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4/10 c28 RobertWilder
Sorry you had to let this one go. I was very excited when I saw you had updated on my alert page and very sad to see the abandoned announcement. I really enjoyed your story. I hope you find the inspiration to continue in the future.
4/9 c27 1oSayan
I know I m late but they are wrong, this story was fking brilliant and don't let anyone make you think otherwise, it was thoroughly Brilliant man . Loved it.
3/17 c28 kievans1
So sorry this has been abandoned. Even more to hear it is because of negative comments. I have always believed if you don't like it, don't read it. But why do people feel the need to try and destroy something that someone else has created. You had the courage to put your creation out there for everyone to see and enjoy, kiddos to you! Keep writing and try to ignore the Negative Nancy's that show up along the way.
3/8 c18 TrumpasaurusRex
Draco gets away with using a dark magic curse that permanently scarred Harry? He should be expelled. This story is such trash.
3/8 c13 TrumpasaurusRex
"To…to…to throw me off my game," whispered Harrison, though his wand hand trembled as he said it, "To…to try and…and…"

Beyond pathetic. He’s literally shaking because of one question from Snape? Ugh
3/8 c12 TrumpasaurusRex
Snape had beaten him and he'd made it seem so easy, so annoying and so complex a thing that, for the rest of the lesson, Harrison's mind was less-focused on the task at hand and more on the riddle that Snape had dealt him such a crushing blow with. A blow Harrison vowed he wouldn't let fester, no matter what anyone else tried to do to make things worse.

Cringe. Way to overthink a simple question.
3/7 c28 3PDXWiz
A great tale; I greatly enjoyed the last big surprise, and would greatly love to see this continued somehow, someday.
3/6 c28 Acheron Skolfruund
It is a sad day when an author gives up on a good story because of the hatred of those people who delight in nothing more than putting down others who can do things that they themselves cannot. I have always loved this story, and anyone who tells you that it sucks is a damned liar. May each of your future stories breed a better experience than the last.
2/28 c1 joshdougherty0605
Thank you for your time and effort writing this story. I’m sorry the negativity got to you and harmed your passion for it and I hope you still continue writing even if this story is sadly dead. I hope and pray that you realize that these naysayers are out only to try and destroy the works of those with talent or ideas different then their narrow mindsets can allow them to comprehend. Lashing out like babies who aren’t mature enough to realize that their words can hurt and not just the author but all those of us who were looking forward to where this story was headed. I wish you well and hope that you find methods of dealing with this as I fear that this may not be the last time such a ting occurs. So I pray this doesn’t happen and wish you all the joy the realms of creativity may bring you.
2/24 c28 4firebolthallow1572
I can take over the story and change some to make it mine please. It might take a while but i would like to try. Would send it to me or let download it lease? I always like to story. It has a chance it could become a good story like you try to make.
2/20 c28 3Mr. Meowington
I’m proud of you for all the work you’ve done, thank you for writing. I wish you all the happiness during these trying times
2/19 c1 czroy69
I am sad that this story is abandoned.

Yet, I am thankful for your efforts in providing stories for us to read and enjoy. Please continue at your direction to provide more stories to enjoy.
2/17 c27 hisnhers
Reading 'I've abandoned this' hurts my heart. I feel like I need to give you a huge hug and whatever kind of coffee and dessert you like best. Close your eyes and just use that amazing imagination you possess and imagine it, because it's right. there.

Keeping this in my 'following this story' list, just so you are aware.

Have a wonderful upcoming weekendhis
2/17 c28 Wandering Immortal
I've enjoyed reading this story and your others as well. Hope things improve for you, and I look forward to reading more of your work.
2/17 c28 mommaof4n1
I hope one day you do get the inspiration to finish. I love your stories. Don't let trolls drag you down.
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