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7/12 c6 potterbungamjibber
are you seriously telling me this is not a parody, as much as i enjoy this, it is also somewhat concerning
7/12 c5 potterbungamjibber
at this point, i can't help but feel this is a parody, which would somewhat decrease my enjoyment, but i very much hope this is written completely seriously
7/12 c4 potterbungamjibber
Each chapter the cringe gets stronger, i have to say you have a rare talent!
7/12 c3 potterbungamjibber
Wow you did it again didn’t think more cringe was even possible but I’ve never gotten so much second embarrassment from something before. Awaiting with bated breath as I continue!
7/12 c2 potterbungamjibber
yess, keep the cringe coming, i'm having a good laugh
7/12 c1 potterbungamjibber
this is so cringe, but i'll keep reading because im interested to know what other cringe will happen next
6/28 c28 LCat
What a wonderful story. I’m sorry that there were those that were unkind. I Loved Your snarky, intelligent Harrison. I’m going to follow it in hopes that one day you might decide to return to it. Take care.
6/27 c28 KayRoye12
So all those Negative Nancies helped ruin a good thing fir the rest of us...
6/23 c13 Guciec
And this whole goblin thing is just bizarre. This enforced self isolation and lack of taking social interactions into consideration from MC is stupid, I mean if he is so smart why he doesn't know that humans are social animals. And being social is a tool in a box that is important to every self proclaimed genius.
6/23 c28 Guciec
Harrison is kinda pretentious and childish at the same time. And an arsehole who is concentrating on all the wrong things. I think it is an author's failing who obviously has immature writing style. I mean if he is so smart, such a genius, so mature, why then he did not recognise bad teachers for what they are from a get go - a concentrated set-up to make young wizards stupid and uninterested in learning and improving.
6/15 c27 5Nysk
Honestly, I think it is a shame you ended it.
But I understand your reasons.
May life find you well.
6/6 c28 FriendlyFire59
Very sorry to see you listing this as abandoned, I was rather quite enjoying it and looking forward to see how you were going to deal with Sirius and the traitor. I took a quick look at the Flamers reviews and noticed that out of about seven, only one actually has multiple posts of their own (uflesh?, and frankly the synopses on their posts didn't look promising) so the rest have even less reason to be assholes.
Thanks for having posted and I'll be checking out your others soon.
The below is something I posted once to encourage an author who was letting the basement dwellers who have to have someone to look down on to make their own pitiful existence marginally livable (huh, their the inspiration for Draco!) get to them and start feeling that they should quit.

Response for TROLLS
Don't give flamers/haters/canoners any thought, this is a fanfic site (once a fanfic gets going it kicks canon in the jewels and checks it's pockets for random ideas), its your story and imagination not theirs. Yes, check the reviews but if they just rant instead of asking if you meant to say that that way or say maybe this would work better...Ignore Them. You wrote this because you liked the idea and wanted to seewhere it would lead you and you put it here to let others enjoy it or say meh and find something else. I liked it, so, Thank You
5/15 c1 1cruelkillzone
so like all your stories, never complete, always abandoned. how do I block an author from showing when I search for updated stories.
sick of seeing cool sounding prompts from you, which is all they are, not stories, prompts for better writers to pick up and run with.
honestly hope they do too, like I said, getting into a story only for you to abandon it, start a new story, then repeat that cycle, gets really damn tiring
4/27 c27 Ironcoil
I must say that even though you have decided to abandon this fic the premise of what you started here is still amazing. I notice how your writing style continued to improve throughout the chapters and because of that I can understand why you abandoned it.

I really liked how Harry started so cold and distant and how Hermione and Neville tried very hard to earn his friendship. I can see plot opportunities where Harry decides to test the two of them (hermione more so) to see if they are truly trustworthy. One challenge I can see is how to ensure that Harry offers enough of an continuous olive branch to entice them to keep trying as no matter how intelligent they all are they are only 11.

I do hope that this is a story where your muse returns. Maybe not to continue this story but to start again. Thanks again for your work!
4/14 c28 Matt
Sorry about that dude. Ignore those N.N’s, they’re just jealous. Also if this is abandoned forever, you should probably delete it. Why’d you take down your hungry for magic Harry story?
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