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for Knowledge is Power

8/24/2021 c28 SGM84
Aww gutted, I liked this like many of your pieces of writing. If and when you do return to this I would love to read it and all the others you have. Till then keep up the excellent work
8/24/2021 c28 Misnis09
I’m really sorry to read that I thought this story have the potential to become a “need-to-read” but I understand why you do that even if my eyes and heart can’t accept it… leave them time and they’ll be be better never over it but better. I hope you’ll not stop writing and you’ll come back boost with inspiration and everything that you need. Thank you again for this wonderful story and know that I’ll be still waiting for your next story until them: may the road to greatness open to you and that your enemy shall die in blood and despair
8/24/2021 c28 1Palletking2001
Knowledge is Power was an interesting read. If someone does not like a story, one criticism is enough. After that, you are free to leave the story. Not every story is for everyone.
DZ2, whenever you decide to return, write for your satisfaction, and then you can think about anyone else.
8/24/2021 c28 cmfisher
Sad to see that it is abandoned. It is a great story. I love your work. Thank you for what you did write. It kept me entertained for hours.
8/24/2021 c28 1LoveSpock
That's too bad. I liked this storyline.
8/24/2021 c6 Pteaset
So good
8/24/2021 c27 drucifer000
I'm sorry to hear the trolls and whiners got to you, that unfortunately seems way too common here. Thanks for sharing your story with us, I hope this doesn't turn you off from writing again if inspiration hits you!
8/24/2021 c28 9Marc the Unruly
Darn, sorry to hear it, but on the other hand, as a fellow author, I understand.

I hope things improve fro you, but also remember that the only person you really need to please is yourself.

So be kind to yourself and, in honor of the passing of Charlie Watts, the Rolling Stones drummer, remember:

You can't always get what you want to, but sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.
8/24/2021 c28 3Foxy-Floof
Narrow-minded dumbasses. Fanfiction is just like "What if" from Marvel and DC.

It's EXPLORATORY and EXPERIMENTAL by definition. I'm sorry to see it abandoned, but I understand you're doing this for your own wellbeing and ability to write.

I hope you write many more things, and the haters all drop off the site on their own. THEY can write their own damned stories if they're so smart!
8/24/2021 c28 DarkRavie
Sorry to hear it's over. I for one enjoyed reading it. Every time you post something I read it! LOL. I love your writing and look forward to reading your other posted stories and any new stories you decide to share.
8/24/2021 c28 5TigerWolf
People sometimes can be the worst. Why leave a negative review when you can just go back to the search bar and find a different story. I'm sorry you had to endure so much negativity. Wishing you the best as you move on to the next adventure.
8/24/2021 c4 Pteaset
So good
8/24/2021 c28 Priwhalen
Best regards, thanks for writing this!
8/24/2021 c28 Jostanos
Thank you for letting us know about this, my friend, and may you continue to amaze us with your remaining stories. :)
8/24/2021 c28 ToddGilliss
Sorry to see this story go

Also, I'm disappointed about the abuse you received

This is fanfiction folks, not the Grapes of Wrath, or Shakespeare

Good luck on your other stories
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