.
7/12 c6 potterbungamjibber
are you seriously telling me this is not a parody, as much as i enjoy this, it is also somewhat concerning
7/12 c5 potterbungamjibber
at this point, i can't help but feel this is a parody, which would somewhat decrease my enjoyment, but i very much hope this is written completely seriously
7/12 c4 potterbungamjibber
Each chapter the cringe gets stronger, i have to say you have a rare talent!
7/12 c3 potterbungamjibber
Wow you did it again didn’t think more cringe was even possible but I’ve never gotten so much second embarrassment from something before. Awaiting with bated breath as I continue!
7/12 c2 potterbungamjibber
yess, keep the cringe coming, i'm having a good laugh
7/12 c1 potterbungamjibber
this is so cringe, but i'll keep reading because im interested to know what other cringe will happen next
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