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4/24 c11 Guest
As far as I'm concerned, it was Alan Rickman who rendered a human edge to Snape. Snape is not a character who deserves any semblance of humanitarian help. To me Snape is an existence more vile than evil and his mere presence would have made Voldemort more evil.
4/17 c29 5firebolthallow1572
Could get the story and work it my way. Since you are abandoning it. Please
3/27 c28 JOHN0713
I actually enjoyed this story immensely and anyone that complained is an arsewhole.
1/22 c29 18WolfgangNH
Im sorry to see you go. I thought you had some interesting stuff. Over time ive just learnd to ignore or block the ones annoying me. Life is to short to let them get to you. Hope you find somethingvrksebor eventually return here or elsewhere.
1/19 c11 libby
story is good ,but why all the notes before & after the page of story?

great effort,all the best
1/19 c28 Anonymous
I'm sorry you abandoned this story, I found it very good. I don't understand the people who give negative views because they read something they don't like. It is a story people and the author is free to go any which way he feels like, it does not have have to follow along with cannon. If they dislike it so much they should simply stop reading rather than file their complaints. Personally, I find the ones that don't follow cannon more interesting to read. I also like the ones that change his personality, it makes Harry more interesting.
1/9 c29 Cate-P-S
This is sad. It is a very good story. I don’t usually write in the reviews. The best of luck
1/3 c29 Cateagle
I, for one, am sorry to see you go as I quite enjoy your works. Should you decide to post elsewhere, as Harry50 has done, please let supportive readers here know. Though, given the negativity you have encountered, perhaps the new location needs to be subtly suggested rather than outright stated.
12/30/2023 c29 Sleepyhawk502
I am so sorry that you have abandoned this story. I really enjoyed it up to this point and was looking forward to the conclusion . Good luck on whatever you do next.
12/20/2023 c29 Paige
Thank you for all your wonderful stories. It was a pleasure to read them.
12/18/2023 c29 Dread Vos
Thank you for writing what you have written. I only saw these notices too late. Your writing has always been fun and enjoyable to me!
12/15/2023 c29 Silverdeaf1977
What screen name you going to put? I love your story better than others. Please don’t go!
12/17/2023 c29 TurtleGoesVroom
Good luck to whatever you do in the future! You’re one of my more enjoyed authors, FFN absolutely needs review moderation because the negativity and entitlement is ridiculous for something thats FREE and that authors write for no pay
12/17/2023 c29 sonyarose94
sorry to hear this wishing you good luck
12/15/2023 c29 Guest
Think you make a mistake if a hater make you stop with writting fanfictions, you have some good stories.
But I wish you the best with life if it's the way you want to go
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