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8/26/2021 c28 Armiture
Sorry to see this story go. I liked this story and the OP version of Harry was interesting. I hope your muse finds something else to work on for you to share with us and eventually comes back to another version of this story.

Stay safe and stay healthy.
8/26/2021 c28 pottersparky
Sorry to hear that you have to put this story out of mind because of foolish people who do not understand if can't say something nice than do not say anything at all. Your story has been joy for me to read. I wish give you my support. Know been honor read this story. I wish best of future works and your other stories. If you come back to re writing this than that be great. I be honor if you send me email if start on it some time in future. I hope my review helps you see that work is forever loved. I love to see how story end guess that wait if for re write if in future. Thank you for writing this.
8/26/2021 c28 tazdad47
FYI As I repeatedly told my creative writing students, writing any story, be it history or fantasy, MUST be satisfying to you first and foremost. As for your naysayers, remember 'Those who can, become writers; those who cannot become critics.' At this point, platitudes mean little, but I must say, your story was very interesting to me, and I have read thousands of original works from my creative writing students. May your creative muse find you again. tazdad47
8/26/2021 c28 NathanTankersley
hope you continue this story, forget about those idiots
8/26/2021 c28 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Dizzy, I'm so sorry you feel the need to drop this due to some uncouth jerks and their many, many bots that infest this site, and really do hope that you decide to return to this story/premise at some point! I'd already been holdin' on for nearly 2 years for an update and the story ain't going to be eating me out of house and home to continue to sit in my "alerts/favs"; I "knew the job was dangerous when I took it, 'Fred'" (inside joke, but if you want to know it PM me or see if you can search it ;D) as it was already "On Hiatus" when I found it in 2019.

Thank you for an excellent read and I wish you the best!
Take care and God bless you!
8/25/2021 c28 Serase3473
Oh my god please don’t abandon it!. I’ve been following for almost a year hoping you’d update. It’s an amazing plot!
8/25/2021 c28 Limesimme
Aw chucks! I even re-read the whole story because of the updateIt sucks, the negative Nancy's that is, the story came back to me as I went along and the reason I Favourited it in the first place have not changed. It's different from the usual super Harry stories where it is just Tom in disguise or whatever. Hope you get to it again in the future!
8/25/2021 c28 Canon to Fanon
fuck you for abandoning such a great story. I was looking for an update to this for a long time and you have only come up with abandonment. fuck off
8/25/2021 c12 suckstobeacritic
Well... I liked the story, then it turned into a cringy emo drama and thus I'm dropping it.

It was fun, had a great intro and I was extremely curious to the rest. Too bad it was an angst drama story which I always filter against.
8/25/2021 c28 1chaechaechaeyeoniee
permission to flame for the sole reason you abandoned thisj

i loved this one tho AAAAAAAA
8/25/2021 c2 suckstobeacritic
If Hagrid visits him now I call bs.
8/25/2021 c28 1jules3677
A shame that the negativity has deafened your muse. I hope you find an another outlet for your creativity. Successful authors do go through many rejections before they are given one chance. Persevere, please you have a gift. Good luck.
8/25/2021 c28 5Nysk
A shame, but understandable given the things you mentioned in relation to feedback.
I do thank you for what you have written and encourage you to keep your spirit of writing alive.
Many good days ahead to you!
8/24/2021 c28 Guest
I'm sorry, I have enjoyed this story a hoped it would be finished someday.
8/24/2021 c28 Ravennerd86
sorry to see you abandon the story, i really enjoyed it and hope you pick it back up but se la ve if you dont
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