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4h c3 Runecutter
Wait what? How do they need to track him down, surely Minerva would use the envelope she got sent back to seek out his residence.

Oh, this Harry is horrible. It is perfectly customary and not the least disrespectful to address children in primary education (up to age 12 in most of England) by their given name, although Hogwarts is represented as using secondary education traditions of using Mr/Ms and the last name. Being offended by that shows quite the immaturity and grumpyness that makes him less than sympathetic or impressive. It makes him look like a Draco that was told one thousand times too often how smart he was.
4h c2 Runecutter
Of all the things getting irritable over "Harrison" chose the name of the PLACE? He knows he lives on an island with an insane number of weird, confusing or raunchy names? He grew up in a town named Little Whinging FFS...
I could understand if a well read almost teenager would be frustrated by how unhelpful and lacking in information that letter was, not telling anyhting about magic, the school or how to get these supplies, but that a settlement or manorhouse in England has a weird name is perfectly unconcerning cause it's so trivial.

Now that i've finished the chapter, Harry's response letter is even worse, not only does it sound like the work of a 15 or 17 year old not an 11 year old with slight maturity, it's also pretty arrogant about Larpers, with a weird hate of Star Wars cosplay. I think i'm disappointed of this "thinking" Harry, that he could not get composed a better reply, pointing out the shortcomings of contacting unsuspecting persons without any in depth information and just expect of them to accept the proposition with nothing to see or hold onto.
THEN Minerva should have made the connection to growing up with muggles not giving the boy a good preparation for this situation and that they should have handled him (just in case) as a muggleborn due to the headmasters "brilliant" plan. Her actual objections are pretty silly... the baby she delivered to Surrey was 18 months and had no conscious idea of magic either, how could that garner an expectation in her that he would grow up knowing everything about it? And seeing a child at that age for ... 20 minutes? Maybe? should not inform her impressions about their character for her anyway. (there is more like she did NOT deliver the child, Hagrid and Dumbledore did, but the weird "different" that gets her riled up is the worst bit of her reaction.)
11/1/2022 c3 Bronze
So far, their meeting isn't going at all how McGonagall expected it to. I dare say even a certain old man would be hard pressed to get any other response from Harrison though. Harrison may very well get along with Snape in this story however, I've always questioned where the man's true loyalty lay. I'm of a mind to say only with himself and no one else. Though Harrison's trust issues make it rather hard as to which House at Hogwash to place him in. I'll wait till the actual sorting to see which House and whether or not the Headmaster has tampered with the Hat to place Harrisom where HE wants him to go.
11/1/2022 c2 Bronze
To the reader of course Harrison doesn't believe in nor know about magic. It's not like the Dursleys would've told him the truth about it and his true family if they'd kept him. And being in a mundane orphanage wouldn't help in that regard anyways. As to his having any faith in adults, considering how many times they've let him down, why would he? I expect his Hogwash years will be severely disappointing to him. The so-called best school in the world is lacking in too many classes to even matter! He'll be entering a world of Isolationists who refuse to acknowledge that the mundane world has anything to offer. They're stuck anywhere from 150 to 300 years in the past when compared to the mundane world. With no intention of ever moving anyway but backwards. For someone like this Harrison James Potter that's simply moronic to enter.
11/1/2022 c1 Bronze
I doubt very much that Good Ole Fumblemort is in anyway shape or form ready for this Harrison Harry James Potter, I think it's safe to say that neither is Harrison Harry James Potter ready for Hogwash nor the magical world. Fumblemort likely has his plans all set out ready to implement for The Greater Good. That those plans call for the death of the last Potter is no great loss to the old meddler.
11/1/2022 c12 A non mouse64
This is long completed, but still... what a little dick!
"My life, my choice!" True enough for all of us, but the return question should be: "Indeed, Mr. Potter, but how will you make informed choices if you burn the information without even looking at it?"
10/28/2022 c28 Tib
Hmm, pity you decided to stop. I wonder if the twins are the way to discover wormtail? Harrison may not want anything to do with Ron, but the twins talking about scabbers might lead to James' soul being suspicious. With James' soul already a part of Harry's, would there even be a way for Voldermort's horcrux to latch on to Harry? Since there was no pain in Quirrel's presence maybe not. The occlumency barriers could have stopped the pain. Even if there isn't one in Harrison what about the other horcruxes? Either way, assuming the headmaster knows about them will Dumbledore risk not telling Harry? I really enjoyed what you've written so far. My only "negative nancy" comment would concern Hagrid. He's always been one of my favorite characters even if he can't keep a secret. It's just disappointing not to see him be part of Harrison's life, but maybe that could have changed in the future. Maybe some day we'll find out
10/22/2022 c28 Undermann
I hated it, how he was. I'm sure it seemed nigh-anathema to many, but it certainly always was interesting - you got me clicking to the next chapter with some alacrity; so I kept on, seeing the spark of something that I hoped might come to fruition...

The cracks in the shell of 'Harrison' due to his interactions with Hermione & Neville gave me some hope for Harry's healing from the obviously damaged state you'd formulated for him, then just as he's restored and everything has a chance to turn for the better, you give up! Aaarrggh...

It could have been far worse of course - if you'd stopped at literally any time before this point; we do at least have a pleasant conclusion with the I guess obligatory now-open-to-emotion, happily receiving & even giving hugs 'Harry'; though as I'm sure many who also loved the whole tale (certainly not some of the individual parts!) have professed, there could have been so much more.
9/28/2022 c28 Mike W
As an avid reader and a person who enjoys this site I want to say thank you for all that you've done in this story and it was my pleasure to be able to benefit from what you gave us.
9/24/2022 c12 18Otsutsuki no Yami
Sorry but from here and last chapter just sounds ridiculous forced to make Harry or Harrison react like this. First of all, what Severus Snape asked didn't even sounds that impressive. Using potion recipe to tell Harry that he regretted the passing of Lily, and Harry has deciphered both the potion and the hidden meaning and then he thinks...Snape has defeated me. How the fuck did Snape defeat him when Harry can just answer instead of I do not know.

That isn't anything logical, If you have an answer, give that and it would has been Snape who is like WTF how did he know that. Sorry, but I am disappointing in this and the previous chapter. Its like the Harry I have build up so far is just a farce and lets turn him into emo dude.
9/23/2022 c28 afsat
Poop on the neg-nancy's. I liked it
9/22/2022 c28 Shaq
I am sorry to see you have to abandon this story because of stupidity but, I am of the same mind set don't like don't read very easy to do. There are stories that you have done that I have not read because the summary is something that I don't care about. Then again there is stories that are here I have started but again abandon because it went into where I didn't like so yes don't like don't read how hard is that to understand. Unless you like torturing yourself then by all means do read but don't blame the author or post a flame because of it. No one is making you read it again stupidity at it finest is all I have to say about that.

Be safe and take care
9/21/2022 c28 Guest
I think that you should ignore the negative people and come back to this story. I have enjoyed some of your other works. I would like to read this one and hope it will not be abandoned when I get to it.
8/12/2022 c11 suraj
hmm splitting his personality into 4 hmmm
8/9/2022 c28 Sleepyhawk502
oh my, so sad that you did not finish. Will keep just in case you ever finish! Thanks for sharing.
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